Rich and Creamy: Chapter Nine
Hello all. I apologise for this being as late as it is. I completely forgot about it, then became quite melancholy. Anyhow, here it is. The Final Chapter of Rich and Creamy. It is, however, quite short. Much like an Epilogue should be, neh?

Rich and Creamy
Chapter Nine: Epilogue
by Jaded Angel


Harry was staring at his two best friends in consternation, outrage, and embarrassment.

"How could you do this? I thought you were my friends?"

"We just wanted you to be happy, Harry." Hermione said in a small strained voice.

Ron, however, wasn't paying any attention to the other occupants of the room. His eyes were fixed on Harry and Severus' hands. Still clasped, fingers entwined. 'Bloody hell. Harry and Snape? What have we done?'

Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting at the Gryffindor table one morning in early April. The news that Severus and Harry were an item had finally been filed away by his friends, and accepted. Ron was difficult at first, of course, owing to his being a redhead with a redhead's temper. But that was quickly gotten 'round. Harry turned his gaze up to the Head Table -to Severus-, amazed that their relationship was still a secret to the majority of the school and thusly the world. Thinking back on it, Harry thought that the funniest couple to come from the boxes was Susan Bones and Draco Malfoy. Whoever whould've thought that could have happened? Turns out that Malfoy was more vicious their sixth year because he thought Harry was trying to steal Susan from him. Jealousy, what a fine mistress.

Severus gave a curt, almost imperceptible nod to his young lover. It was the signal. Within moments of it -Severus was always very precise with his timing- Ron Weasley stood up. Looking as frightened as a newborn baby, he turned to Hermione, his girlfriend of two years, and blushed.

"Hermione, will... willyoumarryme?"

"Pardon?" Hermione asked.

Ron took a deep, fortifying breath, and asked again.

"Will you marry me?"

Hermione's jaw dropped, as did many of the other jaws in the Hall. Dumbly, Hermione nodded then jumped up and threw her arms around Ron's neck. Next followed a kiss that made her toes curl.

Her voice came to a halt as Hermione Weasley looked down at her beautiful children. Twins, if you can believe it. One boy, one girl. But both with minds like their mother and the mischievousness and ability to get into all kinds of trouble like their father and godfather. She smiled softly at them as she tucked them in.

"And that, loves, is how your father proposed to me."


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