Your New Cuckoo

Author: Genevah

Rating: R

Pairing: It's top Secret… I don't even know…

Disclaimer: I claim to own nothing.

Things You May Need To Know: This takes place sometime towards the end of Rory's first year at Yale. And if you haven't yet, you might want to read These Are Days.



..…'.' '.' …..



Drip drip…

Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip…

Drip drip…


He slowly stirs from a great sleep. His eyes still closed in the hopes that the god-awful noise would stop within the next few seconds so he could drift back to the silent, relaxing world of dreamland. He's so close…

… dripdripdripdrip…

… yet so fucking far away.

A heavy sigh escapes from his lips. His hand emerges from out the warm place in his boxers and rubs his eyes in clear distress, desperately wanting to go back to sleep.

He hears her soft breathing next to him. A small smile soon forms across his lips, tiny butterflies move within his stomach. He remembers where he is.

He wonders what time it is. His eyes are still shut and he assumes that it's at least morning because his eyelids could never shield the callous light that her huge window lets in during the daytime. He hates that damn window… when he's trying to sleep that is.

If it wasn't for that persistent dripping sound, the glaring of the sun alone would have waken him up. He is reluctantly fully awake now as his senses come into tune with his surroundings. He finally decides it is time to open his eyes, ready and willing to see his beautiful girlfriend's sleeping face… the thought of sleep already forgotten.

He slowly opens his eyes, but instead of seeing Rory, all he sees is white. He blinks twice, thinking his eyes just needed some adjusting to. He knows he's not looking at her white cotton sheets. It is a completely different texture. He can conclude that it is somewhat coarse and soft all in the same instance. Fur. It's definitely fur, he thinks to himself. He moves his head back to get the full view of what's in front of him.

He jerks back, disturbing the stillness and sleep around him. He realizes what he's woken up next to.

"Ah Christ!" He pulls the hem of his sleep-wrinkled white t-shirt up over his head and quickly shields the rest of his body with the covers. He could pass as a ghost if you look at the whole of him. The crisp white sheets blanket around him, revealing nothing but his human form. Quite disgusted with the sight he had just seen, he wipes his face, hoping to rid any nasty-ness that may have rubbed against him in his state of sleep. What a niice morning! First he is awakened by the never-ending drip concert her sink is performing and second, instead of seeing his girlfriend's gorgeous face, he sees the butt of his girlfriend's precious pooch. And what a lovely sight it is!

Rory softly moans out of her sleep, a sweet sound that Jess has come to love. Unconsciously, her arm stretches up over her head, loving the feel of the cold wall it rubs up against. Her arm flops down at her side making a loud thump against the mattress. She turns and rests on her side and slowly opens her eyes. She sees the most adorable big brown eyes peeking out from underneath long lashes.

Her free hand reaches out to scratch him behind his ears then ending on her dog's favorite part underneath his chin.

"Morning Rocco," she greets, her tone sounding a bit depressed. She had the loveliest dream, the kind of dream that feels so real she could almost taste it. It started out really sad, but in the end right before she woke up, she felt the happiest she'd felt in months.

The all too true feeling of missing him was ever present in her dream, manifesting itself into something she could not handle. The true meaning of heartache being experienced first hand. And the need to see him could no longer be denied. Her pride swallowed, she asked him to take the trip to Yale. And he had said yes. He arrived later that night, with her favorite choice of foods – Chicken Vindiloo to be exact with three simosas and garlic gnon. And although Indian food was her favorite, it was left on the coffee table downstairs untouched. The only thing she wanted at that moment was Jess… to hold her and never let go. And in her dream, he did just that.

Rocco began his homage of licking his master's hand, his affectionate way of petting her. Her mind wanders, thinking how cute it was finding her dog sleeping on her pillow next to her head. It's always interesting to discover where Rocco's going to be when she wakes up. He's not one to sleep in the same spot.

She takes her small Shih-Tzu from his comfortable resting place and shifts onto her back, laying him onto her tank covered chest. Her gentle strokes soothe him back to sleep.

Jess pretends to clear his throat from beneath his t-shirt, feeling a bit neglected that she hasn't acknowledged him yet. He's never come second to Rocco in the bed. He's always the first to be petted in the morning… so to speak.

With the gruff sound of Jess clearing his throat, she is taken with happiness once again, the same happiness that she felt in her dream. It dawns on her that last night was real.

He is here.

She angles her head in the direction of his voice. She giggles, giving him a weird look.

"Why is your shirt over your head like that? You look like a ghost."

Her blue eyes delicately scan the length of his covered body. He looks inviting and warm, and she remembers how it feels to have his body against hers… Heaven.

He answers with a disgusted laugh… however that may sound.

"Don't tell me you've come to the conclusion that your previously thought decent-looking-girlfriend looks completely hideous in the morning."

He smirks underneath his shirt mask, thinking his girlfriend is anything but decent-looking or hideous.

"Well I have to admit… when I wake up in the morning, I expect to see the soft lovely features of your face… not the soft lovely features of your dog's ass," he mumbles into his shirt.

She laughs. She thinks it's pretty comical that she got to wake up to the 'pretty' end.

"That's his special way of showing you how much he loves you. You should feel privileged. He doesn't do that to just anyone."

"I should hope so, me being the only one who shares a bed with the two of you." He half-jokes.

She lifts her little dog from her stomach and comes up to a kneeling position. She lays Rocco down at the foot of the bed and he instantly curls into ball. Eyes already shut. Turning back to Jess, she pulls the blankets down to his legs, no longer hiding him from her. She moves over him and straddles him. He flinches a little from the rough way she sat on him. He adjusts her hips so that she's where he wants her to be and soon finds that's where she wants to be too. He could tell by the seemingly innocent grinding she sneaks in as she lies down on his bare chest. Her soft hair tickles his skin and on instinct, he smoothes her silky tresses. She moves under him, resting her chin on his torso.

She stares up at him smirking. "Jess?"


"You are Jess right?" She teased. "What with your face covered and all, I can't really tell. I'd hate to think that all along I thought you were Jess, and then come to find out that you're that guy I brought home after a wild night at a frat party."

"Huh-ho, you think you're funny huh?" He asks, gently tugging on a lock of hair.

"I've been told that quite a few times, so yeah, I'd say I'm a pretty funny gal."

He aims to tickle her, but she firmly holds him back. "Hey, hey, hey. You know I hate being tickled."

He concedes and his hands take on a surrender stance. "Alright, alright. No tickling… but you gotta take that back."

"I take it back. You are the only guy I want to take home after a wild night at a frat party," she says sweetly, "… not that I would ever have a one night stand with someone… nor would I ever go to a frat party…," she rambles on more to herself, but quickly cuts it short once she realizes that she's saying more than necessary. "-so are we good?"

"I dunno… I tend to hold grudges."


He chuckles. "Fine. Just no more wisecracks about other guys in your bed… it hurts me." He pouts, mockingly holding his heart.

She rolls her eyes at him. "So… could you kindly take your shirt off? I'd like to see what you look like in the morning." She pretends as though this is their first time waking up next to each other.

"Okay… but prepare yourself," his tone of voice deepens for effect, "… I look a lot sexier than usual in the morning," he says, playing along.

"I'd like to be the judge of that thank you."

"Don't say I didn't warn you. Its good thing you're lying down… wouldn't want you to fall and hurt yourself."

Jess pulls his t-shirt up over his head and throws it across the room. He ruffles his hair with both of his hands, then looks down at her. It never fails to surprise him that even after two and half years of being with her, she still makes his heart stop at the sight of her.

She stares at him, pretending to be uninterested.

Sexier. Now there's an understatement.

"See, this is where you come in and swoon over how hot I look," he mocks quietly as if he's reminding her of what she's supposed to do. She feigns confusion.

He notices a certain glint in her eyes… the same glint she gets when she's- And as if she's heard his thought, she confirms and finishes it for him at the same time.

She sits up, bestriding his thighs, her hand delving into the hole of his boxers. She knows exactly what she's looking for and upon finding it, she gently slips it out and slowly into her, all the while, leaving Jess breathless and highly aroused by her actions.

He groans slightly, basking in the wetness engulfing him. Two words come to his mind. Pure bliss. And it's a sensation that only Rory can achieve.

"You're so fucking wet," he smiles wide-eyed. And as harsh as the words may be, the delicacy of his voice send delicious shivers throughout her body.

He grabs her by the hips, grinding her harder into him, willing himself to hold off until she meets him. But it has been so long since they've been together like this and she felt so warm around him…

She's so fucking wet! He wanted to cry like a baby it felt that good.

Not able to contain himself anymore, he sits up hugging her to him with one arm, while the other steadies them as he lays them down, her back now against the bed. He buries himself in and against her hungrily. Her pleading and moaning only add to his insanity, causing him to release in her a mere few minutes later.

After his ecstasy subsides, his shameful eyes meet hers. He kisses her chin and makes a trail of kisses to the side of her lips, then lays his head on her shoulder, his finger softly running the length of her neck.

"Sorry." He quietly says.

"Don't be." She eases, running her fingers through his thick hair, knowing how he loves it when she does that.

"I... you were so-"

"It's okay Jess." Thinking to herself, she giggles.

"What?" He didn't think it was so funny.

"It's pretty flattering."

"Oh yeah."


He kisses her softly on the lips, signaling only the beginning of him making it up to her.

A glorious hour later…

Rory lays beside him completely limp and completely satisfied.

She forces herself to speak. "That was…" She wracks her brain, searching for the perfect word describe what she felt, only to find out that there are no words to describe it. It was more than amazing, more than phenomenal… more than mind-blowing.

"You okay?" He had hoped that he was gentle with her.

"Um yeah… that was… I don't know what to say." She giggles. "I feel like I should thank you."

He laughs. "You're welcome." He says lamely.

They lay in comfortable silence for a few minutes.

Missing the warmth of his body, she carefully climbs on top of him and lays her head down on his chest again, entrancing herself with the beating of his heart. She tries to push away any dreadful thoughts about him leaving.

"I should let you wake up to me more often."

"Hush you," she playfully scolds.

A little while later. . .

They both awake hearing shuffling coming from the bottom stairs of the loft. The intoxicating aroma of her favorite Kona brand coffee starts to permeate her room, making her mouth water.

"When did you say he was moving out?" His voice is raspy from sleep.

"I didn't and he's not. This is his place, remember?"

"Right." How could I not?

..…'.' '.' …..



comes up from behind you and whispers in your ear Reevieww… Reevviewwww…