1Back now, so I'm updating at long last. And I'm aware mine isn't the only Trigun/Gargoyles fic now. All I have to say to that is that so what?


The rocket flew fast at the people, with the intent of destroying them where they stood. It never reached destination, as a second rocket flew down at it, and destroyed both of them, harming none.

"What?" Legato called out, looking up to the hole in the road.

When they looked, they could see Vash and Brooklyn standing at the edge of the hole. Brooklyn was carrying the Cross Punisher over his shoulder, it smoking slightly, having been the source of the second rocket. Vash was glaring at Legato.

"Legato!" Vash yelled out.

"Well, so we finally cross paths in this world. Do you still have the naive hope in humanity?"

Vash and Brooklyn leapt down into the subway, Brooklyn going to fight off Dracon, who had knocked Hudson out, and gone after Maggie. Vash landed in front of Legato, and the two were looking eye to eye...

"There is nothing naive about having hope for the good of the people."

"But you're assuming there is good to be salvaged. Human beings are little more than a parasite on this planet. You and I both know this. We both know what is to come."

Vash unveiled his machine gun, and prepared to fight Legato.

"It won't come. Not again. This world is worth fighting for!"

Legato laughed. Vash scowled. Around them, the fighting was becoming more intense, as Lexington slammed Hyena into a fuse box, electrocuting her, and starting a fire.

"Even if it may cost you your being? Your existence? Think about it Vash. The only reason you and Knives came to be was because of the devastation of this planet..."

"I know this."

"And you would still prevent that?"

"Without any question." Vash responded, ending the dialogue, and firing at Legato, who evaded the shots, surprising Vash.

"It's time we concluded our visit here. It would be suicide to stay as this kingdom falls into ruins." Legato said to his Gung-Ho Guns.

"We'll fight again girls." Dracon said, before leaping over to Legato. The Gung-Ho Guns broke off fighting with the others to regroup, and flee into the tunnels.

"Why are you doing this!" Angela demanded.

"It's nothing personal my dear, simply a matter of business." Legato replied, before fleeing into the tunnels.

"Damn!" Vash muttered.

Claw then pointed to the fires, which were growing out of control, destroying the support beams.

"Claw's right, we have to get out of here now!" Talon called out.

"Legato, this isn't over!" Vash yelled out, before everyone fled down a main subway tunnel, before the street began to collapse onto the once active chambers...


It wasn't much later that they had regrouped on an old and unused subway platform further down the line. Vash was currently looking for something to cover his left arm, while Angela and Maggie were asking Brooklyn about the new look. Elisa went over to Vash.

"Do you know him?"

"Hmm?" Vash asked, being innocent.

"That main in command of them."

Vash looked down.

"Yeah...I thought he was out of my life forever..."

"Who is he, and what the heck did he do to us?"

"His name is Legato Bluesummers...and it's a long story..."

With Brooklyn, things were a little more active.

"Why in the world are you wearing that?" Angela asked.

"What? I happen to like some human fashion, okay?"

"I can possibly understand the sunglasses, but I never imagined I'd see you in a suit jacket." Maggie commented.

Goliath sighed, arms crossed. Talon came over to him.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping us Goliath."

"But we weren't able to keep them from destroying-"

"I know, but no one died either. That's something to be happy about."

"True..though I can't help wonder why that man called it 'business'.."


Nightstone Unlimited, Day.

Demona was currently in an ill mood. She had to head to Europe to obtain something of importance in a plan of hers, and after finding out about Legato's little escapade into the sewers, which she wasn't part of, she wasn't about to leave the city with him around. On top of that, she was in human form, and that always made her a little edgy...

"And you got the gargoyles involved! What in the hell were you doing?"

Legato remained calm during her anger, which was quite a feat considering she might literally rip him apart. He remained seated, and leaned forward.

"Trying to lure out the remaining link to my past, so that I may destroy it."

Legato then pushed up the left sleeve of his suit, revealing the arm attached to his body.

"This arm belonged to that man, and is how I am able to manipulate the minds and bodies of humans. Think of it this way. If I am capable of this with just his arm.." he said, pushing the sleeve down, "Imagine what he could do. He may not be aware of it yet, but he is more than capable of breaking my hold over others. Even without that, he is very much capable of acting as a human typhoon against your plans here."

Demona scowled. She didn't like where this was going, at all...

"What man?"

"He is known as Vash. He may act the part of a fool, and of a human, but he is neither. He is something above human, and very dangerous if he should ever choose to be."

Demona arched an eyebrow. She'd prefer eye ridge, but as human, this is what she had to use.

"And what does this intriguing being look like?"

"He bears a long red coat, and covers his left arm in dark leather. He is blonde, with green eyes, and I imagine he was carrying a cross with him for some time."

Demona scowled, externally and internally. The chicken-running idiot that cost her a security system days ago fit the description perfectly, including in super-human ability.

"I think I've met this man before. I knew there was something different about him, but this..."

"He does fool most with his actions when they first meet him."

"If it is so important to eliminate him, then do so, but I warn you, you will not eliminate the gargoyles."

"I'm aware of this. I have already made arrangements.."


Xanatos Enterprises building, earlier that day, before dawn.

The gargoyles were preparing to rest as stone for the night. They did notice, however, Vash seemed very much tense.

"Hey Vash, what's wrong?" Brooklyn asked.

"I have to go."

"Where are you going?" Lexington asked.

"To find Legato!"

They noticed Vash looked furious. Something they never expected from him. Vash walked off to leave. They were going to stop him, but Brooklyn stopped them.

"Let him go. Something tells me he needs to sort this out alone..."


"I mean it..."

The gargoyles then returned to their roosts, as dawn broke over the city. While above, Brooklyn remained over the city, holding the Cross Punisher, below, Vash walked off alone, seeking to put a final end to his past haunting him...


Expect more to come.