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Remy turned to look at Kurt. "Should we be scared mon ami?" he asked as soon as Jubilee had said they had idea. Kurt just nodded solemnly.

"Ve should, Jubilee and Idea are NEVER good in ze same sentence," he said as Jubilee smiled. Piotr sighed.

"Vat do you have in mind leetle (little) one," Piotr asked her.

"Well, I was thinking that we could do my version of Jeopardy," Jubilee said with an even wider grin.

"And that would be…" Bobby asked.

"Strip Jeopardy," Jubilee said full-blown smiling now. Everyone was quiet until Tabby started laughing. Everyone shifted their gazes to her waiting for her to speak knowing she would.

"I think it's a great idea!" she said. "I mean, this way we get to find out more totally embarrassing stuff about everyone in this room! More stuff means more blackmail, and more blackmail means more people doing stuff for me!" she said. Everyone was too drunk to comprehend what she was saying, so they just shrugged at her.

"Why not, It's something to do, and it could be fun," Kitty said smiling towards Jubilee.

"So Jubes, how would we play this Strip Jeopardy, anything like the real Jeopardy?" Amanda asked her.

"Well, I figure that we'll get Betsy here so that we can pick peoples brains and come up with the categories and questions, and then we'll have Warren as Alex Trebek and ask the questions, or more like, give the answer. We'll have a panel of four people and the rest will be up against the wall. Now, the answers are going to be about everyone, and the people who are the contestants will answer these questions, now, if they get them right, they'll get points corresponding with the numbers, so say they pick 200 and get it right, they get 2 points, and if they get them wrong, then they have to take off an article of clothing, as well as the person who corresponds to the answer, and a point will be taken away, and if the question is about the contestant, that contestant cannot answer," Jubilee said.

Some of them looked at her weirdly.

"Ok, example, everyone knows Remy was married once before," everyone nodded. "Ok, so say one of the answers was "This person was previously married by force," and the contestant says Remy, they get a point, but say the contestant had said anyone else, that contestant and Remy would both have to take off an article of clothing," Jubilee explained.

A look of dawning spread across the confused ones faces and they nodded their head in understanding. "Great, now all we have to do is get Warren and Betsy here," Jubilee said. Before anyone could blink, a black hole opened up and out dropped Warren and Betsy.

"Did someone call?" Warren asked. Everyone nodded and took another drink before the game was explained to them.

"You all have weird ideas when you're smashed, but I'm up for it," Betsy said nodding. Warren also nodded his head.

"But how…" Rogue started to say, but before she had the chance to finish, the same black hole opened up again and a flash of lightening was seen blinding everyone. When the flash had died down, the WalMart area they were in had turned into a game show area with four stands that looked like the jeopardy stands and a wall where the non contestants would stand against. There was also a pole in case any of the non-contestants wanted to have a little fun while stripping. Everyone saw this and Rogue nodded.

"So, is everyone ready to have their brain picked?" Betsy asked. Everyone nodded and Betsy closed her eyes and started to go through everyone's brain. She had a pencil in her hand and a big notebook where she would write all of the questions down. After about half an hour of going through the mutants brains, Betsy had a fairly long list of questions and answers they could use. "We'll probably have to have two rounds for all of this stuff I got," she said.

"That's fine, because like, Doesn't Jeopardy have like, two or three rounds anyway?" Kitty asked. Bobby nodded.

"Yeah, it has two rounds and then the final round," he said. Everyone looked at him. "What, I watch the show," he said.

"And here I thought the blighter was just into cartoons and women's mud wrestling," John said. Bobby's eyes widened when Jubilee turned her gaze on him. Bobby cowered and glared and the Aussie.

"Anyway," Warren said clearing his throat. "How about we have Rogue, Remy, Tabitha and Piotr as contestants," he asked the group. Everyone nodded liking these choices. "Ok, for the female contestants, you must have on two shirts, a bra, a pair of panties, and two bottom pieces of clothing, whether it is shorts and a skirt or shorts and pants or a skirt and pants. For the male contestants, it is three shirts, boxers, and two pairs of shorts or pants or a combination of," Warren said. They all nodded and a few minutes later, after they had on all the clothes, they got behind their podiums. Betsy was sitting off to the side watching.

"Ok contestants, welcome to Strip Jeopardy," Warren said in his best Alex Trebek voice. "The categories today are," he looked up at the wall with all the TV screens. "Embarrassing Moments, Male Fetishes, and Baby/child Pictures, which is where we show you an embarrassing baby/child photo of one of the people here, and the contestants must guess who it is," Warren said.

"Oh that should be fun," Amanda said as she listened and stood against the wall with all of the other non-contestants. Wanda nodded her head in agreement. Warren looked over at them to hush them and they did, with a one-finger salute from Wanda (also known as the middle finger, tee hee).

"Remy, since you won the coin toss backstage, you may get to choose first," Warren said. Remy thought about this.

"Remy take bebé (baby) pictures fo' 500 Alex," Remy said smiling that cocky little smile of his. The TV screen turned to a picture of a little girl sitting on the toilet pretending to read a newspaper with a pair of glasses on looking at the camera horrified. When everyone saw that pictures, some started laughing while the others tried to figure out who it was.

"Who is that baby!" Warren asked the contestants. Piotr buzzed in. "Piotr," he said.

"Dat is Katya as a baby," he said quietly, but loud enough for Warren to hear him. Kitty was still in shock of seeing the picture.

'Where the hell did they get that on such short notice!' she thought and just slowly nodded her head and Piotr's answer. Then she went off to find something to drink.

"That is correct, five point to Piotr and unfortunately no clothes come off," everyone booed at this piece of information. "Piotr, control is now yours," Warren said and waited for Piotr to pick.

"I vill take Male fetishes for 300 Warren," Piotr said, wanting to not sound to cocky by going for the 500.

"The answer: This male has fetishes for not only Barbie's, but women's hygiene products as well," Warren said as he read the answer. This time everyone burst out laughing when they found out that one of their own had a fetish for those types of things.

"I know! I know!" Tabby said as she buzzed in. "Who is Pyro, because he's the only one crazy enough to like those things," she said.

"I'm sorry, but that is incorrect, please take one article of clothing off, and you are now at negative three points," Warren turned to the wall. "And will the person who is the correct answer, please take one piece of clothing off as well," no one moved. "Come on, it's the rules of the game," he said. Everyone was looking at everyone else. Finally, after taking a very big swig of gin, Pietro finally took off one of his shirts.

"Oh my god, my brother has a fetish for Barbie's and tampons!" Wanda said in disbelief while everyone else was laughing their asses off, including Tabby who had just taken her bra off. Lance whistled as she flung it around it circles above her head and then let it go. It then proceeded to land on Scott's head and he started freaking out.

"OH MY GOD! A GIRLS BRA THAT IS NOT JEANS IS TOUCHING ME! OH MY GOD!" he started screaming and ran around, trying to fling the bra off, having forgotten that he had hands and could easily just pull it off. Everyone was holding onto one another to keep from falling down from lack of air. When Scott finally got the bra off, Warren turned to the contestants.

"Piotr, control of the board is still yours," he said. Piotr looked at the categories thinking about what he wanted to next.

"Male fetishes again for 400 please Warren," Piotr asked. The answer turned over and Warren read it.

"This male has a very strong fetish for cross dressing and dancing for money," Warren read the answer. Rogue quickly buzzed in. "Rogue," Warren nodded towards her.

"Who is Bobby," Rogue said. Warren looked down at the card.

"That is correct," Warren said. "four points for Rogue." Bobby looked at Rogue as Jubilee looked at him.

"I wondered why there was a wonder bra and a leopard thong in your drawers when I was snooping through them, I thought you had another girl on the side and was about to kill you," she said.

"How the hell did you know Rogue?" he asked. Rogue started laughing.

"Ah got pictures of ya practicin' in ya room sugah," she said and winked at him. Bobby's face turned red.

"Maybe this game wasn't such a good idea," he mumbled and looked away from everyone who was laughing drunkenly, except for Warren and Betsy, who were just laughing really hard.

"Rogue, control of the board is now yours," Warren said between chuckles.

"Ah'll take baby pictures fo' 400 Warren," Rogue said and winked at him. Remy glared at Warren as Betsy glared at Rogue. Warren chuckled a little bit as the TV screen changed. The picture was of a little boy with red hair running in a very large crowd stark naked waving his arms above his head and smiling while another boy, a little older with brown hair, was chasing after him holding a pair of pants.

"For four points, who is that baby!" Warren asked the contestants. No one saw Remy's face turn bright red. Tabitha finally buzzed in.

"Uh… Who is… Scott, although for all holy people out there please let me be wrong," she said, praying to every god that the answer was wrong.

"I'm sorry, but that answer is wrong," Warren said.

"YES! THANK YOU GOD!" Tabitha said and quickly took off another shirt. Scott glared at her from behind his sunglasses.

"Will the contestant who is the right answer take off a piece of clothing," Warren said, looking at the contestants. Remy grinned slightly and took off his shirt. Rogue's eyes widened and then she looked at the picture again.

"Wow Remy, your ass looked so cute back then!" Rogue said staring at it. She then went over to Remy's little booth and looked at his ass. "But I can't figure out if your ass was cuter back then or now," she said studying it. Remy flexed his butt cheeks a little for Rogue.

"Vell, according to Remy he thinks it is, how do you Americans say, hotter, now," Piotr said. Remy looked at him.

"Petey! Y' said y' wouldn' say not'in," Remy looked at him.

"Don't worry sugah, Ah agree with ya, but Ah thank Ah'll jus' double check that latah," she said giving his ass a little pinch then walked back over to her little booth. Remy was grinning wide now.

Warren cleared his throat. "Rogue, control is still yours," he said. Rogue looked at the board.

"Lets change things up an' go for embarrassin' moments for 200," she said. The TV screen changed over to the answer.

"This person was caught making out half naked on their parents bed by their parents," Warren read. Everyone sighed and shook their head. Remy buzzed in before the other three.

"Who is Tabitha," not only Remy, but everyone in the room said together. Tabitha just grinned.

"What can I say, I like living dangerously," she said laughing. Remy got two points added onto his score and control of the board.

"Male fetishes fo' 100 mon ami," Remy said.

"This person has a fetish for Teletubbies, Bananas in Pajamas and Barney the Big Purple Dinosaur," Warren read the answer and Rogue quickly buzzed in.

"Who is Scott Summers," she said smiling proudly. Scott folded his arms across his chest and huffed, very happy that he had his sunglasses on so no one would see the area around his eyes turning red with embarrassment.

"That is correct for one point," Warren said and a point was added to Rogue's score.

"How come that answer doesn't surprise me AT ALL?" Jubilee asked and looked at Bobby.

"Because this is Scott and he's a wimp like Jean," he said non-chalantly. Jubilee accepted this answer and Scott huffed again like a little girl, glad for his glasses once again.

"Rogue, which category would you like now?" Warren asked her. Rogue thought about it for a minute looking at the categories and which numbers were left.

"Let's have embarrassin' moments for 400 Warren," she said and waited for the answer.

"The answer, this person was caught in the locker room shower after gym and had their clothes stolen and had to run around the school in a towel," he read. Kurt raised his eyebrow and started laughing hysterically.

"Zat is classic! Ve MUST do dat to Scott and Jean!" he said continuing to laugh. Bobby saw the possibilities in it and started laughing as well. Warren cleared his throat at the two and they shut up with a few giggles here and there. Piotr buzzed in when he thought he knew the answer.

"Who is Jubilee?" he asked, not quite sure.

"I'm sorry Piotr, but that is not the correct answer, will the person who is the answer take off an article of clothing," Warren asked as Piotr pulled off his shirt. Everyone looked towards the wall and to see whom else would strip. Amanda finished off her beer and took off the skirt she was wearing on top of a pair of pants. Kurt's eyes widened again.

"And I didn't go to your school before VHY! (why)" he asked her.

"It was just a prank by some girls, and don't worry, you've seen more then ANYONE did that day," she said and leaned over and kissed him. Kurt kissed her back.

"Gutt, because I vill not share you," he said as he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

"Get a room after the game guys," Lance said as he leaned against the wall. He had a bud in his hand and was drinking it heartily. Rogue was looking at the categories, as she knew she still had control of the board.

"Baby pictures for 100 Warren," Rogue said. The TV screen changed to a naked boy about three years old with fiery red hair running around a bon fire waving underwear that had flames all around them. Tabitha quickly buzzed in before anyone else.

"WHO IS PYRO!" she screamed, because it was obvious who the little boy was. Warren didn't even have to look at his card with the answer on it before he motioned to Betsy who put the points on Tabby's board. "WOO HOO! I actually got one right! Am I smart or what!" she said happily. Toad was the only one stupid enough to answer.

"Considering you're the only one in the negatives yo, I don't think so," he said. Tabby glared at him and threw a bomb at him. He caught it out of reflex and it blew up in his face making everyone go into hysterics. After a good laugh the game continued. There was all different types of dirt on everyone there, such as Lance being with three girls on a date at the same time, Freddy having a fetish for black lace and red nylon, Piotr having a fetish for flowers such as Poppies, Carnations, Lilies, Marigolds and Roses. All of the contestants and non-contestants had also lost at least one piece of clothing, some more.

"There are two questions left, both in the Baby/Child pictures categories, Tabitha, you are now on the positive side with one point, Rogue you have six points, Piotr, you have five points, and Remy, you have four points, and are in control of the board," Warren said.

"Let's go fo' 200," Remy said, not saying the category because there was only one left. The TV screen changed and up came a picture of a little one-year-old girl with auburn hair and a few specks of white in it. She was running around the beach with a crab hanging from her butt. Tabby quickly buzzed in and grinned.

"Rogue, you were SO cute as a kid, and Warren, who is Rogue," she said first turned to Rogue then to Warren. Warren nodded and two points were added to her score.

"Last answer for three points," Warren said as the picture turned over. It was a baby girl sitting in the middle of the front yard in only a diaper holding a match and a stick with fireworks behind her. Remy buzzed in quickly.

"Who is Jubilee," he said, knowing he was right, because this was him and he's a cocky bastard.

"That is the correct answer, three more points to Remy, and that ends our first round. Now remember, the points are doubled in the second round, so this game could go to anyone, and anyone who goes completely naked will be disqualified," Warren said. Everyone nodded and took a break for more refreshments, bathroom breaks, and other unmentionable things and waited for the next round to start.

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