The Sister (2) - Chapter 1

"PUSH.C'mon can do it baby."

Shane was trying to get Marissa to focus and bare down. Finally, after 35 hours of labor Marie Ann McMahon was born.she was 5lbs and 5 ounces (small, but then again Marissa is only 5'4") Marie was 18 inches long. Big chocolate brown eye and very little brown hair.

While Marissa was recouping with baby in a private room, Shane ran down to the waiting room, where all of us were waiting to hear something. Shane walked into the waiting room and I jumped up and he said, "It's a girl. We had a girl." I ran over and threw my arms around his neck, and we were hugging, when Stephanie joined in. Shane said, "I'm a father.this is so weird." Paul came over and shook his hand.

While everyone walked upstairs to see the new bundle of chaos and joy, Paul and I straggled behind and were talking. Paul said, "Me and you have something really important to talk about." I said, "Oh really? When exactly would you like to have this talk?" He said, "Well obviously after you see the baby, we'll talk tonight sometime before we go to sleep." I said, "Okay, you got it big man." Paul kissed my lips softly.

We went in and were checking out the baby with Marissa, and she said, "She's so perfect." Paul was holding her, and said, "Damn she's tiny." I said, "Well, Marissa is only 5'4", my brother maybe a giant, but she is not, and it looks like she's got most of her mommy's genes.okay maybe she's got Shane's nose and mouth, but everything else on that girl comes from Marissa." Shane smiled and said, "Well at least, I have something of mine on her."

Marissa kissed his cheek and said, "Yea, there's more then that in helped make her." Shane said, "I'm glad you realized I have that power." I looked at Stephanie and she looked at me and we started laughing.Steph said, "Don't get on to much of a power trip big bro, she was the one in labor for 35 hours.not you."

He smiled and said, "This is true.I can only imagine how I'm going to have to make it up to her too." Riss smiled and said, "You better believe it boy! I'm talking shopping spree, you babysitting while I get my figure back at the gym.I'm also needing a girls night out, cause I tell you, I've spent the last 3 months looking at your mug, don't get me wrong I love you.but you make me nuts.and don't even think of having any more kids, cause I'm never having that kind of pain again.if you want more.then you can have them."

Stephanie and me were leaning against each other laughing so hard.we couldn't stand it.watching Marissa put Shane in his place, when he usually walks around like the king of his castle, she totally beheaded him.

Marissa said, "You guys are going to stay tonight right?" I looked at Paul and he said, "It's up to you.don't forget I want to have that talk later." I said, "We're staying yeah." Shane had the nurse bring in cots and extra chairs again, cause all of us were going to stay.

Around 9 p.m. Paul said, "You ready for that talk yet?" I said, "When ever you're ready." He said, "Okay, Let's go." We walked out to the patio eating area, and I was looking at the stars. Paul sat down in one of chairs and said, "C'mere." I walked over and he grabbed my hand and pulled me down on his lap.

I said, "So what's up?" Paul said, "I think its time we had some little critters of our own." It took a couple of minutes for me to actually comprehend just exactly what he was saying to me. I half smiled and said, "Are you sure?" He said, "Well.yea."

My smile got bigger and I said, "Yea." Paul said, "Yes.I mean I'd hope it would be you, considering you're my wife." I smiled so big and said, "So when would you like to start this whole process?" Paul said, "I think that, right now is just the right time." Paul started kissing along my neck and jaw line.