She blinked twice as she let the question settle in her brain. She looked up at him quizzically, wondering if this was why he had followed herself and Blaise all over Hogsmeade today. Had Draco Malfoy lost his mind?

"Answer me!"

He seemed embarrassed at her blank stare; this was obviously not the reaction he had expected. In fact he wasn't exactly sure what he had been expecting, in all of his obsessing he had never managed to conjure up a possible answer to this mystery that plagued him so.

"I'm sorry what?"

"Don't play tricks with me Hermione!!! What have you done to Blaise to make him so attracted to such filth like yourself!"

She jumped up at this statement despite the fact that he had his well-equipped Slytherin wand pointing directly at her face.

"Watch your fucking mouth Malfoy! I have done nothing to Zambini, if anything you should be asking what has Zambini done to me?"

He scoffed at this.

"Zambini wouldn't waste time on such a being"

It all happened so quickly, in one instant Draco Malfoy had the upper hand the next he was crouching on the floor holding on to his bleeding nose. Hermione towered over him nursing her soon to be bruised fist.

"I said watch your mouth"

Draco Malfoy simply couldn't believe it. His world was turning upside down. First Zambini and Granger get together for the whole school to witness, the next Zambini runs amok and starts disobeying orders and protocol, the next Granger gives him a fucking blow job and the next she breaks his fucking nose.

There had to be a source to all of this. Some evil mastermind somewhere out there in the world that had Draco's destruction at heart. There was no other explanation.

"Are you done with the inquisition?"

She asked with a bored look on her face, his cloak was falling off of her shoulders but she made no move to cover herself adequately. Malfoy was briefly distracted by her golden smooth skin but brought himself back with a shudder of disgust. He was still on the floor and wasn't entirely sure how to save face from this point. Defeat and utter degradation was not something he was accustomed to.


She sounded pretty impatient, and also pretty intent on humiliating him further.

"Oy! Malfoy!"

There was someone at his door, someone that sounded a lot like Blaise Zambini. Granger and Malfoy locked eyes seeming to come into some sort of agreement, in one quick motion Draco stood up muttered a quick spell to stop his gushing nose, and in the same instant Granger covered herself with the stolen cloak.

Draco then calmly unbolted his door and let his fellow Slytherin in the room.

"What the fuck are you up to?"

Blaise bounded into the room in defiant anger. The Slytherin hierarchy would never be the same again. No thanks to Granger. Draco sighed filled with exasperation at the thought.

"I am finding out what exactly you are up to"

He replied simply. Blaise glared at him for a moment, then became momentarily distracted as he diverted his attention to the room itself. It seemed unusually messy and disturbed; it certainly wasn't up to the King of the Slytherins pristine standards. Something was not right.

Draco noted Blaise's realization with certain panic, his eyes darting to the spot where Hermione should have been.

Hermione, every bit of the genius she was painted to be, had long since disappeared at the sight of Blaise. As soon as the door opened she had bolted for Blaise's room. Draco of course had no idea of this and continued to feel the pressure of keeping an unwanted secret.

Blaise's directed his gaze back to his former best friend in deep thought.

"Leave me alone Draco, what I do, or who I do is none of your business or concern"

He stated as he turned to depart the room. There was something about the atmosphere of Draco's room that had unnerved him; something that had robbed him of all his anger and consternation.

"Aren't you going to run off to your savior now mudblood?"

He asked what he thought to be an invisible Granger. It took a good ten minutes before Draco realized that Granger had long been gone. He suddenly felt utterly duped.

He still knew nothing.


He could feel the grays growing.

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