Title: Destiny
Author: Lisa
Chapter: 3
Author's Notes:
Hi! Here's chapter 3! I would like to thank everyone who has e-mailed me about my stories. It really meant a lot to me.
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Meanwhile, another splash was heard as Mamoru made an attempt to save his love. This, he realized, was the only chance he had. Oh man, the water was SO cold. Mamoru desperately searched around for his beloved, but she was nowhere to be found. Taking a deep breathe, he went underwater, and stopped a humanly figure sinking down, deeper, and deeper...
"Usako!" Mamoru thought. It was her, even in the dark waters, her "ogandos" were still noticeable. He swam to her, and pulled them both up, praying it wasn't too late.

Usagi didn't notice the world around her. She couldn't breathe, and was struggling. "This is it." She thought. Unconsciousness pulling at her, dragging her slowly to darkness. Usagi had to, I mean, she HAD to. Usagi accepted the darkness as it engulfed her entire body. Everything went dark...

Mamoru struggled as he reached shore, still clinging tightly onto Usagi. He felt so cold, but didn't care, for he had to save Usagi. Mamoru bent down, intent on hearing her heartbeat, and have a pulse. They were weak, but there. Usagi had exposed to too much salt water, and the freezing cold temperature of it.
Mamoru looked down at Usagi. How helpless and frightened she looked. Vulnerable, with nothing and no one to help her. Mamoru gently hugged her, and carried her off, pressing her wet, soaked body next to his in a attempt to give the both of them warmth.
Unfortunately, the winds weren't cooperating. They blew fiercely at them, their freezing breathe blown straight at Usagi and Mamoru. It was even more colder than before, as Mamoru struggled.

It took a while, but Mamoru and Usagi had made it. They were both safe, as Mamoru fumbled with the keys to his apartment. Finally, after a few moments, they door to the apartment opened, the sweet smell of roses, and warmth bathed Mamoru, and the unconscious Usagi. Pure warmth.

Mamoru changed into dry clothes, and found a towel, and some clothes for Usagi. Of course, she was still not awake, but in a deep slumber. Mamoru knew better that to wake her. And of course, Mamoru would let Usagi put the clothes on herself...

He watched as Usagi slept, her rosy cheeks and pink lips made Mamoru hungry for some kisses. He resisted, but it was no use. He just had to... "Never resist your urges. It won't work." He thought as he leaned closer, and caught a faint smell of perfume, mixed with salty water. "How cute." Mamoru mentally commented as he saw that one of her odangos were loose, therefore letting a rush of golden-blonde hair fall over her shoulders, and all over the couch, where she lay. Seemingly having a good dream.
Mamoru gently kissed Usagi, careful not to wake her up, but in at the same time, fulfill his urges. He hugged her tightly, and fell asleep. That night, both of them had the most wonderful dream...
*The Next Morning*
Usagi's eyes fluttered open. The room was bathed in sunlight as she gently examined her surroundings. "Where am I?" Of course, the second she saw Mamoru sleeping beside her, she knew the answer. Mamoru's apartment. Usagi tensed. So she hadn't died the night before. "Who would want to? Mamo-chan looks so cute, sleeping like a little child." She gently stroked his hair.
Usagi got up, breaking the tight embrace. Mamoru, apparently, wasn't happy as he turned around.
Usagi giggled. "Oh Mamo-chan." She leaned down, and brushed her lips gently against his. That woke him up alright.
Mamoru sat up, dazed. "Usako..." He whispered. "You're awake... I was afraid you wouldn't wake up..." Mamoru gently took her hand in his, and kissed it. "You really scared me to death last night, Usako. Don't ever do it again, okay?"
Usagi smiled. So he did care about her. "Alright, I promise."
They smiled at each other, content.

Mamoru still felt guilty, somehow. The nagging voice just wouldn't go away. "Tell her, Mamoru." It said. "Tell her what you really feel. Go on."

"Mamo-chan?" Usagi looked concerned. Mamoru seemed so empty, scared, like hiding something from her. Something that was hard for him to express. Mamoru was always good as hiding secrets, and tell no one. Until now. Usagi had made a silent vow to find out.

"Usako, I feel guilty for what happened last night...if I didn't hurt you so last night, then it wouldn't have happened." Mamoru sighed, not continuing. He looked down, and felt tears sting his eyes. This was so hard, like nothing he ever done before. Opening up to someone was hard to him, but now he already opened up to Usagi. But, opening completely, that was impossible. Ever since he was a little child, he never completely poured out his heart and soul to anyone before, and he wasn't about to do it now. Now or never.

"Mamo-chan, I know you want to tell me something, but you're just scared to do so. Please, don't be afraid. I can help. I know I can."
Usagi felt Mamoru's pain. It was strong, and she knew she could help if he would let her. She put her hand on his, and smiled. "Mamo-chan...Oh ,my gosh! Mom's going to kill me! Ja ne, Mamo-chan!" Usagi rushed out the door. Her mom would be very worried about her since didn't come home last night, or make a telephone, or anything. The young girl sped out of Mamoru's apartment, and made a run for it. All the while, complaining about not having breakfast, and how she was starving.

Mmoru couldn't help but smile. "That's my Usako." He thought, closing the door which Usagi forgot to do when she left. But she was in a hurry, why would she be worried if a door was left open?

"Mom! I'm back!" Usagi shouted as her mom came running out of the living room the hug her.
"Oh, I was so worried, Usagi. Where were you, young lady, and how come you didn't call me?" Ilene looked at Usagi, wondering what excuse she was going to use. "Probably the I was at a sick friends house." She thought.
Well, what do you know? That was exactly what Usagi said...

"Mom, before you start a lecture, I need to go and think about things, okay?" Usagi knew her problem with Mamoru hasn't been resolved yet. It was just starting...

Ilene looked worried. "Oh, okay, honey. Are you not feeling well?"

"Not really. I just need some time alone." Usagi left, leaving her mom with a blank look, wondering what was wrong with her daughter.
Usagi went to her bedroom. She plopped down on the bed, where Luna was waiting anxiously for the news. "Usagi, so how did it go?" Luna, seeing Usagi's expression, purred to soothe her.
"Not so good, Luna. Everything turned out wrong." Usagi looked miserable at that point. How guilty she felt when she saw Mamoru's eyes that night. His cold eyes. They were forever branded in her memories.
"Oh, Luna! It's all my fault!" Usagi couldn't hold it anymore as she sobbed, the chilling remembrances of last night crept up to her like thick blankets of darkness. "Do I tell Luna, or not?" Usagi asked herself. She finally decided to tell her. After all, even if she didn't, Luna would find out sooner or later. She always does.

Luna heard the whole story from Usagi's perspective. How sad and gloomy. Like a worst nightmare. Luna was amazed when she had heard the part where Usagi jumped form the bridge, and Mamoru went after her, and saved her. "That's true love." Luna mentally commented.

"And so, that's it." Usagi finished, taking a deep breathe, waiting for Luna to speak up. "Well?"
"Well, what, Usagi?" Luna was confused as to what Usagi wanted. Did she want advice, or a lecture, or what? Usagi was hard to guess at some times. "Piece of advice, Usagi. Go over now and talk with Mamoru-san."
"You sure?" Usagi was uncertain. She would rather prefer one of the girls to go, but this was her problem. She alone had to solve it with Mamoru. Usagi made up her mind as she then started racing toward the apartments.
*At The Apartments*
"Mamo-chan, open the door! It's me." Usagi had run over here as fast as she could. Panting, she knocked again.
This time, the door opened. "Usako, hi. Long time no see." He joked, knowing that she had just been there.
"Mamo-chan, we need to talk." Usagi stated clearly without hesitating a bit. She was determined to work this thing out, or she won't leave until she does.
Mamoru looked a little surprised. "Sure, Usako. Come in." He led Usagi in, and they sat down on the couch. A uncomfortable silence hovered over them, with the exception of a cough form time to time. Mamoru hated the silence, so he spoke up.
"Usako, this is about yesterday, right?" Even though he knew it was.
"Yes...Mamo-chan, I'm sorry. For everything. For sneaking into your room, and going into your private thoughts. I was wrong. Forgive me." Usagi waited for an answer, but none came.
After letting it all sink in, Mamoru felt even more guilty. It was really his fault, not her's he hated to see her suffering. "Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I open up completely to her. She deserves the truth." Mamoru decided.
"Usako, don't be sorry. It's my fault. For everything that happened. If I only told you my feelings, none of this would've happened. But I've decided to tell them to you right now, and hope that you will forgive me for not telling you earlier." Mamoru took a deep breathe. This was hard for him.
Usagi, on the other hand, sat there quietly, patiently. She knew it was hard, so she stayed silent. "Go on." She urged.
"Well, Usako, I know you were wondering about our love. If it was because of destiny that I love you, or if we fell in love without the interference of destiny. I know that's why you used the crystal to go into my thoughts. At first I was mad, but then I realized something. If I told you in the first place, this whole scenario wouldn't have happened. The truth is, I love you. Not because of destiny, but because of who you are, and how you changed my life. You took the darkness from me, and filled it with light. Aishiteru, Usako. Forever. I loved you ever since the first time I saw you, and will always love you, no matter what. Please forgive me for not telling you sooner." Mamoru took a deep breathe, and waited for the reply.

Usagi was shocked. Mamoru had just said what she wanted to hear. He loved her, for her. "Oh Mamo-chan, of course I forgive you!" She flung herself at Mamoru, hugging him tightly. Mamoru, relieved that she forgave him, hugged her back. They stayed in the embrace, neither wanting to break it.
When they finally did, Usagi smiled. Everything was back to normal. Usagi and Mamoru were now evne more in love than before, if it was possible. They understood each other fully now, and loved each other. That's all that mattered.
"Aishiteru, Mamo-chan. Forever..."
"Aishiteru, Usako. So much..."
They fell asleep in each other's arms, content. Destiny. Who knew that destiny wasn't that powerful after all? Now we know, there is something that overpowers destiny: love. True love...
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