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Blue Eyes

Chapter 1: Second Month

*the person seto will love has blue eyes ..not brown.*

Jou's pov*

I hadn't seen him for the two months, it is driving me crazy. I started watching the news just to see his face, hear his voice. He is so beautiful where I am not. He has a perfect body where mine is just a skinny twig due to the fact my father doesn't care to take care of me. Oh well, atleast I have my friends. Speaking of my father, he had given me 'the talk' yesterday. He said I was old enough to get a job and take care of myself. He was going to kick me out soon was what he was saying. I wanted to get out anyway, I hate him so much. lol. If only Seto could be my knight in shining armor, come and save me from my evil father. Oh, what a silly fantasy, makes me feel like a girl. I look at the clock, it's six, gotta to go watch the news. He might be on it. To my dismay of watching one full hour of boring news, he wasn't in it.

I work out a pasty shop called "Sweet Puffs", a corny name I know. I was doing the late shift, I was bored. It was eleven and I was playing mash. My sheet loook like this


Husband Job

Seto actor

Seto writer

Seto vet

wedding dress live

blue london

blue tokyo

blue stay here

money car

$10 limo

$1,000 jeep

$800 viper

I was almost done when a customer came in. I didn't bother to look up, I just waited for the customer to make their selection. After a couple seconds, I heard the footsteps stop and a small chuckle. I look up wondering why someone laughed. My heart froze ... seto


"haha, mutt. I didn't recongnize you. Figures, you would work in a dinky shop"

"it's not dinky, bastard" Sweet beauitful you ... well, not exactly sweet.

"Seems, you haven't gotten any better then the last time I saw you"

"Just pick someonething or get out" Oh, I wish you could stay here forever...

"Now, is that the way to talk to a customer. Hmm?" He leaned over the counter. I blushed, damn it! He noticed as I hoped he wouldn't.

"Oh, what pretty colors" he teased.

"shut up! Now, do you want something or not?"

"I want a lot of things mutt"

"lik... like what?" I blushed deeper

"Why should I tell you?" I pause for a second.

"Your right why should you. Now, tell me what you want from 'this' store or leave"

"I want the turtles and choclate peacons" said Seto. I moved and got a bag and stuffed them into the bag. I slipped in a little something else for him. I always thought he would like truffles.

I weighed it and told him the ammount,placed the receit in the bag and then handed him the bag as he paid. I noticed he gave more then the ammount. He smirked at me, I felt like i could die from happiness, then he turned and walked out "See you later, mutt. Keep the change, no doubt you need all the money you can get" I glared at him as he left.

"see you later" I whispered back to myself. I smiled and laughed happily. I hope he meant as in he would see me later. I decided I wanted to work more often now, just in case he showed up again. I turned back to my mash then relized ...

"OH SHIT!" Jou screamed as he rushed around the counter and out the door after seto. If seto saw that paper, he would die. He saw the bastard walking down the block, good thing he didn't ride in his car. I raced towards him and my heart sped up as I saw him stop and stare at something. NO!!! I ran into him and tore the paper from his hand. He seemed surprised and looked at me.

"Puppy, what are you doing?"

"I ... this" I showed the back of the paper "I misplaced it with the receit. I am just taking it back." Seto looked at me then smirked and grabbed the paper from my hand.

"NO! give it back!" I shouted trying to get it back. He held it up over my head, I jumped at it but he was taller then me. I couldn't reach it. "Kaiba, please ... give it back" I said. My heart was beating so fast. He smirked then shoved my away and brung the paper down toward his face to read. I was so ... going to DIE!

2 B' Continued ....

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