Memories of Another Time

Chapter Five

The two drow made their anxious way towards the building in the shape of a stalagmite that wizards learnt their craft. Zaknafein looking about, hoping they weren't caught by anyone, Jarlaxle too preoccupied with thoughts of what would happen because of the drug slipped into his drink. He hoped it was nothing too serious.

"What do you think will happen to me?" Jarlaxle asked the only one who had stuck by him even with his strange mood swings.

"I don't know? I guess that is what we are going to go and find out...though the thought makes me rather wary. I don't particularly like wizards." Zak replied, looking ahead of them now, at the building they were slowly making their way towards.

Jarlaxle nodded, but didn't say anything. He was beginning to feel slightly ill, and he was now realising that it wasn't from any drug use. It was from the sinking fear that something terrible was going to happen. Try as he might, he couldn't shake off the rather strange and definitely unwanted feeling.

They made their way to the door and, to the surprise of both the young drow, Rizzen was waiting for them, leaning against the side of the building, his robes making him seem more imposing than he truly was...or so they hoped.

"So...this is the one you were talking about yesterday." The wizard stated, moving from his spot to stand in front of Jarlaxle. "You are going to be in such trouble when you begin showing the signs of what you have been ingesting!"

"Signs? What are these signs? And I did not mean to take something addictive. My potion was tampered with thank you very much." Jarlaxle was being sarcastic, he knew, but he just couldn't help it. He was feeling irritable. He had little sleep, he was beset with thoughts of taking the potion regardless of what might happen, and his stomach was feeling a little cramped.

Rizzen grinned wickedly at him. "Mood swings, of which you have been experiencing already, cramps, nausea, vomiting. Oh yes, the shakes too, of which you will not be able to stop. Depression is very common. Hmmm, you may also experience fevers and an upset stomach."

Jarlaxle rolled his eyes and leaned against the doors to Sorcere. He was feeling uncomfortable, not in what would happen, but in the way that made him feel as if his body was bloated. He had the uncomfortable thought that perhaps this was how drider felt and shuddered.

"Anything else I should know? How long does it last?"

The wizard shrugged and smiled. "For as long as it lasts."

Jarlaxle scowled and rubbed at his head where a headache was forming. His stomach felt tight and stretched, making him feel very uncomfortable. Shifting on his feet, he sighed. "Is that all the information you have?"

Rizzen nodded, before quickly disappearing back inside the building they were loitering outside of. Both the young drow had known that last nod to be false information, but they needed to get back to Melee-Magthere anyhow. There were still chores they would have to do.

The walk back was done in silence, broken every now and then by another student racing by, or by slight footsteps. Drow are taught to walk silently when young as making sound could end in a very bad way especially if out in the wilds of the Underdark.

Jarlaxle found that walking like he was used to was made difficult. His stomach felt heavy, stretched and sore, his head sounded loud enough with the pounding it was doing that he was amazed that Zaknafein at his side couldn't hear it. What did it matter if he made as much noise as a rothe during mating season? He was also beginning to feel physically ill. To make matters even worse, his back, arms and legs were stiff and sore from the whipping he had last recieved.

"Jarlaxle? You look...pale." Since drow saw through darkvision, it was rather strange to hear that.

He shrugged. "I truly don't think that will stop me from doing chores." The thought of making dinner for the kitchens, no matter how good or bad a cook he may be made his stomach twist. He did not look forward to being in a hot room with the smell of cooking meat and mushrooms being ground into a paste to use as a sause of a kind.

The thought alone made him drop a hand to his stomach and rubbed gently, trying to ease his sudden nausea.

"I think perhaps that I should not be working with the food right now." He stated, but still his feet took him towards the kitchens knowing he at least had to show up. Zaknafein followed, a silent shadow.

By some miracle, because that is what it had to be, Zak watched as his friend made it through the food preparation and disappeared out of the room afterwards.

With speed he didn't know he possessed, he quickly followed, only to hear the unmistakeable sound of someone being violently ill.

He found Jarlaxle near one of the doors to a privy, his body heaving out the breakfast he had eaten earlier that day. The sight made Zak feel slightly ill, but he dropped to a crouch and began to gently rub Jarlaxle's back.

"What is the meaning of this!" came a voice behind him and, turning slowly about, keeping his hand on the quivering back, only to see the master of the kitchens looking down his nose at both of them.

"He is sick, sir. He has been feeling ill to the stomach all day." Zak didn't know if this was true but didn't believe it was, but if the head cook thought someone had poisoned the food, then they would have to start all over again.

The master cook scowled, but moved on, headed in the direction the two young drow had come from. Zak's shoulders lost the tense feeling that was felt. He noted that the same couldn't be said for his friend, who had started to moan in pain.

"Are you alright?" he asked. After a few long minutes, he was given a nod as a reply.

"Slight cramps, nothing I cannot handle."

Zaknafein couldn't help but feel for Jarlaxle at hearing that. He had only stopped taking the potion the night before and already he was experiencing withdrawal.

He began to worry when Jarlaxle curled himself up into a ball and stayed in that position, his fist curling and uncurling through the pain he was in.

"The cramps are just slight are they?" He stated, his voice full of sarcasm. It looked as though they were a bit stronger than that.

"Oh, Gods this hurts. Help me up. I need...need to lie down. On a bed that is."

Zak reached down and grabbed one of those clenching hands and immediately felt fingernails digging into his skin. He didn't cry out loud. He didn't want to draw any unwanted attention to himself and his sore, sick friend.

Shaking himself out of his strange musing, he dragged Jarlaxle to his feet, every inch of the way marked by a slight groan of pain, before they were both on their feet.

The trek to their bunk room was a long one, and the journey was made longer by Jarlaxle, who tried to curl up on himself every few minutes to try and ease the pain. When they finally did arrive and Jarlaxle was curled up into as tight a ball as he could manage, Zaknafein took himself to his own bed and fell upon it, exhausted from the usually much quicker walk.

He soon fell into a deep sleep, the pained groans of Jarlaxle bringing to him strange images in his rest.

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