So here it is: the epilogue to Seto to the Rescue!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Disclaimer: If you don't know it by now, I worry about you.  I'll say it one last time: all I own is Cocriboh and myself.

Seto to the Rescue!  Epilogue

The Rescue Party

A few weeks after the incident, all the kidnappers had been caught and brought to jail.  DG said they deserved it, if they were idiotic enough to do whatever she told them.  She also made sure to erase their minds, so they didn't remember what she did.  Unfortunately, she went a little too far back, and they were currently acting like five-year-olds.  Seto was still mad about DG's little joke, and Isis was in the dark about what really happened.  Malik STILL didn't have the Millennium Rod back, and, true to her word, DG had given Cocriboh her date with Kuriboh, though she and HK were very fond of spreading around rumors that Kuriboh would dump the coconut monster.  Cocriboh didn't believe a word of it, though.

"My dear Kuriboh wouldn't do that!" she'd squeal, all the while glomping the poor fuzzball.  Hong-Ming sweatdropped.

"At this rate, she'll suffocate him before he dumps her," she whispered to HK.  The other girl nodded agreement.

Shortly after the kidnappers were caught, DG, HK, and Hong-Ming decided to hold a party for all the good guys who were involved.  They called it a "rescue party," though, as Seto grumbled, it was a little late for that.

So, fifteen days after Isis was "rescued," she, Seto, Yugi, Yami, Ryou, Bakura, Malik, and Cocriboh were all invited to a party in DG's realm, courtesy of the three girls.  Isis said Malik didn't want to go, having gained an irrational fear of coconuts, but DG and HK forced him to come anyway.

"Someone remind me just WHY I'm doing this?" Malik grumbled. "I have the strangest feeling I'm being stalked."

Everyone else started snickering.  Malik turned around quickly to see what was so funny, but there was nothing there.  Puzzled, he shrugged, obviously not aware of the coconut following behind him.

Malik's obvious hatred of coconuts had come into light a few minutes ago, when DG had summoned about twenty to swarm around him.  When he hit them, they bounced back and hit HIM.

Tired of trying to find out what had everyone laughing, Malik flopped down onto a beanbag.  The stalking coconut, since it couldn't follow behind him anymore, started floating above him.  Malik shot up like a rocket, and the coconut moved behind him again. "DG!"

The ensuing laughter was cut short when Seto screamed.  As everyone looked around, a pink bunny hopped into view.  Seto's eyes widened as DG picked it up.

"I must've forgotten to change you back into a coconut," she commented, grinning.

"No!  Funny Bunny!  Wait!" a voice yelled.  Pegasus ran forward and grabbed the rabbit.  It jumped, and Pegasus bent down to pick it up, just in time to be hit by the spell DG had aimed at the pink bunny.  Blinking, Pegasus changed into a coconut.

As everyone stared at her, DG grinned. "Well, we DID want some Pegasus-bashing…"

HK shrugged. "It's more fun if he's human." With a loud POOF, he was human again, except for the pink bunny tail and ears.

Hong-Ming snickered, pulling out Saraneth. "Pegasus!  Chase your tail!"

"Yes, mistress!" He immediately began chasing his cottontail, his pink ears flopping around.

Yami turned to DG. "You said you could find enough people to stalk me without most of them being dead.  What did you mean by that?"

She grinned. "You really want to know?"

Yami gulped. "…no."

"Too late!" HK chirped.  She pulled a card out of her pocket. "I summon The Hordes of Screaming Fangirls!  In attack mode!" Immediately, they appeared, running after Yami and glomping him.

"Nicely done," Hong-Ming commented.

"Thank you," HK answered. "Um… DG?  Can I have Malik?  Since you're done with him?"

"Sure, have him," the authoress said, grabbing the Egyptian and shoving him towards her friend. "I don't need him anymore, I have the Millennium Rod, and you gave me Ryou."

"Yay!" HK squealed, hugging Malik.

"Make sure to come visit me and Ryou sometime!" DG giggled, before turning back to Pegasus. "Hey, Pegsy!  Go jump off a cliff!  But make sure you're tied to the top with a rope around your ankle.  We don't want you dead again before we're ready."

"Yes, mistress."

"And get us some candy!" Hong-Ming yelled after him.

"Yes, mistress."

And so the story ends.  DG and HK have each taken possession of their favorite characters.  Yami is being glomped by an infinite number of screaming fangirls, Malik is being stalked by a coconut, and Pegasus is being tortured.  Everyone's having a good time, though, unknown to everyone but the three hostesses and Ryou, Yugi, and Malik, DG spiked the punch.

I'll just let you guess what happens next.


The end!