Adriane, Kara, and Emily sat in the glade with Stormbringer and Ozzie. They had just been told that there is still one mage needed. The Fairimentals had just told Stormbringer.

"Yes." the kind voice said in their heads. Ozzie nodded slowly. Adriane sat there, open-mouthed in slight disbelief. Kara was kneeled, slumped, on a soft patch of grass near the trees that surrounded the glade. Emily heaved a heavy sigh and shrugged.

"We could use some he-" she started.

"No!" Adriane cut her off. "I already have to share this with-with-with her!" She pointed angrilly to Kara, who glared and crossed her arms, pouting. Emily rolled her eys and suddenly thought up a new subject.

"If we're the healer, warrior and blazing star, then what is this new person supposed to be?" she asked the wolf.

"She is the stinger." Stormbringer informed them.

"The stinger..." Adriane echoed in disbelief.

"How will we find her?" Kara asked, ignoring the disbelieving outbursts coming from the girl next to her.

"You will just know. It's like when they found you." Seeing the quizical looks on their faces Stormbringer added, "There is only one way to find her."

"How!?" Kara, Emily and Adriane said in unision, followed by and look of curiousness from the gold-brown ferret. Strombringer lookeds at all of them then continued.

"She has a sharp tounge and sharp eyes, and can make anyone that bothers her regret it." she finished.

"Sounds like somebody we know..." Kara glanced sideways at Adriane, who ignored her.Emily thought hard. Who did they know who was like that?

Kara, on the other hand, watched as Stormbringer padded over to the edge of the pond in the center of the glade and lap up some water. Adriane got up and paced, shooting glares and looks of deep thought at the beautiful wolf. Checking her watch, Kara stood up.

"Oh, god...It's almost 10:00! I have a 10:00 curfew, remember!?" she looked at the girls, who were startled by her sudden outburst.

"Yeah," Emily nodded and stood as well, "I have to get home." Adrian stopped pacing and groaned.

"Alright! Alright! I'll go home too." she held up her hands in defeat.

After Stormbringer told them when to meet her again, the three girls headed out of Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve together, though splitting up when the reached Adrian's house.