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Rich and Creamy

Chapter One: The Boxes

Valentine's Day dawned crisp and clear. The occupants of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were sleeping soundly, with the exception of two quiet souls who were returning to their rooms from the dungeons.

Severus Snape awoke at his usual early hour to go over his syllabus for the day. After showering and dressing in his trademark billowing black robes, he made his way into his office. Where, upon his desk, sat a heart shaped box of what could only be Valentine's chocolates. Nearly everyone enjoyed chocolates, and the cold, stern, forbidding man was no different. In fact, his one weakness was the decandence of the rich sweet filling his nostrils, melting smoothly in his mouth, sliding down his throat...

His mouth was watering already at the thought of biting into one of those sinful sweets, but he wasn't a living spy for no reason. He knew better than to eat or drink something left for him anonymously, he decided to test one. Just one. He couldn't have that whole box going to waste if there was nothing wrong with it, now could he?

"Nothing," came the silky voice. He looked in chagrin at the mangled sweet before plucking another from the box and slowly placing it on his tongue with a moan of ecstasy. When he reached for another, his eyes fell on a note which had appeared on the inside of the box lid:

All it takes is one chocolate. That one piece of chocolate you have just eaten will make
you spout a heartfelt truth to your one true love and this spell lasts for 24 hours.

Severus swore. He swore long, loud, and in many languages, most of them archaic. He immediately reached for his syllabus, only to find the one class listed for the day that he now dreaded. It was so bad that he even considered, for a moment, having Albus cover his classes and pretend to be ill. Of course, there wasn't much pretense there. He was ill, thinking about facing the one student who would elicit this horrid truth from him. He would have to think of something else.


Harry Potter woke up and reached for his glasses that rested on the nightstand next to his bed. Before he could touch them, however, his fingers brushed across an unfamiliar box. Sitting up, he finally found his glasses and placed them on, grasping the box with his other hand. Looking around his dorm, he saw that all of his dormmates had similar ones on their nightstands, except for Ron Weasley, his best friend. Probably because Ron was already devouring the chocolates placed inside the heart shaped box. He idly wondered who had left them as he lifted the lid and picked one out. With the ability to savor that only one raised as he could have, he placed the sweet on his tongue and let the heat from his mouth melt it. He swallowed and reached for another, moving the lid slightly to pick one. But his hand stopped mere centimeters from the candies. His eyes were glued to the lid as he saw the writing that had appeared:

All it takes is one chocolate. That one piece of chocolate you have just eaten will make
you spout a heartfelt truth to your one true love and this spell lasts for 24 hours.

"Bloody hell!" Harry yelled, tossing his box to the floor as he jumped out of bed, lid in hand.

Ron looked up from his own sweets and stared at his friend strangely. But before Harry could even try to interpret the look that flitted through Ron's eyes, it was gone.

"What's wrong, mate?"

Harry sighed and handed the lid to Ron, who read it and started laughing.

Harry grabbed the lid to Ron's box and looked at it, turning it over in his hands. There was no message at all on it.

Ron, who had finally stopped laughing, spoke again.

"Let's ask Hermione. She might know something about the spell or whatever it is."

Harry, in a dejected voice, replied, "Yeah." and left for the common room.

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