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Epilogue: part two

It was the day of the double wedding but the couples who were to marry weren't the couples intended to Chad had proposed to Whitney after the Hotchkiss women were tried and sentenced.

Luis and Sheridan had decided to postpone there wedding incase of any remaining threats so Chad and whiney spontaneously took there place in the double wedding

Bride's room

Theresa: I can't believe this is finally happening

Whitney: neither can I, we're about to marry the men of our dreams

Whitney: are you scared

Theresa: a little, why

Whitney: cause I'm terrified ive got this feeling in my stomach

Theresa: its probably pre- wedding jitters

Whitney: I don't know I think it may be something more

Theresa: I have something to tell you that might cheer you up

Whitney: I thought it but tell me anyway

Theresa: ive had a weird feeling in my stomach too but not the kind your experiencing if you know what I mean

Whitney: oh my god you're not

Theresa: I am

They start screaming and jumping up and down

Whitney: does Ethan know

Theresa: no I plan to tell him tonight

Whitney: congratulations girl, your gonna make me godmother right?

Theresa: you know it

Sheridan: knock, knock

Theresa: come in

Sheridan: wow Theresa you look beautiful, you too Whitney

Theresa: thanks

Whitney: thanks for being our maid of honor

Sheridan: you welcome were going to be in-laws Theresa and we've become great friends Whitney, I'm honored

Charity: wow you two look wonderful, so Theresa who's walking you down the aisle

Theresa: oh didn't Miguel tell you the good news, after Julian and Alistair got arrested my father came back he was in hiding because Alistair threatened to kill him if he came back mama was so happy

Charity: no Miguel didn't tell me I haven't had a chance to talk to him lately we've both had major school work and finals .so what about Paloma now that your father has returned will she be coming back?

Theresa: yes but sadly she couldn't get a flight till two days from now so she won't be here for the wedding

Charity: that's too bad

Theresa: yeah so when do you think you and Miguel will be ready to tie the knot

Charity: sometime in the future, were to young now and I want to finish my education and get a job before starting a family .

Whitney: good for you, that is a very good decision

Just then martin and pillar walk into the room hand in hand Theresa hugs and kisses her mother than does the same to her father

pillar: mija you look beautiful

Theresa: thank you mama

Martin: my little girl you've grown into a beautiful women , ive missed so much of your life and I am very sorry

Theresa: its ok papa, just being here today on my wedding day is enough to make up for those lost years and we still have the future to get to know each other

They embrace pillar smiles at her daughter and her husband bonding after several years of him missing. she is happy that her family is back together but still longs for her long lost son's whereabouts

Pillar: well I better go sit down father lonigan is here and the ceremony will soon start

She kisses Theresa and hugs Whitney then walks out the door as t.c. Walks in

Whitney: daddy! I thought you weren't coming

T.C.: how could I miss out on walking my girl down the aisle on her wedding day

Whitney: I'm so glad you came I thought you wold never speak to me after I accepted Chad's proposal

T.C.: I apologize for the way I acted ive decided to give Chad a chance but the minute he hurts my little girl I'll kill him

Whitney: daddy!

T.C.: sorry pumpkin

Sheridan: its time

Theresa: ready

Whitney: yep

They walk out of the room and enter the church

Grooms room earlier

Ethan: its finally happening I'm going to marry Theresa Lopez- Fitzgerald love of my life

Chad: I know how you feel when I first laid eyes on Whitney I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with

Luis and Miguel and martin walk in

Luis: Chad can you please excuse us while we talk to Ethan alone

Chad: sure guys ,good luck my man

Ethan: what do you mean good luck

Luis : sit

Ethan sits down and gazes uneasy at his future Father and brother in-laws

Luis: we have a few things we have to discuss with you about theresa

Ethan: oh this is one of those hurt my sister/daughter speeches isn't it , well you have nothing to worry about I love Theresa with my whole heart and would never dream of hurting her

Miguel: good

Martin: cause if you did you'd have to answer to not only me Miguel and Luis but my youngest daughter Paloma who is a black belt in tae kwon do tie chi karate and Korean martial arts

Luis: are we clear

Ethan: completely, like I said before you have nothing to worry about

Martin exits but Luis and Miguel who are the best man and a Grooms men remain

outside in the courtyard whereChad is

Chad was standing in the court yard waiting for the Lopez-Fitzgerald sons and father had there "talk" with Ethan while unknowest to him a figure in the shadows was watching him for several minutes before coming forth.

Chad: you! What are you doing here

Mystery person: what am I doing here the question is what are you doing here at this church

Chad: not that its any of your business ,but I'm getting married today

Mystery person: I can see that Chad , I'm not stupid

Chad: you still haven't answered my question

Mystery person: which would be ....?

Chad: cut the crap why are you here

Mystery: to stop you from making a big mistake

Chad: which would be

Mystery person: marrying this Russel chick

Chad: stop wasting my time

Mystery person: Chad I'm hurt you used to enjoy letting me have your time, I suggest you ditch this high class girl and leave town with me

Chad: and why should I do that

Mystery person: I can't tell you just trust me

Chad: cut the crap I'm going inside to marry the love of my life

Mystery person: ok but your going to regret it

With that said she disappeared into the shadows

Later inside the church

Ethan and Chad stood in the front of the church with Luis, Chad's best man Steve and of course father lonigan

At the back of the church were Whitney and T.C.and Theresa with martin. Sheridan , charity and the other brides maids had already started walking down the aisle with there groomsmen .

They finished walking and the flower girl, who was Theresa's cousin , walked down the aisle dropping the rose petals.

When she got to the end of the aisle everyone stood as the wedding march started and Whitney was walked down the aisle and given to chad by T.C. .

Then Theresa was wheeled down the aisle by her father. she hadn't completed her therapy yet but the doctor said she would be able to walk in a month after the wedding.

Ethan didn't care that she couldn't walk on there wedding day he was just happy to marry her .

Father lonigan: dearly beloved we are gathered her today to celebrate the joining in marriage of the souls here before me both brides and grooms have prepared vows they wrote we will start with theresa

Theresa was grinning from ear to ear as she began to recite her vows to Ethan

Theresa: I have been in love with you for so long the way you make me laugh comfort me when I am troubled and stayed with me that's not even half of what makes me love you I'm ready to dedicate my love and happiness to you in marriage I love you Ethan

guest : awwww

father lonigan : now Ethan

Ethan: I knew from the moment we fell in love and maybe before that you were special just by the way you believed in things and never gave up especially when it came to love your absolutely perfect to me and know your becoming my wife my soul mate my life. And I am so happy to be marrying you on this day

Both Ethan and Theresa had tears in there eyes as they gazed at each other loving then father lonigan had Whitney and Chad exchange vows and it was time to say the I do's

Father lonigan: do you Ethan take Theresa to be lawful wedded wife in sickness and in health till death do you part

Ethan: I do

Father lonigan: and do you Theresa take Ethan to be your lawful wedded husband through sickness and in health till death do you part

Theresa : I do

Father lonigan: is there anyone who believes these two should not be married speak now or forever hold your peace

no one spoke Whitney and Chad said there I do's

father lonigan: is there any one here who believes these two should not be married speak now or forever hold your peace

spoken from the group of guest : I do

everyone turns to see a african american girl with brown short hair

father lonigon: er... what is your reason for objecting

chad : latoya don't do this

whitney: chad who is she

latoya: i'm chads wife

they all gasp

latoya : oh and the mother of his soon to be born child

Whitney: she's lying please tell me she's lying

latoya: oh but I'm not ive got the papers to prove it and a doctors note about the pregnancy, I warned you Chad

Whitney turns to Chad and slaps him before running out of the church.

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