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Helen Greenwood walked around the corner into her street, carrying her bag in one hand and her keys in the other. She sighed and kicked a stone out of her way, not taking her eyes off the ground. Her last shift at the diner had finished only 10 minutes ago and she was exhausted. It had been extremely busy for a Friday, and her feet were killing her.

She walked up the steps to her door, unlocked it and walked the next two flights of stairs to her flat. She reached her door, and smiled and she unlocked, walked in and closed it behind her. She switched on the lights to the place she had called home for the past 4 and a half years, took of her coat and flopped down on the couch, closing her eyes and putting her feet up on the coffee table with a grunt. She loved this apartment. It was full of everything that made her who she was. Not to mention her bookcase that she adored in a way she could explain. She had no possessions from her old home because...she didn't know where her home was.

Helen was found nearly 4and a half years ago unconscious in the middle of an alleyway just on the borders of London. She woke up in hospital a week later, having no-clue of who she was or of her life before the accident. The only thing that she had on her (besides her clothes) that was any sort of help was a necklace with the initials H.G inscribed on it. So, the doctors had given her the name Helen Greenwood.

She had often tried to retrace her steps and attempted to recall any memories, but it seemed no luck. The doctors had told her that an emotional response could trigger memories, but so far the only emotions she had encountered on her search were frustration and hopelessness.

So, here she was, alone in the world except for her very few friends who she had made at work. Helen came back to the present and sighed. She looked around her flat and immediately wanted to go to her books. For some reason, she seemed to find comfort in them. Instead, she shook her head and went into her bedroom, got changed for bed and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


"My god. Where do all these people keep coming from? Honestly, you'd think they have nothing better to do!"

Helen laughed. "Come on Nat. You should be glad! More money." She said, rubbing her fingers together. Natalie laughed.

"Hey, I'm not complaining to more money. However, my feet are!" she said, sitting down on one of the stool at the bar. Helen laughed and wiped the bench around her.

"Come on. You're the boss. The inspiration. You can't get sore feet. I mean, now long have you been doing this again?" she said, smiling. Natalie chuckled.

"Nearly 10 years." She said in a dreamy voice. Helen smiled.

"See? You're the backbone of this wonderful organization. Without you, there would be no one to inspire us day-to-day in the constant battle that is called a Café. You're like the Gandalf of this place, and we're the humble hobbits." She said, filling up a glass of water. Natalie laughed, tapped the bench in front of her and swung off the stool.

"I knew there was a reason I hired you." She said, walking around to the other side of the bench. Helen chuckled.

"You mean besides my ability to draw the male species into this place at lunchtime?" she said smirking. Natalie laughed.

"Sorry Hun, but I think Carly has that job.' The door opened, brining in a person along with a warm breeze. Natalie chuckled. 'Speak of the devil." She said quietly to Helen. Helen looked up to see an extremely beautiful woman with long blonde hair and expensive, designer summer clothing walk into the Café. Although Helen was rather good looking, next to Carly she felt like a moudly old tea rag.

"Hey you. What are you doing here?" she said to Carly. Carly smiled warmly at her.

"Well, you've been working nearly 2 weeks straight, and I'm here to give you a break." She said, un-tying the apron from around Helens waist and putting it on her own.

"But er, does Nat know about...."

"Of course I know you doofus. I told her to come in here. Now get out of here before I fire you." She said, smiling. Helen sighed. Although she enjoyed working at the Café, she really hasn't had a break for a while now.

"Ok, I'm outtta here." She said, grabbing her coat.

"Good. And don't come back for another 3 days!" Nat called. Helen laughed and walked out of the Café into the sunny streets of London. She smiled and looked around, wondering to go. She went left and decided to get some food.


Helen walked out of the local fish'n'chip shop, carrying a bag of chips with her. She looked to the around. 'I know this place.' she thought solemnly. Only a few blocks away was the alley in which she was found. She stopped, wondering if she should check it out again.

'No, don't be stupid. You haven't looked for six months. Nothing will have changed.' She mentally shook herself and began to walk, not looking up, but at her feet.

She was deep in thought until she walked straight into someone with a grunt, making him drop his bags of groceries.

"Oh goodness, I'm so sorry!" she said, bending down to help him pick up his dropped food.

"No no, quite alright. It wasn't really paying attention to where I was going." He said. Helen looked up at him, but couldn't see his face as he was looking down. He picked up the last of his food and out it back in the bag.

"Thank you." He said, still not looking at her, but looking around incase he missed anything. She smiled and turned around to walk away.

"No problem." She called over her shoulder. She felt her foot kick something. She looked down to see a long piece of wood that looked too weird to be just a bit of branch. She picked it up and spun around.

"Excuse me, Sir? I think you dropped you er, stick." She said, feeling dumb. The man patted his sides and spun around very quickly. He walked over to her and took the stick from her.

"Thank you. I didn't realize I had dropped..." he stopped, looking at her wide eyed and shocked. Helen stepped back a bit, taking in what this man looked like. He had brilliant green eyes that could be seen behind round glasses, and very messy, jet-black hair that looked like it had never even attempted to be combed. He closed his eyes, and then opened them, as if not believing what he was seeing.

"H-Hermione?" he muttered. Helen relaxed a little. 'He must think I'm someone else.' She thought.

"No, er, my names Helen.' She paused. 'Do I know you?" she said. The man looked shocked.

"Hermione, it's me. Harry.' He said. Helen looked at him strangely. "Harry Potter?" he said in a questioning manner, hoping to get a reaction. Helen wracked her brain. She couldn't recall seeing this man ever.

"Sorry, you must have me confused with someone else." She said, smiling slightly.

Harry blinked again and shook his head. He knew this was Hermione. She may have aged slightly, as her features were more sharp and mature, but it was defiantly her. He couldn't believe she didn't recognize him. He took a different approach.

"We went to school together! We've know each other since we were 11." He said, stepping forward slightly. Helen felt a rush of excitement rush over her. Someone from her past!

"We did?" she asked, curiosity overflowing. Harry nodded.

"Yeah. Of course we did." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Helen screwed up her face in concentration, trying desperately to remember something. After a few seconds, she sighed and opened her eyes to see Harry still standing there, looking slightly amused.

"I'm sorry. I just..don't seem to remember." She said regretfully. Harry looked at her with curiosity. She bit her bottom lip and smiled, getting an idea.

"Listen, um, would you mind getting a cup of coffee or something?" She said. Normally, she wouldn't have done this. But there was something about this man that she felt she could trust with her life. And for once, she decided to follow her instincts, as following her head had gotten her no- where.

Harry opened his mouth to say something, but shut it again, as if thinking better of it. He smiled, shifted his bags under his arms and nodded.

"Sure. Lets go."


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