Rules of Attraction

Chapter 8

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Elizabeth looked about as the slowly walked thorough the marketplace. "What is this place?"

"It's a market." Catherine looked back over her shoulders. "It's where pirates try to unload the swag they don't need."

Elizabeth nodded and looked about the stalls they passed. It seemed to be filled with common things. Cloth, spices, various supplies and tools. More than a few were filled with more feminine objects, parasols, fans, corsets and gowns. "Who buys these things?"

"There are people that live in Tortuga who are not pirates. They buy or trade for the things the pirates want to unload. The pirates in return go the citizens for goods and services that they can't pillage and also refrain from performing that act upon the people."

"A bit of a truce?"

"More or less." Catherine stopped at a stall full of dresses.

"So what are we doing here?"

"Elizabeth, were you able to pack before your dear husband spirited you away on this little holiday?"

"Well, no."

"Exactly." She tossed her a purse of coins.

"Catherine I can't take your money." she tried to hand it back.

"I wouldn't offer mine. It's William's"

A sly smile spread across Elizabeth's face.


"I can't believe she stole my purse." Will moped along behind Jack.

"Stop whining. It's your fault for not watching your money better. Chances are Elizabeth has it by now."

"That's what worries me." Tortuga by day was very different from what Will remembered. There were fewer drunkards on the street and there were merchants and vendors everywhere. "Where are we going?" Jack had lead them off the main street into an even dirtier area of the town.

"For information." Jack slipped even further into the façade of the fierce captain as they entered the seedy part of the town. This was not a place to be careless.

They slipped into a small pub. The early afternoon sunlight failed to crack the pervasive darkness of this place. They made their way to the back of the room. Jack put a hand on Will shoulder outside a door.

"Keep an eye," he whispered. "Be sure to keep me privacy, savy?" he turned and entered the small door way.


Elizabeth looked at the small building with amazement. The inn Catherine had chosen was small and clean. The two-story building was painted white and trimmed in blue. An old woman waited on the wide porch. She waved when she caught sight of Catherine.

"I thought I spied the Pearl in port." she called.

"Maggie Archer this is Elizabeth Turner." she gestured to Elizabeth, "Elizabeth, that's Maggie."

"Ah the infamous Mrs. Turner. Jack has spoke often of your husband dear. Why'r ya just standin' there. Come in an' have a bit of tea." the old woman turned and led the way back into the house. "Will the Captain be joinin us later?"

"If he values his life he will." Catherine took a seat in the small parlor.

A knowing smile spread across Maggie's face. "And what has Jackson done this time?"

"He… he's been him self again."

"Ahh… the worst thing he could ever do."

"I don't understand." Elizabeth looked between the women as she was handed a teacup.

"Dear Catherine tends to get a bit testy with Captain Sparrow when he does things while restating that he is a captain."


"Wait until you hear the game her husband played."

Maggie inclined her head. "A good tale?"

"One of a man with a death wish."

"Do tell."

"He wrote to Jack and asked him to kidnap his dear wife so that she would join him aboard the ship."

"Well, I must say that is one of the most insane things I have heard a man doin'. He must love ya a great deal to go to such lengths, lass."

"He does. Fool that he is."

The women spent the remainder of the afternoon commiserating on the stupid lengths men aspire to gain the favor of a woman. Maggie's husband had been a pirate captain. She had sailed at his side for many years. When the day came that she tired of a life at sea he had bought her the house they were sitting in. She had been able to watch the harbor from her vantage point and see his ship sail in. After his death she had opened her house as an inn.

"How did you two meet?" Elizabeth looked between Catherine and Maggie.

Catherine's face spread into a large smile. "William was the captain that kidnapped me. Maggie took care of me while I was on their ship."

"Poor little thing was petrified. And the looks the crew were givin her. If Belle and I hadn't been there she wouldn't have lasted a night."

"First lesson you taught me. Always sleep with a dagger under your pillow. It's the one thing that'll reason with a man that intends to have his way. Second lesson was knowing how to use the dagger."

"Do you still sleep with a dagger under your pillow?"

She turned toward Elizabeth. "Only when Jack misbehaves."


Jack poured over the wears in the goldsmith shop. The smith and Will stood back watching in amusement.

"He must have made Catherine right angry this time." the smith looked at Will.

"Oh, he did."

"This one." he held up a gold and silver hair comb.

Will joined him and looked at the intricate piece. "It's beautiful. Any specific reason for that one?"

"It matches the necklace I got her last time." He paid for the item and the pair were soon on their way. They followed the road through the port town and then up into the hills. The trail wound up and soon they came up on the top of the hill over looking the harbor.


Will followed Jack cautiously as he entered the small house. Jack seemed to know the place but Will felt a bit wary all the same. They entered a kitchen in the back of the house. The old woman standing at the sink didn't even turn.

"She's in the garden."

Jack nodded and headed toward the back door.

"Jackson?" she continued when Jack turned and faced her. "Be careful boy. She's not in a mood to be treated like a child." he nodded and disappeared out the door.

Once he was gone the woman turned her gaze to Will. "Well Mr. Turner I was wondering when I'd get to meet you."


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