Okay. It's the end of Snob School. I don't believe it! And I'm getting all sentimental over this end of the computer, here. Nyoh. But seriously… this story has been an epic, been in progress for nearly a year… and now it's finally done. I don't believe it! (I think I already said that…) As for the ending… it isn't truly the ending. Still two more books to go. –Falls over- And my proof-reader wants to publish this. But she also wants money. Sigh.

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"Ryu… you know… you're really not as bad as I originally thought you were," she murmured, running a hand unsteadily through his hair. He looked deeply into her eyes, and she might as well have been lying there naked, for how bare she felt.

"You've taught me things too… Irene,"

"My name isn't Irene, it's Ayane. Don't tell me you've forgotten my name so soon,"

Ryu rolled over onto his back, closing his eyes. "Yes, Irene,"

She coughed hoarsely. "Man, I'm pissed,"

"You know, Irene, you've taught me so much…" Ryu's eyes fluttered open for a brief instant, before shutting again. "I'm so grateful you came into my life. I don't know where I would be without you here, by my side,"

He ran a hand gently over her face, and she sighed, nestling closer to the comforting warmth.

"Irene… I love you,"

"Yeah, that's nice. I'm tired. Let's go to sleep now,"

Ryu looked almost panicked by this stage. "No, Irene, I really do,"

She reached over for the beer that was on the bedside table and downed half the can before turning back to Ryu. "Yeah, that's nice, Ryu. Go to sleep,"

"Do you love me too, Irene?"

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she turned to the obviously drugged Ryu. "Yeah, I love you too. Now go to fucking sleep, butt-muncher,"

Warm arms wrapped themselves around her as she drifted into a peaceful slumber.

"Ayane! Ayane, come to me!"

She glanced up, startled at the voice. Who would be calling her name?

There was a girlish giggle. "Hey!"

"Kasumi! What are you doing here?"

No response. Simply a small chuckle. "Nothing major. Simply… I just wanted to know… if we could be friends,"

"Friends? You've always been my friend!"

"What the fuck?" she exclaimed, coming back to reality in an instant.

She glanced around the room, before sitting up as a shock realisation slowly dawned.

She was… in… Kasumi's bed.

Kasumi's bed. Of all people.

Oh… shit. Fuck. Fuck. Shit. CRAP!

This is so fucking tacky, among other things… gross!

"What the flying fuck happened last night?"

Well… it was that stupid whore's birthday party. I had forgotten all about that. And then, I got pissed with Lisa, no doubt, and… I'm sure I saw Hayabusa as well, at some stage. But I simply can't remember for the life or death of me what the hell went on…

She rolled over onto her back, and heard the crumpling of paper. What the…

Reaching underneath her, she felt around until a piece of paper made its way into her hand. Pulling it out, she scanned it with increasing disbelief.

Dear Ayane…

I apologise profusely for last night. I cannot even begin to assume what you think of me after last night's incident. Let me assure you that it will not happen again, although my statement may do little to quash your doubts.

Please try and keep the information quiet, except I have gone. Please don't worry about me…I will come back soon. Good luck with your exams and tell Hayate that I'm sorry.

Good luck with everything you do, Ayane. Be always brave…

…Love Ryu.

"He's just… gone…? He can't fuckin' well go! We have finals soon! What the fuck is he thinking? That stupid fucking git!"

She scrunched up the letter in its elegant cursive and threw it on the ground in absolute disgust. I have to get out of here. I really need to get out of here. This is completely fucking unbelievable. He can't just go! Who the hell does he think he is? We have exams! Not that I care, but he should… he can't just go like that. It's… absolutely preposterous!

Throwing back the sheets, she grabbed her clothes and stormed out of the room.

"Hayate. Ryu's gone,"

Hayate cracked one eye open sleepily. "Where were you last night, eh?"

"Hayate. Get the fuck up. Your best friend has disappeared,"

"Get off- what?" Hayate jumped to his feet. "Ryu's gone?"

She nodded, reaching for the letter, remembered she had scrunched it up and thrown it on Kasumi's floor, swore and gestured at Hayate for him to stay, went upstairs…

…and ran straight into Kasumi, who had picked up the paper, read it and was staring at it with a mixture of hurt and shock. As soon as she noticed Ayane's presence, she spun with malice in her eyes Ayane had never seen before.

"What exactly were you and Hayabusa doing last night? You owe me an explanation. Especially since it was in my bed!"

"We didn't do anything like that! Why don't you mind your own fucking business?"

"It is my business!" Kasumi yelled back, a surprising thing in itself. "You and Hayabusa did it in my bed!"

"You sick whore! I just fucking told you that we didn't fuck or do anything like that. We were both pissed and ended up in the same bed. Now will you stop being so fucking suspicious and give me my fucking letter!"

Kasumi shook her head. "It was in my room,"

"So? What's your fucking point? I'm in your fucking room! That doesn't mean a fucking thing!"

"You tossed it away. You obviously didn't want it,"


Before Kasumi could respond, she lunged at her half-sister, shoving her to the ground and tearing the letter out of her hands. Kasumi instantly pushed her off, and lashed out with several lightning fast blows to the abdomen. She doubled over, gasping for breath, dropping the piece of paper, which Kasumi snatched.

No. She can't do that. It's my fucking letter!

Reaching over, she slapped her half sister on the cheek with all her strength. Kasumi reeled from the blow, clutching her cheek, and Ayane grasped the letter again, now safe in her hands.

"Next time, bitch, don't try and keep me from my fucking mail, unless you want to die," she hissed, slamming the door to her room shut behind her.

She un-crumpled it and noticed something she didn't notice before.

Her eyes scanned the words over and over again, to make sure they didn't morph in front of her very eyes. They didn't seem to.

Love Ryu. That was what it said.

Love Ryu. Love.


Well, '…love'. Almost as though he was hesitant of using the term, even in a bloody letter.

Love? Love?! Was he insane?

But for some odd reason, she liked it. That disturbed her more then she could express.

Love… love… do I love him? Why does he love me? Why did he sign that letter 'love'? No wonder Kasumi was so angry, now she knows for sure that Hayabusa doesn't give a rat's ass about her. Or, at least he wouldn't if he had half a brain.

"Hayabusa… Ryu. You stupid fuck. Come back!"

Hayate suddenly appeared in the doorway without her noticing; his hand outstretched for the note. She held it out almost hesitantly, as a realisation slowly dawned.

I don't want him to see it. It's my note. My personal note, a note just for me. Not for Hayate.

She abruptly pulled her hand away and instead, stared into her half-brother's eyes.

"Hayabusa says he's sorry,"

"What…" Hayate stopped dead. "What sort of a note is this?"

"A note of a new beginning, I think,"

Hayate suddenly looked desperate. "Please, Ayane…"

"No," she pocketed the note. "He'll be back. I know he will."