Rules of Attraction

Chapter 1

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Catherine Wellington was sulking. She hadn't even been at sea for a day and yet she was incredible unhappy. The door to the elaborate state room opened and her father's manservant slowly entered.

He still didn't understand why they need to keep the young girl bound. Her hands were tied behind her back and her feet were bound. The soldiers said if her hands were free she could be very dangerous. He, however, still only saw a young woman.

"I am sure you will be happy to hear that your fiancé still wishes your hand."

"Oh truly?" she asked in mock happiness.

"Yes, he waits anxiously for your return."

"Then Lord Barringer is even stupider than I had once thought." she shifted on the bed.

He bristled at her comment. "You would do well to remember your place, my lady."

"And you would do well to remember that you are but a servant."

He wanted to slap her. He really wanted to slap her. She was far from the girl he remembered. When Catherine was young she had been so sweet and innocent. Now it seemed as if she hated them for even thinking of taking her back to England.

There was a scuffle on deck the came the sound of cannon fire. A smile spread across the girls face. It hardly seemed a moment before the entire shipped rocked and shuddered as the other ship tied itself to the British merchant. They heard the soldiers and sailor called to arms then the battle begin on the decks. The man nervously pulled his pistol as a shadow crossed the door and broke the lock.

The pirate looked into the room and a smirk spread across his face. He took a step toward the gentleman and the man gasped and held his gun out more. The weapon was quickly stripped from his hand and he was knocked unconscious.

The pirate looked at the girl with a devilish gleam in his eyes. He reached for her and pulled her to her feet. He flung her over his shoulder and strode from the room.

The pirate captain called his sailors back to their ship and they sailed quickly away.


Catharine sat awkwardly in the captain's office. She jumped when the door was pushed open and the man entered. Her hands were still bound or she would have attacked him.

"Cut me loose." she looked at him defiantly.

"Don't think that would be a good idea, love."

She stood and walked toward him. "Let me go."

He pulled his dagger as she approached and when she stood in front of him he spun her around and cut her hands free.

Catharine turned slowly. Her hand contacted hard with his cheek. "It took you bloody long enough."

"I don't think I deserved that." he rubbed his jaw as he turned back to her.

"I thought you may have been caught yourself." he anger melted and she leaned against his side.

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow." he grinned and gave her a look as if his name should explain everything.

"Oh, how could I ever forget." Catharine let him slip his arms around her. "Jack?"

He grunted.

"Did you miss me?"

His grin spread as he pulled her tight against her body as pressed a kiss to her mouth. "What'd you think, Luv?"


Jack watched Catherine sleeping. She was the most unlikely pirate he had ever met. Most, especially females, were the children of women of questionable repute, who spent their lives fighting just to live. Catherine was the opposite. She was aristocracy. Her mother had been a duchess. Her father owned one of the largest shipping firms in Britain.

When she was 15 Catherine had been kidnapped by pirates. They had planned to ransom her. However, in the amount of time it had taken her father to get word she had been taken, prepare the money, and set sail for the Caribbean the young girl had decided she wanted to be stay with the pirates. She became part of the crew and took quickly to the life.

She had been caught several times but was always placed on a ship to Southampton rather than a hangman's platform. And every time she escaped. Most often because the men on the ship underestimated the beautiful girl. Many had no idea the cruel pirate that lie behind the fair face.

Jack still remembered the day he'd met her. She was sitting in the back of a small pub in Tortuga. The half finished bottle of whisky seemed out of place sitting in front of the well-dressed woman. Her very existence in this port seemed out of place. But Jack was cocky and arrogant and had heard stories of her skill at the wheel and wanted her on the Pearl. She had listened patiently as the Captain had given his usually self-assured babble.

When he finished she looked him over and gave her proposal. And what a proposal it was. She wanted a Captain's share of swag, the right to leave the crew when ever she wished, and full possession of the captain's quarters. She was worth every bit she asked and the look on her face told his she knew it. He had negotiated her down to a first mates share and sharing his quarters but she gain partial ownership of his boat. It was worth it. Catherine could charm her way onto any vessel and everyday she spent in his presence Jack wanted her more. The only small problem in his conquest was that Catherine Wellington had yet to succumb to any man. Anamaria had been the bearer of the bad news on that subject. He had steadfastly refused to believe the probability until he had straight out asked. Catherine had slapped him and informed him it was a fact. He set out at that moment to woo her. She had made him work at it. It took neatly a year before she even let him hold her hand. In the end almost three years of courtship had been, in his opinion, well worth the time. His eyes went back to her face. Her eyes fluttered open and fixed on his.

"What are you doing?"

"Thinking." he answered quietly.

"About what?"

"What I always think about lyin' next to a beautiful lass."

"Rum?" she prompted.

He grinned and tickled her under the blankets. "I think we should head to Port Royal."

Catherine sat up next to him. "You lie in bed beside me and think of going to Port Royal, I'm assuming to see Will. So in truth you are thinking of Will. I think I should be insulted."

He rose from the bed and crossed the room. She watched him, a hungry smile playing across her lips. He noticed her expression and slowed his walk. Jack reached into a desk drawer. He climbed back into bed and handed her the letter. She read it quickly and looked back to him.

"Is he serious?"

"It would seem Mr. Turner has finally heard the call of the sea."

"But did Mrs. Turner as well?"

"I think he may have a bit of a surprise for her, savvy?"

"One hell of a surprise."

"Aye, that it is." Jack put an arm around Catherine's shoulders and pulled her to his side. He settled back and slowly began to fall asleep.


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