Title: Destiny
Author: Lisa
Rating: G
Author's Notes:
This is just a short, two chaptered fan fic I thought of on Thanksgiving. It's short, I think it has a good storyline, but I'll let you be the judge of it. I know I said I was going to write a story that takes in the Super S series, but I've decided to give up on that idea. This takes place in the R series, which is one of my favorite series to write about. It's about, who else, Usagi and Mamoru, and how Usagi has doubts that Mamoru only loves her because she's the moon princess. Enjoy!
Disclaimers: Sailor Moon and the others don't belong to me but this story does.
Destiny. Who knew that one little word could mean so much, but it does have a strong impact on everyday life. Especially if you thought that the only reason your boyfriend loved you is because of that word. Because of destiny. You might think it silly, but Usagi didn't...
"Usagi-chan, hurry up! You're going to be late!" Usagi's cat, Luna, yelled at her charge. Usagi was going to be late for school. But it wasn't new news. She was always late for school, not to mention that she got a detention almost everyday, and had bad grades.
"Coming, Luna." Usagi got up, unwillingly, due to her guardian's constant nagging. She yawned, sleepily, and closed her eyes again, in hopes of going into her dream world again. Usagi loved to dream, in fact, she was better at it than anything else. Well, not counting her eating and sleeping habits. Even though Usagi had some bad habits, she was special. I mean, not everyone was Sailor Moon, and the moon princess, right?
"Usagi! Breakfast is getting cold!" Usagi's mother, Ilene, called to her daughter, hoping to wake her up. Apparently, it worked as Usagi's bright blue eyes lost all the sleepiness from it, and sparkled.
"I'll be right down, Mom!" Usagi called back. And she sure meant it. Usagi got out of bed, dressed, and washed in about five minutes. Boy, was she hungry!
"I'm up, Mom! Where's my breakfast?" Usagi anxiously waited.
"Here it is, honey. Don't' be late, now, Usagi." Ilene kissed Usagi on her cheek, and left the kitchen.
Usagi gobbled down her breakfast in record time. "Bye, Mom!" Usagi yelled to her mom as she left.
Usagi rushed down the streets of Tokyo, mumbling and grumbling about how she was going to be late.
Usagi rushed into her classroom, breathless.
"Well, Usagi has decided to grace us with her presence by coming today." Ms. Haruna, Usagi's English teacher, tapped her feet impatiently.
Usagi looked VERY embarrassed as she struggled to think of an excuse. "Uh, you see, I...uh..."
"Usagi, you have just gotten yourself a detention for tomorrow afternoon! Do you have your homework?" Even though she knew the answer.
"Uh...no?" Usagi said timidly, her eyes downcast. "Mom's going to kill me if she found out that I NEVER do homework." Usagi grimaced at that though. She could just hear her mother now...
"Usagi, so, you never do your homework? How dare you! I want to know, where have your father and I gone wrong?" Usagi winced.
"Usagi! Stop your daydreaming! I would suggest you to study for the test in twenty minutes while the rest of the class grades their homework."
"Um, sure...I guess." Usagi laughed nervously. "I never was a big fan of studying, but..."
Usagi felt tired all of a sudden as she put her book over her head, and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of, who else? Mamoru.
The dream wasn't exactly the best dream though, and made Usagi think about an important word: destiny.
*The Dream*
"Mamo-chan, I'm so happy to be here, with you. There is nothing like a moonlight stroll. Mmmm..." Usagi savored the feeling of peace and happiness that being with her Mamo-chan, or so she called him, brought. It was indeed a beautiful night with the stars like diamonds, and the beautiful crescent moon lighting up the black sky, and complimenting the glittering stars.
"Usako...look at the moon. Isn't is cute? It sort of looks like Luna's crescent moon, except it's upside-down." Mamoru smiled down at the small girl in his arms. She looked so besutiful as the moonlight illuminated her silky hair, turning it into golden silk. Mamoru drank in the sight before him.
"Oh, you're right, Mamo-chan. It does look like Luna's moon insignia on her forehead." Usagi curiously examined the moon again, not noticing the hungry look in Mamoru's eyes.
"Mamo-chan, I have a question, but you might think it silly." Usagi hesitated a little, for the question did sound a little weird.
"Go on." Mamoru urged her, anxious at what she had to say."
"I...want to know...how did we fall in love after the Ann and Allen thing, and when you got your memories back about the Moon Kingdom, and our love?"
"Uh..." The question caught Mamoru off guard. He wasn't expecting a question like that. "I...let me put it this way...when I got my memories back, I remembered our destiny, and I knew that we had to fulfill it, so..." Mamoru didn't know how to tell her.
"Destiny? You mean you only love me because of destiny?" Tears formed in Usagi's eyes. "Destiny. He loves me because of our destiny." She thought as her dream ended.
*End Dream*
"Usagi! Wake up this moment!" Ms. Haruna all but shouted to wake up the snoring Usagi.
"No, just five more minutes, Luna...please...I need shuteye..." Usagi mumbled softly as she drifted off to sleep again.
"Usagi, if you don't wake up this second, I will personally see to it myself to drag you out of my classroom! You are disrupting my class, and I won't stand for it!"
Usagi, once again, mumbled something unintelligent. But for a change, her eyes opened slowly, revealing sleepy blue eyes. But the second Usagi saw where she was, she gasped and jumped straight out of her chair. She blushed bright red as she realized how weird she was acting.
Usagi then remembered her dream, and sighed sadly, apparently deep in thought.
Seeing this, Ms. Haruna's tone softened, her eyes full of concern. "Usagi, Daijabu?"
"Hai, Arigato." Usagi gave a small smile to reassure her.
"Are you sure you don't want to see the nurse, or go home?"
"Iie, I'm fine."
"Alright, if you say so. Now, class, we will continue with class..."
Usagi didn't pay much attention to the teacher the rest of the day, not that she really paid any attention to her at other times, but that's not the point. She was busy thinking about the dream...

After school, Usagi walked home quietly, her mind occupied on matters she never really thought of, or maybe she just didn't want to think about.
"Usagi! Glad I found you here!" Luna was breathless by the time she reached Usagi.
"Hi, Luna. Long time no see." Was the sarcastic reply.
Luna made a face. "Usagi, that wasn't funny."
"Okay, okay. What did you wnat to talk about that was so urgent?"
"Well, I...Usagi, are you even paying attention?" Hearing no reply, Luna shouted at the girl. "Usagi! Did you hear me?" Luna asked, apparently annoyed.
"Gomen nasai, Luna, I wasn't paying attention...I was busy thinking about something else.
Luna was interested as her ears perked up. "Go on, tell me about it."
"Okay. It starts out perfect. Me and Mamo-chan were taking a moonlit stroll, and well a question just popped into my mind. I guess I was thinking about it a lot, and I just didn't want to ask him. But in my dream, I asked him, and his answer wasn't what I expected it to be." Tears formed in Usagi's eyes as she recalled her dream.
Luna looked VERY anxious to know what Usagi asked Mamoru. "Usagi, if you don't mind, what exactly did you ask him?"
Usagi looked down at her guardian. "I asked him how we fell in love after he got his memories back after we healed Ann and Allen."
"Oh, and what was his answer?" Though Luna had an idea as to what his answer was.
"He said it was our destiny that brought us together. Destiny. Luna, that's not how I wanted it to be. I wanted us to love each other because we fell in love in this lifetime, not because we had shared love in the past, I'm afraid he feels like it's his duty and destiny to protect and love me. What happens if it is, Luna? I'm so afraid..."
Luna was speechless. "Usagi...I don't know what to say."
"Luna, is there a way to find out?" Usagi asked.
"How?" Luna wondered what exactly the girl had in mind.
"Well...I could use the Silver Crystal and go into his mind and thoughts. I could find out what he thinks of our relationship, and all the little secrets he hides from me..." By this time, Usagi almost had a evil look on her face.
"Usagi! You wouldn't do that to Mamoru-san, would you? Uh, Usagi?" Luna was afraid by now.
"Luna...I have to do this. I'll die of anxiousness if you don't let me go into his hidden thoughts and emotions." Usagi pouted, knowing Luna would give in.
And sure enough, Luna gave in. "Alright, but how do you propose to do this? What's your plan?"
"Um...you see..." Usagi scratched her head. "Ha, I haven't really come up with a plan yet, but not to worry, I'm bound to have one." A BIG sweat-drop was seen on Luna's head. It was almost as big as Luna's head, even.
Usagi, on the other hand, was still blabbing on about her good idea.
"Oh, I just can't wait!" Usagi squealed happily.
"Wait for what, Usako?" A new voice came into picture. It woke Usagi up as she realized she was on the streets, shouting like a idiot. She blushed, very embarrassed.
"Uh, hehe, Mamo-chan, now nice to, uh, see you today." Usagi looked down, hoping to hid her blushing face from Mamoru.
Mamoru chuckled. "Usako, don't be embarrassed. You weren't that loud."
Usagi looked up, meeting his gaze, which was full of love. "Oh, he just has the most gorgeous eyes." Usagi mentally commented. She found herself lost in his endless pools of blue, calm, like the ocean.
"Mamo-chan..." But before she could say anymore, she found his lips on hers, in a sweet kiss full of love, passion. She kissed back, responding to his hungry lips. The fiery temptation built up by the second. Their undying love and affection for each other sealed in that one kiss...
They broke apart, noticing the crowd that had gathered. Numerous whistles and cheers could be heard.
Usagi blushed, dark red. Mamoru, noticing this, smiled as they broke the tight embrace they were in. He led her away from the BIG crowd.
"Mamo-chan..."Usagi had her head on his shoulder. They sat on a bench, close to the lake, giving them a good view of it. The setting sun reflected the still waters, turning it into a bright-orangish color. Beautiful, dazzling, those were a couple of words to describe the sight of the lake and the sun. At least, that's what Usagi thought.
"Usako...isn't this beautiful?" Mamoru asked, breathing into her hair, as he played with a strand of it. So smooth and soft, Usagi's hair could be described as golden silk.
"Mmmm...yes it is. I'm glad to share it with you, Mamo-chan." Usagi sighed dreamily. She loved these little romantic moments with her one and only: her Mamo-chan.
"Me too, Usako. How was school today?"
Usagi winced at the question. "Uh, let's see...I got another detention for tomorrow afternoon, and failed another test. That's all."
Mamoru stiffed. "Oh, so you're not available tomorrow?" He put on his best whining face, and pouted.
Usagi stifled a giggle. "Oh, Mamo-chan, you're so cute like that." She motioned her hands, and pointed at her face.
"Usako, oh I have to go. See you soon, okay? Ja ne." Mamoru took another glance at her, and left.
"Mamo-chan...oh, he's so romantic and dreamy. But I still have to do what I have to do...I hope he will understand." Usagi made her way home.
"Usagi-chan, you and Mamoru-san are just the most romantic couple alive." Usagi turned around, seeing her four friends smiling and winking at her. Oh, great, so Usagi and Mamoru hadn't been alone after all. How is it that even best friends can sometimes be annoying, especially if they were private moments... Yes hard to say, but she didn't want to be spied on.
Usagi put on her best smile. "Hi, Minna, what brings you here?"
Four girls looked at their friend, then at each other. Three girls smiled innocently, as one started to cough and blush. "Ami!" Three girls strangled their friend.
Ami made a face. "Well, it's not my fault if we were hiding behind a tree, not to mention depriving our friends of their private moments, is it?"
Once again, Ami did it again... "Ami!"
Makoto was the first to speak. "Uh, you see, Usagi-chan, there is a perfect logical explanation for this..."
Usagi put her hands on her hips, and waited impatiently for her to continue. "And..."
"And, I..er...you see...we uh...were sort of...you know...spying?"
"Ah-ha! So you do admit it! I knew it!"
"Please Usagi-chan, have mercy on us. You know we could never avoid love in the air when we see it." Minako put her hand on Usagi's shoulder.
"Oh...well..." A smirk was on Usagi's face. "Then if you get a boyfriend, you won't have time to spy on me and Mamo-chan, right?" Usagi teased, giggling at their faces, which were bright red.
"You guys are so gullible. I was just teasing."
"Oh." Came the reply.
Usagi smiled, then sighed. It was strange as to how Usagi could change her mood so fast. But of course everyone notices it just as quickly. The girls put on their serious faces, and listened intently to Usagi's story, and how it connected to her dream.
Four girls gasped as they heard their princess's idea to find out Mamoru's hidden emotions. Everyone knew he had lots of secrets, but were reluctant to agree.
All four of them, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako, all cared for their prince and princess deeply. Who knew what could happen, or go wrong. The results could be tragic, and someone might be hurt.
Well, that's why it took Usagi about a hour to persuade them to agree. But finally, they did agree, though doubts and worries were fresh in their minds...

It was midnight. Everyone was asleep in peaceful slumber. Everyone except a certain blonde haired girl named Usagi. She had set her clock so she could wake up on midnight. Why? So she could go to her boyfriend's apartment so she could use the crystal, and read his thoughts. Weird, isn't it? Boy, what people would do for love. Usagi of all people wasn't the hurt someone type. She was more of a kind, loving type.
Usagi slowly crept out the window, sneaking her exit from her feline, Luna. But, it seemed that Luna had quite a day, for she was still sleeping like a little kitten. So cute, seemingly in a wonderful dream. Her kitty features in a small smile. Luna tossed and turned in her sleep, murmuring something... "Artemis..." Luna sighed.
Usagi stifled a small gasp, then, slowly, a smile crept up on her. Usagi had always known that Luna and Artemis loved each other. They were just too stubborn to admit it.
Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon and headed for Mamoru's apartment.
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