"What now?" Emily asked, after standing and surveying the scene. Storm reappeared and looked at Kara.

"Call the Dragonflies."

"Ok...Dragonflies!" she cupped a hand around her mouth.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

"Keekee!!" a golden dragon perched itself on top of Kara's head. She smiled.

"Attention!" she called. The five little dragons stopped in midair and fell into line.

"What're you waiting for? Start spinning!" and with that the little creatures spun.

"Now what, Storm?"

"Ask them to show you Aldenmore."

"Aldenmore it is." Emily said.

"Alright lil' guys, you heard her! Aldenmore!" Kara smiled. Emily and Adriane put their hands out and Kara touched them, creating a magic beam to connect into the portal.

"Now, rememeber girls, Aldenmore." The wolf's eyes glittered.

The five dragons centercircle fuzzed and then went blank again.

"Ugh!" Adriane threw her hands up, causing her to hit Kara in the nose.

"Ow!" Kara rubbed her nose. Tasha snorted. The three girls looked at her.

"Wait, how did you two defeat the Dark Sorceress anyway?" Ozzie asked, stepping up to a rock and scrambling on to it.

"Oh well, Tash did most of the-"

"It's Tasha."

"Right. She did voodoo on her."

"How?" The wolf cocked it's head to the side and watched Tasha. Tasha shrugged.

"All I did was normal voodoo. Took a strand of hair and a square of cloth and the magic did the rest." Tasha smiled and pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. Adriane, Kara, Emily, and Ozzie looked confused.

"So," Ozzie said, "voodoo really works?" Tasha nodded.

"If you really believe." Her eyes flashed. Ozzie gulped. Tasha smiled and picked him up. Ozzie squirmed.

"Let me show you, ferret-boy." she smirked and pulled a hair from his thick body.

"Ooch!" Ozzie rubbed his back. Tasha pulled a stick off of the ground and wrapped the short hair around it and pulled a rubber band from behind her hair. She made sure the hair was in place before drawing the face. The other girls watched in awe as she tossed the stick into the air and caught it, sending Ozzie into the air as well.

"Woah! This is so weird!" Ozzie cried. Emily caught him as he fell back.

"Keeeeekeeeeeeee!" a gold little dragon fly called from within the rotating circle. The girls, Tasha included, focused back on them.

"Ok, let's try this again with your help." Kara said, turning to Tasha.

"Ok, bu-"

"Wait! I have a better idea! Wait right here!" Emily suddenly turned and ran through the trees. Tasha looked at Adriane, who looked at Kara, who looked at Storm who, glanced at Ozzie, who was desperately trying to pull a large bowling ball-sized fruit from Tasha's backpack.

"Hey!" Tasha grabbed her backpack. Ozzie looked up at her.

"Sorry, but what is that?"

"A grapefruit, why?"

"Because I'm hungry!" Ozzie said, smiling and rubbing his stomach. Adriane rolled her eyes.

"Your always hungry, Ozzie!" Adriane said, patting the ferret on the head. Kara smiled. Tasha pulled the grapefruit from her bag and flipped out her pocket knife with such speed, Ozzie jumped. She sliced the fruit into five different peices.

"Here." She handed Kara, Adriane and Ozzie a peice. Ozzie stuck his face in it and began eating right away. She looked at Storm and offered her a peice. Stormbringer shook her head and stepped back.

"No thank you, Stinger."

"That reminds me, you still haven't explained this whole 'magic' thing to me." Tasha said. Kara looked startled. She swallowed the grapefruit in her mouth and explained the best she could along with the help of Storm and Adriane, ok, and maybe a bit from Ozzie.

Once they finished, Tasha nodded and Emily came crashing into the clearing.

"I found it!" she said, holding up a bright sparkling horn. Tasha looked at her, eyes flitting slightly over the glinting horn in her hand. She explained as fast as she could. Tasha nodded again then glanced at the dragons, which were now pulling playfully at Kara's hair.

"Ok, I want to see Aldenmore!" Emily clutched the horn and seemed to be wishing very hard. A light shot into place a few feet away, creating a portal, showing a dark, charred, deserted land.

"Throw her in, before the portal closes. Storm said, tugging on the sorceress's cloak. Tasha smiled.

"Let me do the honor." She threw the voodoo doll into the portal and the woman went along with it, but as the woman's loong cloak finally dissappeard into the portal, a huge dragon-like creature came bound out through it.

"Drake!" someone called. Suddenly a boy came crashing out of the portal, just to stop in front of Adriane.



"Guys! The portal-" Kara exclaimed.

"It's gone." Emily said.