Ok guys, heres the start of my second fanfic, this idea just randomly came to me, because I figured for my next fic, I'd do a humor, and for RoguesHeart and all the other non Jean and Scott fans, this would be for you. If you all don't like it or don't want me to continue it, just leave me a review and let me know, but if you do like it and do want me to continue, still give me a review because reviews make the world go round. I don't own XME, although I'd really really really love to (pssst, my birthdays in march if anyone wants to give them to me for my birthday). Anyway this chapters just to give you all an idea of what this fic is gonna be about. SO PLEASE REVIEW!

Ok, in this fic, Remy, Piotr, and John, ARE NOT on the acolyte side, they're on the X Men side. The couples will be Romy (of course) Kiotr, Jonda, Kurt/Amanda, minimal Jott (just because I hate them and this fic they will be tortured), I'm going to attempt Bobby/Jubilee, even though they will both probably be OOC (just because I barely know anything about them). There will probably be special appearances by the adults, but don't worry, it'll be funny.

Summary: now, a lot of fics are centered around sleepovers and parties and stuff, and this is one of those, but there is a twist in it, they're all going to have a sleepover in Wal-Mart. Not just any Wal-Mart, a super Wal-Mart (which is pretty much like regular Wal-Mart except it has a grocery side as well, a few fast food places, and a candy store, with seriously any type of candy you can imagine. Oh, and like any party, it does have a whole aisle for alcohol) anyway, heres the first chapter, hope ya like it

It was another Friday night at the Xavier Institute. All of the inhabitants were doing what they normally did. Remy was pestering Rogue who was reading, Kitty and Piotr were making out, John and Wanda, who was visiting him and Rogue, were playing a fighting game on PS2 (a/n yeah, I have no clue what kind of fighting games they have for PS2 since I don't have one), Wanda kicking John's ass much to his chagrin, Bobby and Jubilee had just put neon yellow dye in Jeans body wash and hid all of Scott's pants, replacing them with Jeans skirts. Jean and Scott had just gotten out of the Danger Room and went to go take showers.

"Remy, will ya just' leave meh the hell alone, Ah wanna finish this book damn it!" Rogue yelled exasperated at the Cajun who was flirting with her mercilessly.

"Aw chere, yo' know yo' love dis' Cajun, an' yo' can' tell moi a book is mo'e interesting den Remy," He said as he pushed the book down and gave her one of his million dollar smiles. Rogue smiled sweetly and looked at him.

"Ya right Cajun, this book isn't jus' mo'e interesting then ya," she said as she pulled brought her face closer to his. "It's a shit load mo'e interestin' then ya, with a bettah face an' personality," Rogue growled and pushed him off the couch and stretched her legs out on it and went back to reading her book.

"Chere, yo' wound dis Cajun o' yo's, in mo'e ways den one," He said, looking up at her holding his hand over his heart dramatically.

"Good, someone needs to smack some sense inta ya damn thick skull," Rogue said, not even looking up from her book. Just then they heard a scream coming upstairs, followed by another scream that sounded girlier (a/n and no, it wasn't Jean). Kitty and Piotr took a breath from they're make out session and looked up at the roof, along with everyone else in the rec room.

"Like, what was that," Kitty asked. She got her answer as an angry looking Scott came down in nothing but a towel.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL MY PANTS!!!" Scott yelled as he stormed into the rec room. Rogue's, Wanda's, and Kitty's eyes were all wide as they saw Scott. If possible, Scott's face got even redder then it already was, seeing the girl's expressions and the guys snickering. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL LAUGHING AT?!?! MY PANTS ARE GONE!"

"Like, oh my god." Kitty squeaked out.

"Dear god," Wanda said, looking away. "Anyone see a sharp object I can gouge my brain out with?" Rogue couldn't even find anything to say.

Just then Jean came storming down the stairs in a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top, but the scary thing was, her skin was all bright yellow. She then saw Scott standing there in just a towel and her mouth dropped just as Scott's dropped at seeing his perfect little girlfriend yellow like the sun. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU!" they both yelled at each other at the same time.

"Someone took all of my pants and replaced them with your skirts!" Scott said, still seething.

"Well someone put neon yellow dye in my bodywash!" Jean yelled outraged that someone would mare her perfect skin and perfect image. Just then, they heard numerous cameras clicking and bright flashes of light. They both turned around and saw Bobby and Jubilee standing there with cameras and a digital camera.

"Say cheese guys," Bobby said as he took a digital camera picture of their faces. They both smiled at the pissed off ass holes and decided it would be a good idea to run. A split second later, Jean and Scott were running after the two newbies, Scott still in his towel, much to everyone's disgust.

"Man, mah brain will nevah beh the same again," Rogue said as she was still looking at the spot where Scott and Jean were just standing. The guys just broke into laughter while Wanda and Kitty agreed with Rogue.

"Hey, I have an idea! Why don't we, like have a sleepover! We can, like, invite the Brotherhood and Amanda and stuff!" Kitty squealed as she jumped up off the love seat she and Piotr were on. Everyone looked at her skeptically.

"Uh, Kit, no offense, but why on earth would we wanna do that?" Rogue asked her looking at her friend like she was crazy.

"Because, it wont be, like, a normal sleepover," Kitty said, a glint in her eye. Everyone had seen that glint before and it scared them. "It wont be a normal sleepover because we'll, like, have it in the Super Wal-Mart!" Kitty said jumping up and down.

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