Me: Okay, Umm… there's not much to say here. Yuugi leaves because Yami and his friends are ignoring him (Yes, the traditional 'ignore' Yuugi fic) and he goes and meets two new friends, becomes a famous singer, and has to Tour Japan.

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~*~Prologue, Cold as Ice~*~

My Dearest Yami

I'm leaving, I'm sure you know this by now, as I am not here to prepare your food or clean the house You probably want to know why I'm leaving, or you don't and you've just tossed this letter aside, but if you are reading this then I'll explain anyways:

When I first solved the puzzle, it was the happiest time of my life. I had a loving Yami who helped me through everything, and friends that I really could trust. That lasted for two years, I am now almost eighteen years old, and you are cold as ice. We found a spell in an ancient book to separate you from me so you could take on your own body, at first that was great! And I was so happy for you, then things got out of hand, you started hanging out with my friends, leaving me at home all the time. It got worse, you struck me, and you struck me hard. When I close my eyes, I can feel your handprint and see it as well. The sting from your fingers has never left that one spot on my cheek. I know you've only hit me once, but the fact that it was you who swore to protect me and never hurt me makes it 100 times worse then it would normally be. 

  I used to sit in my room and cry all night, all night I'd cry for you Yami, every night I would cry. I know you heard me, but what did you do? Nothing, you did fuck all. Well I'll tell you something my darkness, I'm leaving and Ra knows when I'll be back, if ever. Do I love you? Yes. Do I hate you? Yes.

Fuck you Yami.

Your ever-fading light


Yami read the letter with shock plastered on his face. His Hikari had left him, for good. He sat on the counter staring at the letter, staring at the need writing that was his lights. He couldn't call him his light any more thought could he. He couldn't hold him and love him like he did before, it was all over now. His life ripped from him, Ra only knows where in the world he is in now, or if he's still in Japan!

Yami looked at the black rose that had been placed on top of the folded letter before he opened it. There was no such things as black roses, people still tried to make them, how did Yuugi find a real living one? Few water droplets covered the roses soft petals, the thorns scattered all over the stem. Black malice and hatred seeped from the beautiful flower. So beautiful, but never meant to have love.

He looked out the shining glass window into the darkening sky, shades of orange and red coated the horizon, and farther up in the ever-changing sky was purple, indigo and dark colors that suited Yami so well. He deserved his name, Yami, Darkness, that's where he belonged, couldn't even hold onto the one light he had in this forbidden world.

"Yami, what da heck are ya doin' were thirsty out here." Jou called from the living room.

Yami's friends, or, Yuugi's friends that Yami sole from him, were all out in the living room and Yami had gone to get drinks for all of them when he noticed the black rose and the paper beneath it. For the first time in years, Yami started to cry. Yami's tears flowed from his eyes like a waterfall after winter. He collapsed onto the ground and yelled in frustration, anger, and regret of all the things he did to his poor light.

Jou, Bakura, Ryou, Malik, Marik, Seto and Anzu came in to see Yami sitting against the cupboards under the counter, crystal tears brimming his red face. His large strong hands now scrunched up griping his tri-colored hair. His knees pulled up to his chest, a small peace of white paper at his side.

"Yami, what happened man?" Jou asked kneeling down beside his friend. "I aint never seen you cry before."

 Bakura noticed the piece of paper and leaned down, snatched it and stood back up. His sharp eyes studied the writing that came from it. The person, he noted, who had written it had very nice writing. He finished reading the letter and his eyes widened a bit but quickly went back to their normal state. Bakura sighed and looked at Yami who was still bawling his eyes out. This must've hit him hard. He tried to think the last time any of them hung around Yuugi or even talked to him in any way. He couldn't remember, he could barely remember Yuugi himself.

"What is it Kura, what does it say?" Ryou asked looking at his lover.

Bakura sighed and dropped his hand to his side still holding the letter. He looked at Ryou and the rest of his new friends and said, "Yuugi's gone, most likely for good."

All who were present in the room gasped and looked hurt or started crying or both. Anzu, Ryou started crying, Jou looked like he'd been slapped, and some tears escaped his eyes. Seto brought Jou to a standing position and hugged him to his chest. Seto looked worried, patted his lover's golden hair, and looked at Yami.

"Well, what are you going to do Yami, sit there and mope or do something about it." Seto demanded.

"I don't know what I'm going to do." Yami admitted wiping his face and looking up. "I don't know anything right now."

"That's where I come in." Seto said. He made his shoulders puff up just a little bit. "I can easily track him down."

Yami looked up at Seto, hopeful look plainly written in his blood colored eyes. Seto took out a black laptop that he always had with him and typed away on the shining keys and used two fingers on a small pad in the center of the keyboard to control what would be the mouse.  After a few click's he got onto Yuugi's personal file that had everything about him.  He read as fast as his blue eyes would let him and found out a few remarkable things.

"Shit." Seto breathed.

"What is it?" Yami asked as though an urgent plea.

"The twerp's been through a lot.  Look here." Seto said, pointing to a specific line in the center of the screen.  "It says here that Yuugi has been to the hospital numerous times in what was found out to be raping and beating."

"Aw, man, Yug." Jou muttered under his breath.

Seto's eyes were scanning the screen before him and the page was scrolling down. "There's nothing here about where he might have gone. But I'll check again tomorrow to see if they update it."

Yami nodded and looked out the window.  Yuugi was really gone, gone out of his life and he didn't know where to start looking or if he'd ever find him. The thought made him shutter. His skin was cold and no longer warm like when Yuugi was here. The light was gone no longer offering guidance in this world, all because of him. He held his light to loosely and it slipped out of his grasp and off into the wind that carried it Ra knows where.

"Yami…" Said Anzu, "We have to go… but we'll try and find him."

Yami nodded in thanks and tried to at least smile a little but couldn't. "Thank you."

His friends, wait, no, Yuugi's friends, left the game shop with sorrow plastered on their faces.  Yami turned his blood red, grief stricken eyes to the window once more, just to see if his light was there and this was all a horrible nightmare. However, it wasn't, this was real life, and for the first time in the few years he'd been in this present time, his eyes were really open, and they really saw what happened in the world.

People leave, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Yuugi looked up at the white plain he was about to bored. His ever so innocent eyes were now filled with hate and loss.  His small form was starting to look slightly stronger and broader. He almost looked behind him, then stopped. He didn't want to look back, behind him was his past, and he didn't want that, he wanted his future. So he looked ahead of him, and stepped onto the plain and left his home.

He was gone for good.