I'll love you always mommy- part 1

This is the sequel to Sleeping Beauty so, as you probably already know it takes place in the alternate reality after Cloud and Aeris has their daughter Iris. You probably want to read Sleeping Beauty if you want this story to make sense, I also don't own Final Fantasy.

I like to thank my many reviewers, who have made writing so much fun, I never would have continued without you here are a few dedications:

Jennifer, Christi, Lena and the many other people who gave all my stories good reviews there's going to be a little surprise for some of you.

My little sister, who in the first place gave me the idea to write Sleeping Beauty when she suggested I write a fairy tale like scenario for Final Fantasy, she also encouraged me to keep writing when I thought I wasn't good enough.

Now on to the story:

CHAPTER 1: A parent's love

Iris voice: daddy, help me I am scared

The voice of his only daughter ringed in his head, the man named Cloud Strife looked around trying to find his daughter, his eyes widened with fear, he knew this place it was the very same place.......no he couldn't think about that moment it was filled with too much pain. All Cloud could have to focus on right now was find his daughter and leave this cursed place.

Iris voice: daddy...

Cloud: Iris just hang on, I'm coming

Iris voice: please hurry

Cloud ran through the many corridors of the wretched place and found himself in the main shrine and there kneeling at the alter was Iris!!!!

Cloud: IRIS!!! I'm here don't worry *runs up to Iris*

Just than Cloud felt his entire body freezing up the very moment he got close to Iris, Cloud looked up his heart sank he could see a dark figure descending down on Iris with sword drawn. It was happening again!!! Someone he loved was going to die and he was helpless to help, Cloud tried frantically to move but he couldn't, he screamed hoping for the moment to not happen but there was nothing he could do for it was.

Iris: DADDY!!!!!

Figure: like mother, like daughter

Cloud: IRIS!!!!! NO!!!!

Cloud than wakes up, he was no stranger to that dream for he was having it for several weeks now. After having the dream he would always do the same thing, he would run into Iris' room to check that if she was okay, like always she was peacefully fast asleep.

Cloud: good, your okay, *leaves her room* what does that dream mean? Does something want to hurt Iris? The question is who? And why? Well whatever it is, I promised your mother that I'll always protect you and that's what I going to do.

Just as simply as he had done that Cloud headed back to his room for the remainder of the night, constant questions filling his head.

Chapter 2: Questions

Iris Gainsborough Strife was like any ordinary 6 year old. She lived with a loving parent, she got a regular education and she had her share of friends, excitement and fun. (Well okay she wasn't quite ordinary, she and her friends seemed to be smarter than any ordinary 6 year old but they still want to have fun just the same.)

Iris: Hi guys!!! I hope I'm not too late

Jennifer: oh hi Iris we were waiting for you

Jennifer was a kind and sweet little girl and was Iris' best friend. You would rarely see them apart; Jenn also stood up for Iris when the odds were packed against her. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be friends in the really distant future.

Christi: yeah like where were you? Did ya have that dream again?

Christi was the same age as Iris but seemed like an older sister to her. Christi was always trying to find ways to help Iris and at the same time can't help but playfully tease her once in a while. Christi also doesn't like Tifa because she feels that Tifa is "hitting" on Cloud, (which at one point was true) Iris' father. She knows that Iris doesn't seem to have a mother and knows that whomever it was, was the best to Iris and she feels that Tifa would be a terrible mom so she wants to prevent that for Iris.

Lena: yeah!!! Like the one where the man on the gold chocobo come and sweep of ya feet? Like is he your lover? Oooooooo Iris has a boyfriend

Lena was the mythological believer and the joker of the group. She liked to crack jokes and try to be funny and at the same time she believed in everything farfetched you might say. She believed in destiny, fate and all that was considered fantasized like the Cetra or the Promised Lands. She hung out with Iris because she considered her so fascinating to hang out with but she didn't know why. (If only she knew Iris was a Cetra)

Iris: please don't make fun of that dream, like that takes place like when I'm like an adult or something. So like its not gonna happen if it ever does for quite some time

Lena: hey I was only joking

Christi: you know what she's like Iris, you don't have to take it so personally

Iris: yeah I know

Jennifer: what's wrong Iris? You don't sound like yourself today

Iris: it's nothing, so like what do ya want to do today?

Jennifer: well we can go to my house my mom's going to do some baking so we can help her out and maybe get to lick the spoon

Iris: no I don't feel like doing that

Christi: okay, maybe my mom can take us to the mall and we can buy that SQUALL or RINOA doll we've all been saving up for

Iris: no I guess I don't want to do that too

Lena: I know, we can go see that new Cetra exhibit with my mommy

Iris: no maybe later

Jennifer: Iris what is wrong? You'll usually be the first to do any of those things

Iris: I guess I'm not feeling well that's all

Christi: Iris that's not the only problem is it? You can tell us we're your friends

Lena: Yeah like if you can't trust us who can ya?

Iris: well okay, it wasn't until recently I don't know what but I feel there's something missing in my life

Jennifer: something missing?

Iris: yeah but I don't know what it is I know maybe my daddy knows

Christi: Iris I noticed something you seem to do everything with your dad and only him

Iris: are you saying that I should spend time with someone else?

Lena: well don't you have a mommy? Like when I can't spend time with daddy like when he has'ta work my mommy takes care of me

Iris: well Auntie Tifa takes care of me, when dad has to work doesn't that make her my mommy?

Christi: NO!!! ANYONE BUT HER!!!

*Everyone stares at Christi*

Christi: sorry I kinda overreacted, Iris does you Auntie Tifa live with your daddy?

Iris: well no

Christi: than she's not your mommy she just baby-sits you

Iris: than I guess I don't have a mommy

Jennifer: you don't have a mom? Than who takes you places?

Iris: well my daddy does

Lena: who makes you really yummy treats?

Iris: my daddy does

Christi: who tucks you in at night and tells you stories and sings you songs when you can't sleep?

Iris: my daddy does those things too

Lena: woah Iris your lucky I wish my daddy can do all those things but the last time he tried to cook anything he nearly set the kitchen on fire

Iris: maybe that is what's missing in my life, maybe it's because I don't have a mommy, but why don't I have a mom and everyone else does?

Lena: maybe a man with a gold chocobo swept her off her feet and took her when you were only a baby

*Everyone stares at Lena*

Lena: what?

Jennifer: maybe your dad knows, Iris but was keeping this a secret from you

Iris: but why would he want to do that? Daddy tells me everything

Christi: maybe he's doing it cause he doesn't want you to be sad sometimes when my parents have a sad secret they don't tell me like when KUPO my pet moogle died they didn't want to tell me

Jennifer: but Christi how did you know?

Christi: well KUPO sleeping for a very long time isn't a very believable excuse

Iris: well maybe I never had a mommy to begin with

Jennifer: Iris what's your middle name?

Iris: uummm Gainsborough, why?

Jennifer: well that sounds like it could have been you mother's maiden name, most girls are named after their mother in some shape or form so she must have existed besides that's just ridiculous everyone must have had a mother in some point of their lives

Iris: maybe your right *starts to run off* Thanks guys I'm going to go home right now and ask daddy about mommy

Jennifer: there she goes

Lena: so like what do you want to do now?

Christi: wanna go with my mom to the mall?

Jennifer and Lena: okay

Chapter 3: Why don't I have a mommy?

We now are taken to the Cloud residence, Nibelhaim the same scene, the same home where the story Sleeping Beauty took place. Cloud Strife usually dwells here when he's not at work and is always prepared to answer any questions that his daughter might have but today the question she has might be able to be answered so easily even for Cloud.

*We see Cloud sitting at home playing a game of solitaire (lately he's been playing that a lot) just than his own daughter runs in*

Cloud: now where was that 3 of clubs? I saw it somewhere

Iris: hi daddy

Cloud: oh hello Iris, why aren't you playing with your friends

Iris: well I was going to but daddy I want to ask you something

Cloud: okay you can ask me anything

Iris: daddy...this problem has only bothered me recently but why don't I have a mommy? Like where is she?


Iris: daddy?

Cloud: Iris hon? Can you please go to your room for a minute?

Iris: am I in trouble? Did I say the wrong thing? I'm sorry daddy.

Cloud: no don't worry Iris you're not in trouble I just need time to find the right words.

Iris: okay *leaves*

Cloud: I was hoping this day would never come, the day Iris would ask who her mom is. I don't think I can answer that question for her what can I say? That hey your mother willingly got stabbed in the back so she can save this very planet? I can't tell her that her mother's dead, that the only thing alive is her memory I can't tell her any of these things I don't want her to carry the same emotional pain that I have. However than again, she may only be six years old but she seems like she's all grown up, Iris please stop growing up so fast I want to be your father some more.

*Meanwhile in Iris' room*

Iris: I wonder why daddy sent me to my room? Maybe what he's going to tell me about mommy is bad, maybe he's just trying to think of a way to tell me nicely that mommy doesn't love me or something. That has got to be it he's trying to tell me that mommy never loved me and left me when I was born, why does mommy not love me? Did she not want me? Oh I wish I could have heard what she had to say about me

???: (If she had spoken to you, she would have told you that she loves you and she hasn't been more proud having you as a daughter)

Iris: HUH??!! WHO SAID THAT??!!

???: (I did, Iris you are part of the very few that can hear my voice, your mother was able to and her mother before her)

Iris: w-who are you? Why are you speaking in my head?

???: (I am the giver of life, the watcher of all my children that dwell, child I am the Planet itself)

Iris: The Planet? No way, no one can speak to the Planet unless you are an Ancient or whatever it was called I even learned that in school

Planet: (there were more things that you father kept a secret from you besides the true identity of your mother, like your true heritage for example, you Iris are and always will be a Cetra and so will your children after you)

Iris: a Cetra? But if you can talk to me why did you choose now to speak to me?

Planet: (Your mother was the very same age when she asked me that, I couldn't speak to you before because I felt you were not ready to listen to me. Now that you want to learn about your mother, you have a sudden sense of maturity and I feel you will want to listen)

Iris: wow I bet you can tell everything about mommy, but I feel that I want my daddy to tell me about mommy if that's okay with you

Planet: (that's understandable, you want the person the closest to you to tell you and I'm sure he can tell you even better than I can ever but is there anything else you would want to learn?)

Iris: there is actually, can you tell me about mommy's, I mean our race? Why did daddy keep it a secret from me?

Planet: (Your race the Cetra lived quite a long time ago, they were a peaceful race that liked to move from place to place like nomads. However some did not want to move and stayed in one area and in time you might say forgot who they were, those people were your father's ancestors. Anyway you and your mother's ancestors kept learning more about their own magical properties and grew stronger, unfortunately an evil parasitic being that called itself Jenova came and threatened the peace. The almost all the Cetra were wiped out but they succeeded in defeating Jenova for the time being. However many years later and just before you were born, Jenova came back. Due to the greed of an evil corporation they actually tried to use it for their own twisted and selfish needs, not even for one second knowing who or what they were dealing with, and from doing so they created an evil being named Sephroith)

Iris: S-Sephroith? (Why does that name sound so familiar?)

Planet: (yes I'm not even sure myself how he really came to be evil, whether he went insane on his own or was manipulated by Jenova but he had plans that made any threat in the past seem small, he summoned something called METEOR. It was his plan to use it to damage me and when I was wounded, he was to feed off of my life force and become as powerful as a god, if that happened no living thing could exist)

Iris: that how was he stopped?

Planet: (your mother at the time was the only remaining Cetra, and thus the only one who could stop METEOR. She was the only one who could summon HOLY the only thing that can destroy the effects of METEOR, but before she realized what she had to do she fell in love with your father and they had you)

Iris: did they get married?

Planet: (no they never had the chance, for when your mother was summoning HOLY, Sephroith knew of the threat she would have made on his plans and attacked her, your mother didn't survive, but not before she summoned HOLY and foiled Sephroith's plans. Your father also defeated Sephroith himself and after it was all finished your father vowed to always watch you for her)

Iris: so does daddy really love me? Or is he doing it because he wants to do it for mother?

Planet: (do not doubt his love for you, he loves you just as much as he loves your mother)

Iris: so why did he keep this a secret from me?

Planet: (He was afraid, he feared that you would one day when evil returned you would grow up with the knowledge. He was afraid you would make the same sacrifice your mother did and never wanted it to happen, so he felt that if you did not know you would not do it. However do not hate you father for this he was doing it for he loves you and is trying to protect you)

Iris: no I don't hate him and I'll never will, I never realized that he went through life bearing this type of pain, he always seems so happy tell me does mommy love daddy as much as he loves her?

Planet: (yes, she still does now and forever)

Iris: I'm glad

*Just than Iris can hear her father calling her*

Iris: COMING DAD!!!! Well I guess my father wants to talk to me

Planet: (very well child, go and learn about your past with your father and Iris never forget who you are)

Iris: I won't you can count on that.

Chapter 4: Mommy through the eyes of others

Cloud: well Iris, are you ready to listen about your mother?

Iris: YEAH!!!!

Cloud: okay I was thinking....

*Just than than the phone rings*

Cloud: *picks it up* hello? Yeah, you want me at the office? I kinda have something important to do with my daughter so can't you get someone else? No huh? Well what happens if I just say no I don't want to? Uh-huh, that serious huh? Okay I'll do it but just this once but NEVER do this again, got it? Good I'm glad we're at an understanding. You want me at the office in half an hour? I think I can handle that *hangs up the phone*

Iris: who was it daddy?

Cloud: Iris the office called and apparently they need someone for a so-called important project, now if I had the choice I would refuse. However the boss thinks it's so important that I'll lose my job if I don't go, Iris I'm sorry I can't tell you today

Iris: aaaawwww

Cloud: I know I'm really sorry (unfortunately the job I have pays well to support Iris and myself if I was living alone I would have refused easily but I'm not I got to take that someone is living with me into consideration.) I'll tell you tomorrow and I will not let you down

Iris: okay daddy

Cloud: well looks like I'm going to have to call a baby sitter *dials a number on the phone*

*A few minutes later in Wutai*

Cloud: I'm sorta glad you can take care of her on such short notice, are you sure your going to be okay?

Yuffie: hey no prob, the kid and I get along just fine, don't we?

Iris: YEAH!!!!

Cloud: well, I better get to work, see you later honey

Iris: bye daddy *hugs him*

*Cloud leaves*

Yuffie: so kid, what would you like to do? Go to a movie? Look at hot guys? "Borrow" some materia

Iris: maybe later, Auntie Yuffie? Can I ask you something?

Yuffie: shoot

Iris: you knew my mother almost as well as daddy does, can you tell me something about her?

Yuffie: your mother huh? Well kid your asking the wrong person no one knew your mother better than your own father, Iris but what I can tell you is she was a kind and sweet woman and she was a really good friend to me. I remember the time I was a selfish brat thinking of no one but myself, in fact I remember the time I joined the group and was talking to her this one time...


Aeris: so why do you steal materia, Yuffie?

Yuffie: I just want to, okay?

Aeris: well I think you do it because no one actually gives you your own materia so I went out and got you this *gives Yuffie a wrapped box*

Yuffie: huh? What's this?

Aeris: just open it and see

Yuffie: *opens the box* OH MY GAWD!!!! A MATERIA KIT!!!!!

Aeris: *smiles* yep I got it just this afternoon

Yuffie: thank you Aeris, no ones ever given me something I usually have to borrow it

Aeris: yeah well, you now have some for yourself who knows maybe you can fully master them all

Yuffie: I wish I can give you something in return

Aeris: I don't need anything

Yuffie: come on, I use that look all the time you're hiding something or is it a someone?

Aeris: *blushes* well I have a crush on Cloud

Yuffie: I KNEW IT!!!!

Aeris: yeah but I should ignore any feelings I have for him, he's already taken

Yuffie: but whom?

Aeris: Tifa, aren't they an item?

Yuffie: girl, you got it all wrong Tifa is oogling over Cloud just as much as the next girl, in fact if I wasn't already taken I'll probably chase after him too

Aeris: you have a boyfriend?

Yuffie: well okay technically no but once he realizes me we'll be a item you'll see. However the point is that I think you should go for it and make him realize that your available and don't hesitate or your gonna lose your opportunity

Aeris: I don't know, what about Tifa? What happens if he likes her more? What about my old boyfriend, Zack? Wouldn't this be cheating on him?

Yuffie: listen, do you still love Zack?

Aeris: well, when I think about it I guess the feelings aren't there anymore and all I can think about is Cloud

Yuffie: good than you won't cheat on him if there's nothing there. Second as for the Tifa thing I think you should as least try, if he loves you great but if he doesn't than as that great poet said it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all

Aeris: okay I'll give it a shot, thanks Yuffie

*End flashback*

Iris: WOW!!! Did she really do and say all that?

Yuffie: every word, I'll never forget her she was a great friend. Now Iris you wanna go take a walk? Just to see what's going on in Wutai?

Iris: okay

*And so the two go takes a walk in the streets they run into a very familiar face*

Iris: hey Auntie Yuffie, isn't that, Uncle Vincent? Huh? Auntie Yuffie? Where'd ya go?

*Sees Yuffie in an alley muttering something to herself*


Iris: who? Uncle Vincent? Oh, I get it you like him

Yuffie: yeah okay, so you know my secret yes I do like him oh man what can I do? I never felt so nervous, what if he doesn't like me the way I like him?

Iris: why don't you be yourself and find out?

Yuffie: your right I shouldn't try and like him just because he's a tall, dark and totally gorgeous hunk, *regains herself* but I should get to know him that way it'll benefit the both of us, okay let's go

*The two walk over to Vincent*

Iris: hello Uncle Vincent

Yuffie: h-h-hi Vincent

Vincent: hello Yuffie, Little one

Iris: hey!! Who're your calling little? I'm already six moving on to seven

Vincent: *chuckles a bit* my apologies, shall I call you Lady Strife? Or maybe Lady Iris?

Iris: Lady Iris sounds good

Vincent: all right than, Lady Iris

Yuffie: s-s-so what brings you to Wutai, Vincent?

Vincent: oh I'm looking for this and that, and as well I'm on a date someone just asked me out

Yuffie: A WHAT??!!! WITH WHOM??!!!

Iris: *trying to change the topic* so Uncle Vincent did you know my mother as well?

Vincent: not as well as your father....

Iris: I already heard that before, I know can you tell me something about her?

Vincent: well not much I didn't personally get to know her as your father did but I can tell you something why I remember when...

*Flashback at Cloud and Co's campsite*

Vincent:.....Lucrecia there has not been a day that I have not thought about you and how much I failed you I promise whatever I do I will make up for what I did and than some...Lucrecia, how long have you been standing there?

Aeris: long enough, Vincent you put yourself through too much

Vincent: easy for you to say, at least you didn't let down someone you loved

Aeris: Vincent, I don't know where Lucrecia may be but I'm sure she loves you and hasn't forgotten you

Vincent: I hope your right but it's all my fault

Aeris: what is?

Vincent: if I had told Lucrecia that I loved her or told her that Hojo was an evil man maybe she wouldn't have married him or had Sephroith who's damaging this very Planet

Aeris: that is a big what if, Vincent you can't change the past and you just wanted her to be happy, we must accept what happened in our lives and live our destinies to it's very end no matter how frightening it is

Vincent: you sound like you know something Aeris, what is it?

Aeris: nothing that needs to be explain right now just tell Cloud, Vincent that I said I want him to be happy and if anything should ever happen I'll always love him

Vincent: what do you mean by that?

Aeris: oh I said too much *runs into the tent*


*End Flashback*

Vincent: (did she know? Did she know what was going to happen to her? That explains why she said that)

Iris: wow, the more I know about mother the more I actually want to meet her.

*Just than Tifa enters*

Tifa: hi guys

Vincent: oh here's my date

Yuffie: YOUR DATING TIFA??!!!!

Tifa: you don't have to yell Yuffie, yes I am. Can't stay single forever

Iris: hi Auntie Tifa I'm asking people about what they know about mommy do you have that you can tell me?

Tifa: *grows a little sad* no I don't, I should be the last person you should ask anything about your mother

Iris: aaawww why?

Tifa: please just don't ask me, it's because, it's because I...well I just can't tell you I'm sorry, please Vincent can you take me someplace?

Vincent: all right *turns and leaves*

Yuffie: NOT WITHOUT ME!!!!! *grabs Iris' hand and follows them*

Vincnt: I guess we're going to have a little company so where to Tifa? Tifa?

Tifa: (I remember I was really good friend's with Aeris but when that day happened it all changed I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for being so cruel to Aeris. I wish she were here so I can tell her that I'm sorry I didn't want to make an enemy with her. I can't tell her daughter any of my ill thoughts I remember that day when...)

*Flashback: after Cloud and Aeris' date and a little before Aeris told Cloud that she was pregnant with Iris*

Doctor: I have run some tests and they do prove positive, congratulations Ms Gainsborough, your going to be a mother

Aeris: *grows really happy* seriously?

Doctor: yep, so I guess you can go home and tell your husband the good news

*Aeris leaves the hospital*

Aeris: (and I'm not even married to him, but maybe when I tell him this could strengthen our relationship. I can't believe that I have within me the final hope for the Cetra race and I did it with the man I love too but the question is how do I tell him the news?)

*However during all of this Tifa was listening to the conversation*

Tifa: HOW DARE SHE!!!!!

*Tifa than confronts Aeris later*


Aeris: what are you talking about?

Tifa: I overheard your conversation at the hospital I know what you did that few days with Cloud, how dare you!!! You knew very well I was in love with Cloud why did you take him away from me? YOU LITTLE SLUT, YOU JUST HAD TO GO AND SEDUCE HIM, DIDN'T YOU??!!

Aeris: Tifa, you got me all wrong I didn't seduce him, Tifa I'm sorry we kept this a secret from you but me and Cloud we're in love but we didn't want to tell anyone


Aeris: look I know your very upset I'm sorry you feel this way but I love Cloud, I realized that now. I don't want to abandon any feelings just because someone tells me I can't love him due to the fact they already are. I love him and I want to always be with him, maybe Tifa you don't really love Cloud because you don't know when to let him go. I hope you can forgive me one day Tifa, I don't want to be your enemy I want to be your friend *leaves*

*End Flashback*

Tifa: (she was right every word of it, I don't know when to let go. I thought when I was young Cloud would always be the one for me, but I was wrong I should have been supportive of their love and not be so bitter she must really hate me now)

Iris: Auntie Tifa? What's wrong? You look so sad

Vincent: yes tell me what's wrong

Tifa: it's nothing really, (Iris your such a great kid I remember the first day I saw you)

*Flashback after the incident of METEOR, Cloud was visiting where Elmyra was temporary residing due to Midgar's destruction*

Tifa: Cloud what are we doing here?

Cloud: you know you didn't have to come

Tifa: yeah I know but I'm curious why you visiting Elmyra

Cloud: well to pay my respects and to pick up someone...

Tifa: huh?

*Cloud enters the house and a few minutes later steps outside carrying a 1 year old Iris*

Cloud: Tifa, I'd like you to meet my daughter Iris Gainsborough Strife.

Tifa: *jaw drops* y-your daughter? How? How did she survive?

Cloud: huh? Tifa you knew?

Tifa: yes Cloud I did, I'm also extremely sorry Aeris told me that the two of you were in love and when I heard she was carrying your child I just snapped at her. I hope you can forgive me

Cloud: Tifa, you'll always be my friend and there will be no other person I trust more but you have to understand that I love Aeris with all my heart and I still do this is the final legacy that Aeris has left me. I'll mourn for her for the rest of my life but I will raise our daughter into a kind, beautiful young woman that Aeris was and shall always be in my heart.

Tifa: so you didn't tell me, how did she survive? I don't remember nine months passing that fast

Cloud: well just shortly after Aeris told me she was pregnant, her mother her real mother came to us and we were sent to the Promised Land where time moved faster there. We actually spent a year there but to this time it seemed like a few minutes

Tifa: oh *smiles* she has her mother's eyes

Cloud: yeah would you like to hold her?

Tifa: me?

Cloud: yeah just be gentle that's what Aeris taught me how to hold her

*End Flashback*

Tifa: (and when I saw you smiling at me I knew we were going to get along just fine I hoped helping to take care of you would help clear my soul of the wrong I did to your mother and you know what? I feel so much better I did do it I know I'll never replace your real mother Iris but you've been like a real daughter to me, thank you for giving me that chance)

Iris: Auntie Tifa?

Tifa: huh? Oh sorry I was lost in my thoughts so Vincent shall we continue that date? Vincent?

*Notices that during all that time she was lost in her thoughts Vincent has already started a happy conversation with Yuffie and it looked like it wasn't going to end anytime soon*

Tifa: *smiles* oh well I did take too long, guess it wasn't meant to be, oh *looks at her watch* gee it's almost 5:30 your father should be here for you in a few minutes come I'll take you to him

Iris: okay

Chapter 5: Today is at its end, what will tomorrow bring?

*Back at Cloud Strife residence a few minutes later*

Cloud: hi Iris how was your day?

Iris: it was really cool

Cloud: okay like I promised I'll tell you about your mother

Iris: you don't need to I know what she was like and I'm glad she was so cool but what I really want to know about is what the real her was like

Cloud: well not even I can answer that I unfortunately didn't get to know her that well but I think I know someone who can answer your question

Iris: who?

Cloud: well I can't tell you right now but Iris we're going to visit the very place you were born.

Iris: where?

Cloud: the Promised Land


Cloud: yep your really going to like it there the person who can tell you lives there

Iris: oh I can hardly wait

Cloud: okay but first go to sleep we're going to have a long day tomorrow

Iris: okay good night daddy *leaves*

Cloud: good night honey

*After Cloud makes sure Iris was asleep Cloud visits the oh so familiar bookcase passage to meet a very familiar person*

Cloud: hello again my love, how was your day? Mine was really annoying I wanted to tell Iris about you but the damn office called me down well tomorrow we're going to the Promised Land, to see your mother Ifalna and show Iris more about her wonderful mom. Aeris I love you and those feelings have never changed I hope one day you can come back to me, good bye my love *leans over and kisses her* I'll see you again

*Cloud turned and left but like before something happened if he had turned around he might have seen his lover crack a pretty smile*

*Meanwhile in a dark place a lone man talks to his "master" the ghost of Sephroith himself!!*

???: Lord Sephroith everything is going according to plan and your return to this Planet shall be assured

Sephroith: good with the child still living she poses a great threat to me but the moment she is dead nothing will be able to stop me not even Cloud

???: my lord with all due respect, why do you worry over a mere child? She is seems too young to be a real problem to you

Sephroith: true but the child has an unimaginable power dwelling within her, the mix of Cetra blood and the blood of the hero has made a powerful combination even at her age she still might pose a threat and I'm not taking any chances. Last time her mother was able to stop my plan for I underestimated her. I won't restart my plans until the final living Cetra is dead, understood?

???: yes my lord, when Cloud Strife and his daughter comes and visit the child shall not leave alive but what about her father? He will pose a very great threat in the assassination and I know I can't beat him in a fight

Sephroith: just listen to me very carefully I know his weaknesses he won't be a problem if you follow my advice

To Be Continued

Will Cloud and Iris be able to survive this fiendish plot? What about Aeris, despite her being dead why does she show signs of life? Find out in part 2 of I Love You Always Mommy

I'm sorry I've got to conclude it here but this story was originally supposed to be a one part story but it is longer than I thought so I have to split it in two. When I'm done writing this story I think I'm going to start writing a series based on Iris and her friends oh and don't try and convince me I'm already convinced to start writing it, well peace :)