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Chapter 1

The warm trade winds swept gently over Majika Island bearing the lush, fruit-laden scent of a tropical paradise. Palms trees swayed to and fro with the breeze, now and again dropping their precious coconuts to the grateful creatures which frequented the atoll. Birds of every description sang merrily in sweet voices seemingly attune to the dull roar of the clear blue waves rolling on and off the land.

The isle even had it's very own volcano: Mt. Fulcan, which rose like a pointed black witch's hat from the very center of the island itself adding a magical quality to the entire area.

Claire inhaled deeply, enjoying the sensation of the warm sand sifting between her toes while she leaned into Steve, who was dressed for the weather in a pair of baggy green shorts with a thin white sleeveless shirt.

" This was the perfect idea for a vacation," She purred, happier than she could remember being in a long time, " While everyone else is dealing with snowstorms, power-outages, and treacherous driving conditions, we get to relax in the tropics where it never gets below seventy degrees." She shut her eyes, the sounds of the sea lulling her into a tranquil state of nirvana.

A wave slid in and came only a few feet away from touching her feet.

Steve grinned, wrapping an arm around his new wife and running a hand through her soft ruddy-brown hair in a gesture of affection.

" Eh, normally I'm not much for islands being that the last one I was on nearly killed me, but this place is nothing like Rockfort. I mean the scenery alone…it's so much nicer here." He paused, green eyes drifting up to acknowledge a flawless blue sky. He had never felt so at peace. Like he could just lye there in the sand next to Claire forever; never wishing it to end. " Actually, it's Alexis we should be thanking. It was her idea we go here after the wedding."

Claire laughed softly in response, bringing her pretty face up to give her hubby a kiss on the cheek. " Yep, I'm not a Redfield anymore. I…."

The rest of Claire's words were murdered when a sudden splash of water hit her head, drenching her bangs and bringing an unwelcome sting of coldness to her skin.

" Ooops! Sorry Aunt Claire." Seth's small and innocent voice sounded.

The little five year old was standing to her side holding a small purple beach pale now less than a quarter the way filled with saltwater. He backed away nervously, afraid she might snap at him. Why did it have to be Aunt Claire?

He'd been running along the surf looking for his sister when he'd stumbled over a piece of driftwood left thoughtlessly in his path. " Have you seen Kwistle? Or Uncle Alan? "

Claire shook her head and sighed, a bit perturbed with her nephew. " They're probably with your parents just over that way." She pointing off to the right where she knew the Redfields to be camping not a quarter mile off. Who exactly was watching him anyway? Frowning, she wiped her face against her hand.

Having a bunch of cold water thrown in your face when you were lying on the beach in your bathing suite trying to get a tan was not the best of feelings.

Seth tilted his head to the side, displaying the same curious and confused expression Claire often saw her brother get when he couldn't figure something out.

Like father like son. She thought, remembering Chris when he was little. Of course, no matter how little Chris had been he'd always been bigger than her. Older, too.

And she thought it was indeed cute the way that even at such a young age Seth was already starting to mirror his father a bit. His face had the same basic shape despite a bit of a different slant, his bowl-cut hair only a shade lighter brown than Chris's rich chocolate brown and flecked with bit of red highlights borrowed from his mother.

Oddly enough, his eyes were a warm fudge brown inherited from some unknown relative since neither of his parents possessed them.

Today he was clad in blazing orange beach shorts complimented with a long white Power Rangers tee.

Despite her annoyance with being splashed, Claire thought her looked very huggable. Slowly, her initial frown was replaced by a friendly smile.

Reassured in the fact that Claire wasn't going to bite him, Seth asked the question he'd been meaning to ask for the past hour. " Did the stork land yet? When will my little cousin be here? "

Steve snorted with laughter.

Claire shook her head, her cheeks flushing a weird variation of red that reminded her nephew of a drink adults called 'wine'.

" Oh no, I'm afraid not Seth. That won't be happening for a long time yet."

Seth frowned; he was quite excited with the concept of getting a new cousin and he didn't like to wait. " Oh, you mean like a few weeks? " He stumbled over the word, feeling it stick in his mouth with a bad taste.

A week was a long time. He hated the word week.

Claire shook her head again, but this time she was smiling. " No, not for another six months at least."

" Months?!" The young Redfield was horrified, " Ya mean longer than weeks? "

This time it was Steve who answered, " Yes. Much longer."

" Can't ya speed it up? Tell the stork to hurry? "

Much to Seth's astonishment his aunt and uncle just laughed and looked at each other. What's so funny? He thought, Grownups are so weird.

" It isn't something that can be rushed," Claire explained, " The stork has to pick out just the right baby for each mommy and daddy before he can deliver. It takes a long time."

Seth emptied the remaining water of his bucket and watched it seep into the ground; staining the sand it touched a darker color. " But what if he picks a baby you don't like? What if it's the wrong kind? Like a baby monkey? "

" You've been watching too many cartoons." His aunt chuckled, sitting up and stretching. Blinking in the bright glare of the sun, she fished around in her duffle bag and pulled out a nice pair of sunglasses. " Mommies don't get to choose what their babies look like, and I can pretty safely say you're not going to have a baby monkey for a cousin."

" You kidding? " Steve piped, grinning, " He's already got a monkey for a cousin."

Seth cocked an eyebrow. " I do? " His eyes lit up. A monkey for a cousin? His lively mind swam with the fun possibilities.

Steve nodded all seriously. " Sure. His name's Alan."

Now Seth was really confused. " But….Alan's my uncle, and he's not a monkey…."

" Actually, the guy you so affectionately dub as 'Uncle' Alan is really your cousin." He reached inside the duffle bag and produced a brightly-colored bottle of sunscreen , " I'm your real uncle."

Seth shook his head. " He's my uncle if I say he is! " He shouted defiantly.

Steve squirted the white sunscreen onto one arm and began rubbing it in, a thought forming.

He looked to Claire. " Wait a minute, if you're Alan's aunt 'cause, y'know, his mother was your sister and all, and I'm married to you, wouldn't that make me his uncle as well? " The thought was quite weird indeed and just a little unnerving.

Claire bit her lower lip, processing. " You're right. But how would you like to have Wesker for a brother-in-law? Wait, I forgot, you sorta do." At this both adults frowned.

And the strangeness continues…." Wait, who's Wesker? " Seth wondered, baffled by the way adults were always talking about people he didn't know

Before either Claire or Steve had time to reply, a familiar voice Seth had come to know and love answered, " Why, that's my daddy. Don't you remember? The guy that kinda looks like me? The one you almost followed a potato bug to? "

Seth turned to see his 'Uncle' Alan coming up behind him, flashing him a cool grin.

" Uncle Alan! " He launched himself at his relative.

Alan caught him and lifted him up. " Hiya Sport."

On instinct Seth reached out and pulled Alan's shades off his face, hoping the were all red and yellow and pretty-looking again.

They were.

Alan blinked in the sunlight, the bright glare hurting his sensitive eyes. " Hey I need those." Gently, he snatched his aviators from Seth's small hands and replaced them along the bridge of his nose.

There. That felt loads better.

" And actually, I'm more like your cousin." He corrected, setting the kid back down and giving him a friendly pat on the head.

Actually, he thought it was rather cute the way Seth referred to him as an uncle. Ah kids. They're so sweet and innocent when they're little.

" But Uncle Steve said you were a monkey."

At this Alan arched an eyebrow at Steve, who didn't even flinched.

Instead he mad a face at his new in-law. " Yeee, how could you wear something hot like that in eighty-five degree weather? " He remarked, studying Alan's wardrobe of black jeans, black T-shirt, and black boots. In fact, Steve thought, the guy hardly ever wore any other color.

" I'm cold-blooded." Alan said simply, sounding so much like his father just then that it creeped Claire out.

Steve shook his head, snorting as a piece of sand blew up his nose, " It must be the T-2, Virus Boy, because I'd feel like one well-done steak."

Alan shrugged, knowing that it probably was his virus that caused him to be colder than normal all the time. He didn't mind though; it seemed a small price to pay for superpowers.

Locking his eyes on Steve, he played with the idea of giving his comrade a free swimming lesson.

Claire smiled lightly, shaking her head and casting her eyes down. Steve and Alan always went round and round.

Steve laughed, rising up to the unspoken challenge, " Yep. You must be cold-blooded like a snake, Wesker Junior. Betray anyone lately? "

There was no warning.

One moment Alan was standing a few feet away behind Seth, and the next he wasn't.

The others barely had time to blink before Steve was sailing overhead like a giant awkward bird. He landed with an audible 'kersplash' twenty feet out into the water.

Alan just grinned, standing where Steve had been only moments before and rubbing his hands together as if he'd just finished taking out the trash.

" I warned him about calling me Wesker Junior." He announced smugly, not an ounce of hatred or ill will in his voice, making plainly obvious that he was just playing.

" Whoa cool! Do that to me! " Seth raced up and grabbed Alan's pantleg. " My turn! My turn! "

In his excitement he dropped his bucket and knocked over Steve's Mountain Dew.

" Can't do, sorry. You don't know how to swim."

The boy's eyes dimmed and he looked out to sea longingly, no doubt wishing he were a fish.

He looked so sad, in fact, that Alan felt like a mean old ogre for dashing his hopes. " Hey," He offered, " I'll give you a ride to your parents."

All the fire blossomed back into Seth's eyes instantly. " A ride! Oh boy, will ya run really fast? "

Alan nodded, glowing his eyes for effect since he knew his little pal liked seeing it. " Yep. For you I'll go fast. You'll feel like you're flying. It'll be so fun! "

Reaching down he scooped his little cousin up and held him straight out in front of him in a position that would quickly tire the arms of a non-virus carrier.

Seth was thrilled. " Oh boy! I getta fly! "

Claire shot Alan a nervous glance, a bit of her maternal instincts kicking in. "Are you sure that's safe? "

Alan looked almost offended by the remark. Like he'd ever let anything happen to Seth.

" Don't worry, Careful is part of my middle name."

" Where? Before or after the Wesker part? " She mused, enjoying the chance to poke fun at her super-powered relative.

Alan pressed his lips together in a tight line and gave them a slight twist. " You know, one of these days I'm going to find out something really embarrassing about your family and then you're never going to live it down."

Claire just smiled and reached for a pop; her worry passed.

Alan zoomed off along the beach like a rocket, Seth squealing with delight.


Chris kicked backed in his beach chair, enjoying the warm weather and the sounds of his daughter Crystal having fun.

Alexis was helping her build a sandcastle. It was slow progress because toddlers don't build sandcastles very well and every so often he'd hear Alexis say something like, " No! That's the moat, we don't put dirt in there! " or, " How are the sand people going to keep a good lookout without a few watch towers? "

It was really quite comical, and the captain of the Bayview S.T.A.R.S. truly was enjoying his warm vacation away from work and the freaky.

Jill was off digging for oysters not far from where Alexis and Crystal were, and every now and again Chris would see her pull up one of the sea-critters and toss it into a large plastic sack.

A few yards over to the right and even closer to the trees was their jet, the means by which they'd reached the remote island paradise.

No crowds, no lines, no waiting--it was just them and nature, the way Chris preferred. He always was the outdoorsman.

He thought he saw a fish jump in the surf and reminded him of his fishing gear he'd left in the jet. I'll bet I catch some big ones. He thought, thinking of his oceanrod fishing pole and all the various hooks, lures, and baits he had at his disposal.

Whenever he could, Chris enjoyed time at a large body of water such as a lake or river just kicking back and drowning a few worms. Just him and the wilderness. It was more than just catching fish, it was a chance to relax and get in touch with his inner self.

It was his chance to--for a moment, just a moment--forget about all the worries and responsibilities that plagued him and just have fun doing something he enjoyed. For him, fishing equaled sanity. If it weren't for days like this sometimes he thought he'd be a nervous wreck.

Stretching, he sat up in his seat, ready to head out and start the fishing. He nearly leapt two feet when a blur of black flew up from seemingly out of nowhere and came to a halt in front of him.

Calm down, calm down. Chris told himself as he looked at the young man in fron of him, It's just Alan. Not Wesker. Even though for three months Alan had proved to be a valuable part of the team, and even though Chris was even starting to get used to his superhuman abilities, Alan still bore an strong resemblance to his father; who just happened to be Chris's worst enemy. When he just zipped up unexpected like that it reminded Chris of his fights with Wesker, namely the time at the Antarctic base where he had been lucky to escape with his life, and the incident involving a pipe being rammed through his stomach even more recently.

Fortunately, in the trip to Africa, Alan and Alexia had done most of the Wesker-fighting. Which was good. But Wesker had still escaped. Which was bad.

Alan's appearance was a grim reminder that Wesker was still out there somewhere, plotting the Redfield family's grisly death, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

He quickly noticed Seth and Alan set the kid down.

Adjusting his shades a bit, he offered Chris a collective grin. " Hey."

Whatever words Chris may have said were cut off when an excited Seth launched himself into his father's lap, destroying every hope he may have had of getting up. " Daddy! Guess what, Uncle Alan just threw Steve into the water! It was really cool! Then he let me fly all the way over here just like a bird! "

Chris smiled in spite of himself. " Sound like fun! " He shifted an eye up to Alan and gave a dry laugh, " What did Steve do this time? "

Alan cracked his knuckles before replying, " Steve? He told one Wesker joke too many. I gave him a flying lesson free of charge and sent him to swim with the fishes. What have you been up to O' Fearless Leader? "

Chris nudged his son off him and finally stood up, thinking how weird it was to have the children of his worst enemies on his team fighting by his side. Not too long ago, he hadn't even known Wesker and Alexia had kids, much less, in Wesker's case, kids with his secret sister.

Even though he sometimes had a hard time picturing it, some Redfield blood flowed through Alan's veins.

" I was just getting ready to bring out my fishing gear." He looked to Seth and winked, " What do you think Seth? Want to drown some worms with me? "

For a moment Seth froze, the wheels turning in his child mind.

Chris waited for the answer he was sure to get.

Seth was torn. He kept looking from Chris to Alan, then back again. At last he said, " Only if Uncle Alan does."

Chris couldn't believe it. Must be because of all my time away…Alan's a better father than I am and he doesn't even have any kids! He had to admit he was a bit jealous of the close bond Seth had forged with his 'uncle', but he knew better than to show it. After all, Alan and Alexis did spend quite a bit of their free time just hanging out with his kids.

He looked to Alan expectantly and Wesker's son flinched uncomfortably, no doubt on the spot.

" Um…that's okay really." He laughed nervously, " Go ahead and fish with your dad. You guys need some father-son bonding time. I'll just…" he glanced around the beach, waiting for an answer to present itself. It came in the form of Alexis and crystal playing in the sand. A good outlet if he did say so himself. " help your sister and Alexis with the Castle of Sand."

Seth didn't like this idea. He shook his head in firm refusal and held Alan's pantleg pleadingly. " But Uncle Alan, I want to play with you. You're lotsa fun to be with."

" But you and your dad need some time together to…"

" That's alright," Chris cut in, hurt, " I'm not going to force him to do something he doesn't want to do."

Alan took a deep breath. He had to do it. He just had to. " Actually, I think I'll try this fishing thing that seems to be all the rage nowadays."

Chris blinked. Had he heard right? " You mean you're actually going to try it? "

Alan nodded very seriously. " Sure. The way I figure, Chris, I tie you to a really sturdy rope with a grappling hook and toss you in and I oughta have a Great White in no time." He lifted his shades up for a fraction of a second to wink at Seth.

Chris rolled his eyes and shook his head, but he very much appreciated the gesture. He started over for the gear.

" You'll have to freshen my memory though," Alan called after him, " I haven't been fishing since that camping trip when I was ten with the Birkins."

" Don't worry, there isn't much to it." Chris assured, " Mostly just the right bait in the right place at the right time."


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