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"Normal speech"


/Ryou to Bakura/

//Bakura to Ryou//

\Yugi to Yami\

\\Yami to Yugi\\

Seto to the Rescue! Chapter 1

 A Damsel in Distress


            DG hit the button to stop the alarm, then looked up at the giant computer screen and the message box that it showed.  A grin slowly spread over her face.  "About time," she muttered, before yelling at the top of her lungs.


            "What?" The Egyptian boy entered the room.  He looked at the computer screen and yelled, "SHE'S BEEN WHAT?!?" before heading out the door, or at least trying to.

            Malik glared at DG, who was hanging on to his sleeve.  "Let me go!"

            "I don't have to.  You're officially my captive."

            "WHAT!  You can't do that!"

            DG grinned evilly.  "Of course I can.  I'm the authoress.  Nothing really bad will happen."

            "It already HAS!!"

            "Whatever.  I've got work to do, so I'll have to tie you up."  DG pulled a length of rope out of thin air and had Malik tied up in a few minutes.  "There.  Now, to make sure you don't contact anyone, I'll need this."  With that, she pulled the Millennium Rod out from his belt.

            "Hey!  Give that back!"

            "Not until this fanfic's over," she said, whacking him on the head with the Rod.  "I'm leaving now, so stay out of trouble!"  She disappeared, Millennium Rod and all, leaving Malik muttering to himself.

            " 'Stay out of trouble,' she says.  She's got me tied up in her very own authoress realm, and still she tells me to be good!  And I know she's always wanted the Rod, but she didn't have to steal it!"

            DG's voice floated in from nowhere.  "Yes I did.  Be nice or I won't ever give the Rod back!"

            "No you didn't!  And you'll never give it back, anyway!"

            ".... yeah, that's true.  But I would've given it back when 'never' ends!"

            "Yeah, whatever!" Malik waited for a reply, but none came.  "I WILL get the Millennium Rod back from that brat," he grumbled, narrowly missing being hit on the head by a falling coconut.  He winced.  "NEVER insult an authoress in her own realm…"

            In Domino City, DG was fingering her new toy.  "Gotta work on my aim," she commented, before heading to the Domino City Café.


            Seto Kaiba was having quite an enjoyable meal.  He was just considering which of his employees to fire when the door to the café swung open and a familiar-looking black-haired girl barged in.  Looking up, Seto groaned and went back to his sandwich.

            "Hiya, Seto!" the girl chirped happily.  When that got no answer, she shrugged.  "Nice to see you, too!"

            "What do you want, DG?"

            "Your whole deck?"

            Seto raised an eyebrow. "  What do you really want?"

            "Well, um, I hate to tell you this, but…" DG couldn't keep the grin off her face.  "Isis has been kidnapped!!"

            Seto took a sip of his coffee.  "Yeah, so?"

            "You need to rescue her!  Malik has been… um… *cough cough* …restrained… from helping her."

            "What about Yugi and his friends?"

            "It's Yami's birthday, so they're all busy thinking up ways to torture Bakura."

            "Hmm…" Seto was thinking up ways to get rid of this little pest himself.  "Can't it wait until AFTER my lunch break?"

            "Noo…  see, it's like this.  Isis is a damsel in distress, and you're the prince to rescue her!" Seto fell over at this, ('does she expect us to get married and ride away into the sunset if I save her?') but DG put on a pleading look and her best puppy-dog eyes.  "Please Seto?  Who knows what they might be doing to poor Isis!"

            The CEO of Kaiba-Corp tried to ignore the puppy-dog eyes, but being compared to a prince appealed to him.  'Hmm… is Isis pretty enough to rescue, or not?  Run out and save her, or let her be tortured?'  With that, his mind was made up.  Standing, he grumbled, "Fine, I'll rescue her," and jogged out of the café.  Once outside, he slowed to a walk and bit his sandwich again.  "But first… lunch!"

            Grinning, DG stood up and walked to the café door.  "Stage one complete.  Now, might as well sit back and enjoy the show!"  With that, she disappeared back into her realm, leaving behind a puzzled waitress who had been about to take her order.


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