Title: Common interests

Author: Snacky

Email: snknjak@yahoo.com

Rating: PG or PG-13

Summary: What would happen if Lister found a PDA and shared it with Rimmer. In the format of Lister and Rimmer chat.

Disclaimer: I do not own Red Dwarf or any of its characters, they belong to Ed bye, Grant and Naylor and the people at the BBC. I make no profit from this Fic; it's purely for entertainment.

A/N After doing a Stargate emailing Fic, I wondered what it would be like to have Lister and Rimmer chatting in messenger. This Is set like Blue Topaz's Stargate - His and Hers series, which if you like Stargate I suggest you check it out, a brilliant story by a brilliant author!

Note: To help confusion, the first part is to lead into the getting of the PDA's and the next parts will just is them chatting, got it? Good!

It was one of those days that was so boring you felt like setting your hair on fire just so you would have something to do. That's why Dave Lister decided to go search all the officers quarters, well not all of them that would take way to long.

So far he had gone through three of the officers quarters and the most remotely interesting thing he had found was a packet of whiskey chewing gum.

He had now entered the fourth quarters, this when he found laying on The table two PDA's. He had seen these before only the higher ups were allowed to use them. It was like a little computer that fit into the palm of your hand, games, music, document recorder and the best bit messaging. Unfortunately if he wanted to use this feature he would have to give it to either the cat Kryten or Rimmer.

He took them both and decided to go play with them in his quarters.

It had been two days since he found his PDA's and he wanted to try out the messenger feature but he knew that as soon as he did he'd never get one of them back. In the end he decided to give it to Rimmer, Not the most likely choice I know but if he gave it to the Cat he'd either ignore him or constantly tell him what he was doing or how nice he was, Besides The Cat slept most of day anyway.

He though of giving it to Kryten but Kryten would probably constantly as him how he was and if he needed anything. So by the powers of deduction that left him with Rimmer.

Lately he only saw Rimmer at night because with him only recently getting his hard light drive he had decided to go exploring the ship by himself. Now that he had finally made his decision he had to get to work on getting an impossibly unbeatable score on Rimmer's PDA.

He had just gotten his highest score when Rimmer came walking in.

"Hey man!"

"Listy! I can see you've had a very productive day"

"Yea, yea, I actually wanted to give you this"


"Well I just wanted to try it out, ya know if you get bored you can talk to me"

"Lister the whole reason I go exploring the ship is to get away from you, you ugly goit!"

"Fine if you don't want it"

"I never said I didn't want it"

"alright here you go, Night"


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The next chapter will be in messaging format and if I continue, will be for the rest of the Fic.