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A stranger within part 2 : Living on the outside. ***********************************************

Chapter one - Reunions

Raven was reading as usual. Totally lost in her book, in deep concentration, her forehead crumpled in thought. She sat on the couch, legs folded beneath her.

Beastboy walked into the room, and saw her. He smiled at her, and not wanting to break her concentration, continued to walk on into the kitchen.

"Were you going to go in without saying Good Morning?" said Raven without turning her head. Beast boy looked at her and again smiled. He walked over to her slowly. Resting his arms on the back of the couch he leant over her shoulder.

"I didn't want to bother you." he said a little breathily. She snapped the book shut. Beastboy jumped a little, and winced. He rubbed his sore ribcage. Raven looked at him with pain in her eyes.

"How're your ribs doing?" she said tenderly, touching his face. He smiled breifly.

"Alright. They're getting better. I'm gonna go get something to eat. You want?" he said, averting the topic and walking into the kitchen. Raven looked after him sorrowfully.

"Sure.." she said slowly, getting up, and trailing after him into the kitchen sadly. He had been really odd recently. There was something bothering him she could tell. Something...deep...

But he wouldn't tell her. And she wouldn't pressure him. 'Relationships are a two way thing.' she told herself firmly. 'Its selfish of me to try and take away his privacy. He'll tell me when he is ready.'

She swallowed and began making herself some tea. Her movements were calm but unsure. She didn't dare look at Beastboy's face.

"Where are the others this morning?" she asked casually. Beastboy had his back turned, sorting out some tofu for breakfast. He carried on, blatantly avoiding looking at her. He answered equally as casually.

"Ehm, I think Robin is in the training room, and Star is probably with him. Cyborg isn't up yet. I passed by his room earlier."

"Oh, I see." said Raven, risking a glance at Beastboy. His moves were slow and shaky, although he had lost all of his willpower.

She shrugged it off thinking he might be tired. But she knew it wasn't that. She finished up making her tea, and sat down at the table, tucking her legs up to her chin. She closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath she opened them again.

"Are you okay, this morning BB?" she said courageously. She looked down at her feet as she said it. She knew the answer so well by now, she mouthed it along with him.

"Yeah, why shouldn't I be?" he said, again without looking up. She rolled her eyes. 'Yep' she thought sorrowfully, 'somethings still bothering him.'

"Oh, you just seemed quiet thats all." she stated, simply. But to no avail. He simply began to reel off the old excuse.

"Am I? I guess I'm just a bit..." he began as always, but Raven interrupted him.

"...Tired." she finished for him, getting up to taking her tea up to her room.

"See you later." she said as she left the room.

Little did she know, that Beastboy was not avoiding looking at her because he didn't want to. It was simply because, behind his turned back, his face had tears streaming down it.


Raven shut her door in her room. A few solitary tears rolled down her forlorn face. She was tired and pained inside. Why wasn't he talking to her? Did he not love her anymore?

'Don't be stupid Raven,' she scolded. 'It's something much deeper.'

She sank to her knees, and sipped the tea. It soothed her mind, and she relaxed a little. She felt so helpless at the moment. Ever since she had confirmed her love for him, Beastboy had undergone a complete transformation.

He seemed to be more shy, more quiet, more sad. It wasn't that she didn't love him anymore. No, not at all. She'd love him no matter what. Instead she felt so sad inside, and achy from her efforts.

It was all she could do to hold herself back from telepathically checking his mind. But there was a certain responsibility with her powers, and she didn't intend to abolish that. It wasn't right to have to check. He had his privacy, the same as everyone else.

How would she feel if someone entered her mind, when she had a problem? She would probably strike them dead. She recalled the anger inside when Cyborg and Beastboy had gone into her mind.

So she held herself back from prying, but the pain was killing her inside. Mentally, she couldn't concentrate anymore. She just kept on mulling things over in her head during meditation. It was annoying her more than anything.

Raven stood up and went to put her tea on her bedside table. She glanced out the window quickly. It was autumn already. The city was in a hazy sunlight. It was quite soothing really.

Then, suddenly she spotted something coming towards the titans tower. At first she thought it was a bird of some kind.

She squinted. It was barely visible in the sunlight. It object. Or...a person. Maybe even a few people. It was heading this way whatever it was.

'The HIVE?!' was the first thing she thought. She was rooted to the spot, staring. She wanted to move but couldn't.

Raven squirmed uncomfortably, thoughts racing through her head. Should she go and fetch the others?

No. If it was the HIVE then they would break in before she'd even reached Beastboy. She opened her window and flew outside slowly. Landing on the floor, she waited.

The "thing" was getting ever closer. She watched it as it came into plain sight. It was definitely a person. But just one.

'So it's not the HIVE. Who is it?' she thought, frustrated by the suspense.

The person was recognisable to Raven, vaguely. Looking up into the air, she couldn't make out any features. She'd just have to wait for the person to land, then confront them. She clenched her fists - it could still be someone evil.

Waiting in anticipation, her mouth went dry and her head was throbbing. The person landed on the edge of the island gracefully. As gracefully as Raven herself would.....

Ravens eyes widened. It couldn't be....could it? She ran over to where the person had landed.

" can't be..." she stated, as she saw the person for the first time fully.

Raven stopped, frozen in her tracks. She stared.

The person who had landed was a girl. She was wearing a long cloak like Raven's. It was as black as the night. As the girl pulled her hood down, a gust of wind blew her cloak back, revealing her body and face fully. She had a slightly tanned face, and dark hair that was nearly as black as her cloak. It fell about her shoulders, tousled in the gust of wind. Her eyes were dark too, but with closer inspection they were softened with green.

She had the same gem in her forehead, but it was purple. Her hands now rested on her hips. She was wearing a similar leotard (a/n if thats the word...?!) as Raven, but it came further down, so it looked like she was wearing shorts. It was a dark purple.

Finally, hanging around her slight waist was a belt, that was joined with diamond shapes instead of circles. She wore some indescript shoes, which seemed to be merely practical rather than "fashionable". And, she looked about eighteen years of age.

She looked up at Raven. And she smiled. Extending her arms, she walked towards her.

"RAVEN!" she said loudly. Raven's legs came unstuck and she ran towards the girl. Totally forgetting herself she embraced her in a hug. Regaining herself quickly she pulled back and looked at the girl standing opposite her.

"Nerithon!Wha..How...?" she said all at once, completely flustered and shocked. Her head was spinning and throbbing with excitement. The girl, apparently called Nerithon, looked at Raven, with glinting eyes.

"C'mon, sit down a bit! You look like you are going to faint in shock." she said chuckling. The water behind her exploded upwards. The girl rubbed the back of her head.

"Oops!" she said, sitting down next to Raven on the soft grass. "I've still not got the hang of these emotions." she added rolling her eyes. Raven blinked and spoke, dazed.

"N...nerithon..I..." she began, looking blank and shocked. The girl's back stiffened as she looked at Raven with a twinge of pain and sadness.

"Please Raven, do not utter my Azarathian name. Nerithon is dead. I am Swift. It is the earthly translation, I believe."

Raven was sitting on the floor, mouth open with shock. Swift's face softened and she winked, and pushed Ravens mouth shut.

"Careful, you'll let in a draft." she giggled, causing another erruption of water. She merely shook her head this time. She turned to Raven and spoke to her in excitement.

"Is that where you are living Rae? Its really big isn't it? I haven't seen a proper home in such a long time. Wow." Swift finished awestruck. Raven merely nodded. She cleared her throat.

"What brings you to earth.....Swift?" she said, eventually looking into the girls face. Swift looked down at her hands.

"I was...sent into exile. It was.." she closed her eyes, and a tear leaked out.

Raven gasped. She frowned beneath her hood. She felt the anger bubbling inside of her.

"Trigon." she finished angrily. "The bastard." Swift opened her eyes, and sniffed.

"I'm so sorry to ask this of you Raven." said Swift looking back up again. "But could I maybe stay with you for a little while? I...don't have anywhere else to go..."

Raven grabbed Swifts cold hand. It was trembling. She squeezed it gently. "Swift, you can stay here for as long as you like. I'm sure the others won't mind."

Swift looked down. "Others? I don't want to be bothering you.."

"No no! Don't worry, they will be fine. They are...friends." Raven finished awkwardly. She was thinking of Beastboy. Swift sensed the feeling immediatly. She smiled, lightening the atmosphere tremendously.

"I..might have shocked you by using your earthly name, when I greeted you, Metrion." she said to Raven. "But I thought that it was the done thing here."

Raven nodded. "It is. They never call me Metrion. It's always Raven. I wanted to leave Metrion back on Azarath. Just as you want to leave Nerithon there." Swift nodded shyly.

"Come on. Lets go inside. It's cold out here." said Raven in her normal monotone voice.

Swift stood up and pulled her hood up. The green eyes were visible beneath the black cloak. She looked like a double of Raven. Raven, herself smiled at her cousin. (a/n: Yup thats the relation to Raven. I didn't say before, it was a SURPRISE! heh ^_^;)

They walked towards Titans tower. As they walked, Raven decided to mentally send a message to each titan to come downstairs. She had no idea if it would work, but she had to try.

Swift was pale and shaking under her hood. She was frightened that these "friends" would be horrible to her. She missed her mother so. Sighing, she trailed after her cousin into the tower.


When they reached the house, they could see the titans gathered in the TV room talking, worried looks on their faces. 'It worked then,' thought Raven, grinning under her hood. Truly her powers were improving. Studying hard had certainly paid off.

"Wait here Swift, okay?" she said softly. Swift nodded, looking around the house in awe. Raven strode into the TV room. Beastboy ran over to her.

"Are you okay Rae?" he said looking frightened. She pulled her hood down. She hugged him briefly.

"I'm fine. Go stand with the others, okay?" she said into his ear. He nodded and went to the other titans, who had fallen silent. They all looked apprehensive. Raven smiled.

"My friends," she began, unnaturally. It was merely to try and cheer up Swift. "I want you to meet someone."

Swift wandered into the room, with her hood still up. Cyborg gasped whilst the others fell silent at the sight of the Raven look-a-like.

"Another emotion?!" said Cyborg confused. Raven actually smiled at this. She reached over and put her arm around the other girls shoulders. Swift pulled her hood down. All the boys fell silent.

Swift looked so beautiful in the sunny room. With the hoods down, there was no similarity between the two, except the gems. Raven looked almost ghostly next to the lightly tanned girl standing next to her.

"This is my cousin." said Raven, lowering her arm, and pushing Swift forwards.

Swift half fell, half walked over to the other titans. She looked back to Raven who had folded her arms. She smiled and nodded at her reassuringly. Swift nodded back.

She turned to the titans, who were staring at her. She looked nervously back through her sideways fringe, which fell over her left eye.

"I..I'm..Swift.." she said. "Pleased to meet you all." She smiled and giggled nervously. The lamp next to her exploded. She looked at it in mild horror.

"Ehm...oops." she said, rubbing the back of her head.

"Well, she most definately is related to you Raven!" Starfire giggled. The boys were still staring at her, open mouthed. Starfire nudged Robin, who snapped back to reality. He smiled straight back at the girl.

"Hi! I'm Robin!" he said, trying to nudge the other two awake. Starfire looked at Swift smiling from ear to ear.

"And I am Starfire! Pleased to meet you also!" she said happily. Beastboy regained himself quickly.

"Hey! Beastboy's the name." he said in his old jokey voice. Raven raised her eyebrows and shook her head. Cyborg was the last to speak, and he seemed kind of reluctant.

"Hi there. Name's Cyborg." he said smiling at her. But he couldn't help wondering. " any...powers?" he asked uncertainly. Swift closed her eyes, a sly smile upon her lips.

When she opened them they glowed bright purple. Lifting her hands up, all of the titans, save Raven were lifted up in a big purple bubble. She giggled, and brought her hands down sharply.

The titans, except Starfire (who floated in mid air), landed on the floor with a thump. They sat up, rubbing their heads, and feeling dizzy.

Starfire was in hysterics and Swift was grinning at her, blushing slightly. Raven smiled at her friends.

'Swift's going to fit in around here just fine.' she thought.


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