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Yuugi blinked… was this a hotel sweet? He turned and looked beside him… it sure as hell wasn't Yami. His eyes widened, "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Nicheto jumped and fell off the king sized bed, "AWW!! Yuugi!"


"YUUGI! Shut. Up! What's wrong?!" Nicheto hopped over the bed and tried to grab Yuugi.

"You get away from me! Who the hell are you?! AHHH!! Stop right there! I mean it… I have a…" Yuugi looked down and realized that he was naked, "YOU RAPEST!"

Nicheto blinked, "Yuugi? Are you on something?"

Kai and Rei burst in through the sweet's doors, "What's wrong?" Asked Rei, "Who's hurt?!"

Yuugi looked at them and pointed, "Who the hell are you?! GYAA!! Get away from me you!! I'm serious!" He picked up a lighter and threw it an Nicheto.


Rei ran behind Yuugi, holding the shorter man's hands behind his back. He kneed the back of Yuugi's knees so they would buckle and he would sit down. "Yuugi! Calm the hell down!"

"Who are you?!" Yuugi furiously tried to get out of Rei's grip. Even tried biting him.

Kai walked over to the bed and grabbed a house coat for Yuugi to put on. He walked over to Rei and wrapped it around Yuugi's shoulders. Looking into Yuugi's wide violet eyes Kai noticed something. Yuugi's eyes weren't sharp and older looking anymore, they'd taken on the innocent look they had when he had met him.

Squatting down in front of him, Kai looked again into Yuugi's eyes. "Do you remember us?"

He looked at him like he was crazy.

"Why would I know you? And why was I naked?! Who are you people?!"

Kai sighed and stood up. He looked at Nicheto who had also put on a house coat. "How hard did you do him last night?"

Nicheto blinked, "Excuse me?"

"He might have hit his head wile you were screwing."

"Unlikely, he would've passed out."

"Well, how else would you explain it? He's obviously lost his memory."

Wile they talked, Yuugi slowly began to calm down and realized there was no getting out of this persons grip. So why not cooperate?


Rei blinked, "O-oh! Hi."

"You know… I'm kind of loosing circulation to my arms."

"Oh, yes, of course." Rei stood up and let go of Yuugi's arms. Yuugi stood up with him, doing up his house coat.

Rei looked up when he heart Kai call his name, "Yes?"

"Let Yuugi take a shower, we'll talk."

Rei nodded, "Yuugi? I'll uh… show you to the shower."

Somehow sensing he could trust the niko-jin, Yuugi followed Rei to the bathroom.

"Towels are just under the sink there… come out when your done." Rei smiled and shut the bathroom door.

Yuugi bit his lip and looked around the bathroom. It was an off white color, and had a very comfy look to it. Kneeling down by the cabinet under the sink, Yuugi gripped a very well designed handle and pulled it open, taking out two dark blue towels. He put them beside the shower and undid his house coat.

Leaning into a large shower stall, he turned on the water. Twisting the clear handle to the temperature he thought would be good, and tested it with his fingers.

Slipping into the shower, he plopped right down onto the floor of it. Pulling his knees up to his chest and running his fingers up and down his left leg.

What the hell was going on?


"We have a concert tonight. We can't teach him everything in one day!"

"Why not? He's got a good memory."

"Memorizing your favourite sex toy doesn't count for good memory."


"What are we supposed to tell him anyways?"

"Well… we'll just have to find out how much he knows."

"Judging from the episode that just happened… I doubt much."

"So he doesn't even remember being married to me?"

"Obviously not genius."

"Hey fuck you."

"How hard?"


"Okay…" Said Kai, "This isn't getting us anywhere. How much do you think we should tell him?"


"That may be a bit of a shock to him though." Said Rei.

"What might be?" The three, very startled men, turned around and looked into Yuugi's wide violet eyes. "And who cut my hair?"

Rei looked at Kai and Nicheto, mouthing 'I'll talk to him'. Standing up and brushing invisible dust off his pants he smiled at the confused person. "Why don't you get dressed and I'll fill you in on everything."

Yuugi slowly nodded and looked around the room, unsure about where the clothing was that he had to wear.


Yuugi sat down on a rotating chair[1] at a McDonalds that was close to the hotel. He nibbled at a French fry, waiting for Rei to begin.

Putting his drink down, Rei began to speak. "So… you don't remember anything?"

Yuugi shook his head, "I remember getting married."


"Yah," Yuugi nodded, "But I don't know who you, or those two other guys are."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well," Yuugi started, "I remember everything up until this morning when I got up."

"Well… then how can you not remember us?"

"Because I've never met you before."

Rei blinked, extremely confused. "You remember getting married…"

Yuugi nodded.

"But you don't remember any of us…"

Again, Yuugi nodded.

"How is that possible?"

Yuugi shrugged, "All I know is that I woke up in some weird hotel sweet naked with some guy I don't know."

"How can you remember your wedding and not him?"

"What did he have to do with my wedding?"

"He's your husband."

Yuugi chocked on his French fry, "Excuse me? I'm not married to him! I'm married to Yami!"

"You… what?"

"Yami, I'm married to Yami. Where am I anyways?"

"Toronto Canada…" Whispered Rei, "How can you be married to Yami…?"

Yuugi looked oddly at Rei, "I'm sure you'd know how two people get married."

"But you haven't seen him in three years."

"What? Yes I have!"

"No, Yuugi! You haven't!"

Yuugi stood up, slamming his hands on the table top, "I. Married. Yami." Grabbing his coat he stormed out of the McDonalds, leaving a shocked audience and an even more shocked Rei.


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