This little poem or text call it whatever you want is inspired by Jack
Mannion and Ella Farmer of the TV show "The District" I thought of this
after seeing the episode called "Ella Mae" I know they were just friends
but I couldn't help seeing more than friendship between them.
I miss you

Why did you leave me?
Why did you left me behind?
What am I supposed to do now, that you're gone?
I know I've got to move on.
But, how can I do that without you?
You were my strength, the reason, I was so strong
That I could handle anything. How can I have this strength,
Now, that you're not there anymore?
How can I live without those eyes?
Without your arms wrapped around me,
Without your touch?
I miss your smile, your laugh.
I miss the love I felt when you smiled at me,
When you looked at me.
I miss you kissed on my skin when you
Showed me how much you loved me.
I love you so much more than my own life
Even now, I know you're on God side
I'll love forever and always.