Your New Cuckoo

Chapter Title: It Could Be Sweet, Like A Long Forgotten Dream

Author: Genevah

Rating: R

Pairing: Rory/Jess

Disclaimer: I claim to own nothing.

Author's Note: I found this short piece of drabble going through my old back-up cd's. Thought I'd post it. I highly doubt I'll ever write more to this story… so please take it as it is…

...…'.' '.' …..

He stares up at her ceiling, the straightness of the beams, the perfectly placed air ducts and sighs.

He stares at his entwined hands resting on his sternum. Disconnecting, and then reconnecting. Disconnecting, and then reconnecting. He did this with his fingers for at most five minutes.

He sighs.

He lies on his side and stares at Rory. Stares at the lock of hair curling over her face. Stares at her slightly parted lips. Stares at her closed eyelids. Her rhythmical breathing is so soft he could barely hear it.

He fingers lightly through her silky strands, curling the stray hair behind her ear. He moves his face near hers. Touches her nose with his, and then lightly and slowly feels her lips with his.

She doesn't stir.

He moves away from her, again he stares.

He sighs. Thinking. Wondering. Dreaming.

Bringing his hand to her face again, he opens one of her eyelids gently with his thumb and index fingers. One azure eye open…

The other slowly flutters open too. His hand retracts and settles comfortably in the space between them.

She stares at him confused and dazed from sleep. A pitiful pout overtakes her lips and her hand blindly feels for the covers and pulls it over her head.

He sighs.

His hand grabs a handful of blanket and quickly yanks it off of them, tossing it behind him, parachuting to the floor.

Instantly she balls up, hugging her knees into her chest. The azure eyes glare at him. She moans and whines and groans and the only thing that came out English was his name.

He laughs and gently moves over her.

She straightens to accommodate him, her legs no longer tucked into her chest, her back now against the mattress.

He's her human blanket.

Neither speak so she attempts to go back to sleep, closing her eyes.

"No more sleeping."

She mumbles and whines again. Nothing comprehensible this time.

"I've been awake for an hour waiting for you to wake up," he tells her.

She opens her eyes, flitting them up and down and all around before staring straight into his.

"Still dark. No sun."

She is right. There is no usual morning sun beaming in through her window. Her room is still dim, as if the sun is just starting to rise.

"It's 10a.m. Rory."

"Not possible."

"It's gloomy outside, that's why there's no sun." He says as if explaining to a four year old.

Her hands finally wrap around his waist, sneaking inside the hem of his t-shirt.

He's so warm.

"Perfect. The best time to stay in bed… and sleep."

"I'm tired of sleeping."

"How can you be tired of sleeping? That is the most absurd thing I've ever heard you say."

He chuckles and kisses her lightly on her nose. She's the most absurd girl he's ever met.

"Come on. Try it with me... Close your eyes baby."

He can't help but love it when she calls him baby.

She looks at him expectantly and waits for him to close his eyes.

He gives in... at least for now and does what she asks of him.

A moment later, hoping that he'd join her in her quest for sleep, she speaks. "There, now doesn't that feel good?"

He peeks at her and sees that her eyes are closed.

She could be so crazy sometimes.



"Rory." He tries again.

She pouts sweetly and opens her eyes again.

"Get up."

"Nooo. One hour. That's all I'm asking. Why don't you go take a shower or better yet… go downstairs and make me breakfast."

"Man aren't we domineering this morning?"

"Go." She gently nudges him. "I need sleep."

Jess moves off of her and stands beside the bed watching her squirm for warmth.

"Wait… come back. Keep me warm."

"I'm taking a shower. You want me to keep you warm… come join me."

"Jeeeesss." She frowns, her hand just grazing his arm when she stretches to grab him. "Come back. Come back." She acts out the famous Kate Winslet line.

He has already disappeared behind the bathroom door. "Meanie."

"Rory!" Tristan calls from downstairs. "You awake yet!"

Rory's eyes fly open again. "Can't a girl get some sleep around here!" she cries.

"Get your lazy ass down here and get some lunch with me!"

"Take Jess!" She yells and then mumbles to herself, "then maybe I can finally get the sleep I deserve."

Tristan rolls his eyes. He had no idea that Jess was visiting…

Jess' hands hold onto the edge of the bathroom counter, letting the steam from the hot shower engulf him. He stares at his reflection in the mirror and then focuses at the look in his eyes before the steam erases him.

He's happy. He's so fucking happy he could see it in his own eyes. The same eyes that showed no emotion until he'd met Rory.

Then it suddenly dawns on him, like a flick of a light switch… he was acting like a lovesick girl. Thinking sappy things. All Rory's doing of course. But fuck it! He was fucking happy goddamnit! He deserves some happiness right?

He pulls his shorts down to his ankles kicking it towards the wall behind him, absently stroking himself once.

And the sex with this girl… he wouldn't touch it. He wouldn't change a damn thing about it. Always intense, never a stale moment.

He steps into the hot shower, letting the beads of water relax him further, welcoming the dirty thoughts of her float around in his mind.

He stands there. Still. Eyes shut. Listening to the hypnotizing sound of the shower. Imagining the sweet hum of her breath against his ears.

She gave him a good five minutes to himself when he hears some movement within the bathroom. He instantly knows it's her and doesn't bother opening his eyes, even as he feels her naked body slide against him from behind.

..…'.' '.' …..