I'll love you always mommy- part 3

We all know the drill. I do not FF7 characters, locations and etc never have never will. (well maybe there's the unlikely chance I could earn trillions of dollars and buy into the company and start writing an Aeris/Cloud FF7 sequel, *sigh* a guy can dream can't he?)

The only things I do own are the made-up characters i.e: Iris (Aeris and Cloud's daughter), Sirea (beautiful Cetra woman from another story), Christi, Lena, Jennifer, Mel and Jordan. (Actual people who DO own their own names but I borrowed them for story purposes and plus I like writing real actual people in my story, makes things interesting that way)

Okay for anyone who's stuck by me so far, have probably been asking or complaining: WHERE THE HELL IS THE CLERIS ROMANCE??!!! WHEN IS AERIS GOING TO WAKE UP AND BE WITH CLOUD??!!! Gee those ARE very good questions but we can all rejoice :) cause the real Aeris/Cloud romance starts here.

signs mean that during a flashback scene the person is talking in the present and obviously when you don't see those signs people are talking in the past.

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Now on to the story:

We last left Cloud and his daughter Iris in the Promised Land, it is a time of sadness and confusion, Cloud almost died trying to sacrifice himself to save Iris. While he is still alive and will eventually pull through it has left Iris in a state of depression, she lost her mother without even getting to know her, will she lose her father?

Chapter 1: My mother and father's secret

*The scene begins with Iris still in her father's room sitting next to him while he rests, Ifalna than quietly opens the door*

Iris: *without looking up* did my friends get home okay?

Ifalna: they did, they are very worried about you

Iris: I don't blame them, I would be too if I were in their place but they understand I have to do this, that's why there my friends they understand me, they don't respect my decision but they understand it

Ifalna: you've made very nice friends back at your home I'm glad

Iris: why?

Ifalna: well I worry about you and your father, I worried how you would feel and react to the world without a mother figure but I see you that I shouldn't worry you are the very spitting image that she was

Iris: *smiles* thank you, why do you worry about dad?

Ifalna: the pain he puts himself through everyday

Iris: yeah I just realized I feel stupid for not seeing it sooner but he always seemed so happy but now I know the pain he's putting himself is tearing him apart little by little, but despite all that he still took care of me and now....now he's hurt because of me

Ifalna: *hugs her* it's not your fault. Poor little one you don't deserve to witness what you did

*Cloud stirs a bit and wakes up*

Iris: daddy? DADDY!!!!! You're awake

Cloud: *smiles a bit* hello Iris, I'm glad to see your okay

Iris: I'm okay? You should be asking yourself that question you were the one that got crushed by the statue

Cloud: point taken, besides didn't I say that you had to leave?

Iris: I know, but I don't want to leave not until you get better daddy and there's nothing you can tell me that will change my mind

Cloud: (sigh, once she has her mind set on something she won't change it just like her mother I guess there's no point in arguing) okay I guess you can stay but just stay out of trouble

Iris: YAY!!! *hugs him* your the BEST, daddy

Cloud: hey, ow watch the ribs

Iris: sorry

Ifalna: let's go Iris, I think your father needs his rest

Iris: okay, get well soon daddy *leaves with Ifalna*

The rest of the day was a peaceful one and Iris got to learn more of herself and the Cetra race. She also got to learn a little of her mother but all that she was told about her mother is nothing in comparison to what she was going to hear tonight

*Scene still Ifalna's house*

Ifalna: okay little one time for bed

Iris: aw okay *gets in bed* grandma?

Ifalna: yes

Iris: would it be too much trouble if you....

Ifalna: told you a bedtime story?

Iris: how did you know?

Ifalna: I was once your age a long time ago, and I learn to predict these things

Iris: well can you?

Ifalna: of course what would you like to hear?

Iris: well can you tell me a story about mommy, like when she was a kid

Ifalna: that is a little difficult as I didn't really get to know her, did you ask your other grandmother? She really was the one that raised her

Iris: well yes but she didn't really want to tell me when I asked she always seemed to change the subject

Ifalna: I see, I guess she didn't want to talk about her and I understand how she was feeling, Iris there's two types of people in this world when it comes to remembering and your foster grandmother is one type

Iris: and they are?

Ifalna: there's the type who hide their pain of the feelings of their loved ones they don't want to make any mention of them.

Iris: why?

Ifalna: I'm not sure myself I guess it has to do with the fact they don't want to forget the person or they want to shoulder the pain of loss all by themselves but whatever the reason, they are alone. Don't get them wrong it's not because they want to but because they don't want to be open.

Iris: I know, it took a really long time for daddy to get to talk about mommy in fact it took me my whole life till now

Ifalna: tell me when you were growing up, did you know you had a mother?

Iris: I'm really not sure I was with daddy all the time and he always was there for me but...I guess I always had an emptiness in my heart but I never knew what it was. Anyway grandma what are the second type of people like?

Ifalna: they are the ones who aren't afraid of telling of their loved ones. I am always filled with joy every time I talk about Aeris even though is has been a long time since I saw her. Also I think I've just the story for you, it is about your mother and your father and a very special bond they always held they both don't know this of course.

Iris: what do you mean?

Ifalna: You see your father and mother both believe they met for the very first time in the Midgar slums but I know they really met even before that, I know because I was there it happened a long time ago....when your mother and father were both only babies

*Flashback, Icicle Inn at least 26 years ago*

Ifalna: your mother was only 1 and half at the time, I was taking a walk one-day

Ifalna: *carrying a baby Aeris* it's a beautiful day isn't it Aeris?

Aeris: *giggles*

Ifalna: one day Aeris I know your going to see the world, I have a great feeling of this but for now *cuddles her a bit* your my special little girl

Aeris: *giggles more*

Ifalna: we walked past the inn there and I noticed two very troubled people a man and a woman outside

Ifalna: what's the matter? Is something wrong? You both look troubled

Man: my wife and I were taking a vacation, you know one of those see the world trips? Well my wife recently had a baby.

Ifalna: that's wonderful

Man: but have you've heard the weather forecast for the next few days?

Ifalna: yes I heard that there was going to be terrible storms

Man: normally if it was just my wife and I, we would go home but...

Ifalna: you don't want to risk your child on the trip?

Man: yes

Ifalna: I see why don't you stay at the inn?

Man: well we just got here and there were no vacancies unfortunately

Ifalna: (that's awful they can't stay out in the cold) Mr?

Man: Strife, Alex Strife and that's my wife, Aya and our son well he doesn't have a name yet

Ifalna: Mr. Strife your family can stay with us until the storms clear

Alex: really? Ma'am we are forever in your debt

Ifalna: think nothing of it

Ifalna: they were total strangers but I couldn't leave them when they had an innocent baby so I decided to let them stay with me

Iris: wait, was the baby's family that you invited my dad's family?

Ifalna: you really are a very bright girl. Well I don't know what it was but I knew the nameless boy and my daughter seemed to have some sort of special bond

*Scene Ifalna and Professor Gast's home*

Ifalna: you can put your son next to our daughter I'm sure they'll get along well

Aya: okay *puts Cloud in Aeris' room*

Ifalna: you have a very cute baby

Aya: thank you, so do you

Ifalna: how old is he?

Aya: only a few months, he was born back in Nibelhaim

Gast: so why doesn't he have a name?

Alex: well that's my wife's fault

Aya: Alex!! What he means is I feel that a name is supposed to be something very special and something that shouldn't be easily given. I know the right opportunity will give him one

Alex: wife's special customs in her hometown in (choose a town that you like :)) they believe that the child will pick their own name by their first word. But I find that very silly. What happens if our son can't pick his own name? If we let my wife have her way our son will probably go through the rest of his life being called Nanashi (No Name)

Aya: at least our son will probably pick better names than you, imagine naming him after his grandfather

Alex: and what's wrong with that?

Aya: you were named after him, I'm not calling our son Alex

Alex: and what's wrong with that?

Ifalna: it's obvious how much those two care for each other

Iris: woah woah, dad's parents argued?

Ifalna: almost all the time

Iris: and they are still married to each other

Ifalna: they had a love-hate relationship, just because they argued that only hid the true feelings they had for each other

Iris: so what about mom and dad?

Ifalna: well we kept them both in the same crib and for the whole time that they stayed neither your mother or father made a fuss but rather it almost was like they were silently chatting with each other. However a few days later

Alex: thank you Mrs. Gast our son survived the experience because of your kindness

Ifalna: think nothing of it

*everyone enters Cloud and Aeris' room and see the children both asleep*

Aya: look at them I almost feel sorry that we have to go *picks infant Cloud who starts crying a bit Aya than tries to calm him down* aww don't cry, look honey the storms cleared, look at the beautiful sky

Alex: yes dear, there's always something about the sky after a storm of any sorts cleared maybe it has something to do with the clouds in the sky

Cloud: Cwoud...

Aya: huh? What did you say?

Cloud: Cwoud...

Ifalna: I think he's trying to say "Cloud"

Aya: oh my precious baby boy finally said his first word!!!! Okay from now on you will be named Cloud

Alex: your naming him Cloud?

Aya: and why not?

Alex: *sigh* oh well I guess we should be glad his first word wasn't some profanity well I guess we burdened you enough it's time for us to leave

Ifalna: if you're ever around don't be afraid to come visit

Aya: thank you but after this "vacation" I think we're going to stop traveling and settle at home for the rest of our lives, you know live a nice peaceful life. *Cloud starts crying again* sshhh don't cry, we're going home

Alex: I think he already misses his new friend

Aya: yes that could be it, *turns to Ifalna* your daughter is the very first friend he's ever had

Ifalna: I'm sure Aeris will be like that once she wakes up, I guess at even their age it's hard to say goodbye

Aya: but I have a feeling...

Ifalna: that they will meet again?

Aya: great minds do think alike, yes one day down the road they'll see each other again I'm sure of it but... I want them to recognize each other when they do *takes off a golden heart shaped pendant* honey can you cut this into two?

Alex: um okay *takes his sword that he carries and cuts it* but why?

Aya: *puts left half on Cloud* there Cloud, now you'll always be part of your special friend *gives the right half to Ifalna* here take this it's a present for you daughter

Ifalna: thank you *takes it* I see what your planning, the two halves of the heart are separated for now but one day both halves will join again, I will give this to her right away

Aya: yep

Alex: we can't thank you for all you've done, farewell

*End Flashback*

Iris: does, daddy and mommy still have those pendant pieces?

Ifalna: I'm not sure about your father but I know your mother always worn hers

Iris: that is so KEWL!!!! And even after all they've been through they still don't know

Ifalna: they'll both find out one day but Iris can you keep this a secret from your father?

Iris: I understand it'll be more romantic that way

Ifalna: well good night

Iris: good night grandma

Chapter 2: Why is there evil?

The next few days were progressing rather well, Cloud was making a faster recovery than medical sciences expected. (it was quite probable it was due to the Jenova cells he still possessed) Everyday Iris would visit her father, if she was not busy playing or helping Ifalna at her home. However today, Iris' life is going to change drastically forever.

*Scene Iris visits Cloud's room*

Iris: hi daddy, how are you feeling?

Cloud: *sitting on a chair reading a book and not taking his eyes off it* much better thank you

Iris: daddy you seem to heal really fast, grandpa said

Cloud: it would take longer? I know but I was always known as a fast healer, or maybe I'm too stubborn for my own good.

Iris: *laughs* so you can walk now daddy?

Cloud: yes I'd say by tonight we'll be home Iris

Iris: that's good *sees something that catches her eyes* hey daddy, what's that thing on your neck?

Cloud: what thing? Oh do you mean this? *Takes off his heart shaped pendant half*

Iris: yeah like where did you like get it?

Cloud: well it may seem strange Iris, but I have no clue. I asked my mom about it when I was around your age and she always told me "it was a gift from my best friend" though I thought that was rather weird I wasn't really as sociable as you were Iris, I...I was always alone.

Iris: but what about, Auntie Tifa? Wasn't she your childhood friend? She always told me about that

Cloud: well yes and no Iris. She was my friend but that wasn't until I was at least 10, she was very popular with the boys and hung out with them she never gave me a time of the day. However I never felt lonely because I always looked at this pendant and I knew it would always bring me good luck and I still believe it brings me good luck I was able to meet your mother, save the Planet and have you as a daughter.

Iris: hey daddy, where do you suppose the other half of that pendant went?

Cloud: I don't think this pendant even has a second half but if it does its probably lost somewhere far away

Iris: (wow, this is so cool, dad always kept his half of the pendant I wonder if did as well? I want to tell him that I know where he got it but I wanna keep it a secret for him to know)

Cloud: hello? Earth to Iris?

Iris: huh? Oh sorry daddy I'm gonna let you rest now, bye *runs out the door*

Cloud: *calls after her* Don't go off too far, remember your life's in danger *in his normal voice* why did I not like the look she gave me? She looked liked Aeris when she was hiding something *shrugs and goes back reading*

*Later, Iris is outside the town and is wondering by herself*

Iris: I wonder what I can do now? Dad is still recovering and Grandma is busy at the moment well I guess I can spend the rest of the day by myself

*Meanwhile staring at the distance*

???: good she is alone now that there is no one to protect her she is easy prey

*The mysterious figure attacks Iris*

Iris: huh? Who are you?

(Battle Mode)

Iris -lv 1 HP 100 MP 0
??? -lv 50 HP 4000 MP 500

???: I am going to be your demise kid, you are a threat to Lord Sephiroth therefore you must die

(??? Attacks Iris, Iris is damaged 500 HP- Iris falls unconscious)

(End Battle Mode)

???: hmph that was too easy I was expecting more sadly from the child of the great Cloud Strife, oh well *picks up Iris' prone body* well time to go

*Just than Ifalna enters*

Ifalna: I always knew that there was a traitor amoung us trying to kill the last hope for this Planet but never would I guess that it was you, Henry

Gast: FOOL!!! Your greatest weakness is you naivete, you are so naïve that it's sickening haven't you ever wonder during all this time why I came to the Promised Land? Gast by birth was never a Cetra and only the Cetra can have the privilege to see this place after death

Ifalna: that is not true humans can come here as well if their hearts are pure. I thought yours was and I came to accept you as my love but it's obvious that you are not my husband who are you?

Gast: I am a warrior created by Professor Hojo after the real Gast died he wanted to have have a person with all the knowledge of the original Gast and a fierce loyalty to him. However I was short lived for when Hojo died, I died as well but Lord Sephiroth contacted me just shortly after his defeat and asked for my services. I have no name so you may call me Gast and I was created to spy amoung your people and to bring the news to Lord Sephiroth

Ifalna: Sephiroth is dead why do you continue to serve him?

Gast: SILENCE!!!! Lord Sephiroth will never truly die and his return is assured just as long as this girl never sees the light of day

Ifalna: you are mad

Gast: on the contrary dear Ifalna, I'm quite pleased of these developments and I will also tell Lord Sephiroth to thank you for letting me walk cleanly past all security you made my job incredibly easy

Ifalna: don't call me that and I won't let you continue with this wicked plan

Gast: you cannot stop my plans so why don't you take a nice nap? *extends his free hand and blasts Ifalna*

Ifalna: argh *falls to the ground* well I came prepared, you really think I would confront you alone? I already reported all of this to my people so they will come and they will not rest until they hunt you down *goes unconscious*

Gast: hhhmmm the Cetra people I can take. But the girl's father would prove rather difficult even for me I must play this smart, immortality won't mean a thing if I die now. Well the father's very overprotective maybe I can play that to my advantage *looks at Iris* consider yourself lucky you get to live a little longer

*Meanwhile back at the Cetra town, Cloud has heard the news and needless to say is not taking it very well*

Cloud: ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! My daughter missing? And Ifalna went to confront the guy alone?

Jordan: yes, I'm sorry Mr. Strife we should have been prepared for this but we never would have guessed that Ifalna's own husband was the traitor. We have organized several search parties right now

Cloud: count me in

Jordan: but Mr. Strife...

Cloud: but what? Is it that fact I'm injured? I'm more or less better and I'm going whether you like it or not

Jordan: understood Mr. Strife

Cloud: is that a Buster sword you've got there?

Jordan: yes

Cloud: good give it to me

Jordan: all right *hands his sword over*


Cloud: *straps on the sword's sheath and puts on the sword in his trademark sword spin* okay I'm ready, show me the way Ifalna went

*Later Cloud is running in the right direction*

Cloud: man if ANYTHING happens to either Iris or Ifalna I'll never forgive myself

*On the way he sees Ifalna on the ground*

Cloud: Ifalna!!! *runs over to her* are you alright? Come on speak to me

Ifalna: *opens her eyes* Cloud...I'm glad...you...came, don't worry I'll be...alright Cloud I'm so sorry

Cloud: save it for later, where did Gast take Iris?

Ifalna: Cloud, he's not the real professor Gast merely a very good copy of him...I'm not sure where he went

Cloud: don't worry I just have an idea where, a nut job like him would probably want to psyche me so he'll go to one of the few places that brings back a lot of pain

Ifalna: are...you...saying, the Ancient Temple?

Cloud: yes and if I hurry I could probably intercept him *Cloud than takes off in the direction of the temple*

*Meanwhile, Iris has awoken on the shrine of the Ancient temple*

Iris: ooowww, my head...where am I?

Gast: your final resting place, ironic your mother died at the shrine of a temple and you shall share that fate

Iris: huh? Grandpa? Why are you doing this?

Gast: I am not your grandfather there never was, I am a soldier for the Great Sephiroth

Iris: why do you serve someone like that? He is evil

Gast: evil or not, I don't really care but the promise of immortality is very good don't you think?

Iris: and you believe him? After you're done he'll just simply kill you

Gast: I wouldn't worry too much about me, little girl when your life is going to be the one that is ending

Iris: than why don't you kill me now?

Gast: if I kill you now your father would not rest until I die so before I kill you I need to take him out of the picture and beside I'll be greatly rewarded for taking you both out

Iris: my daddy will beat you

Gast: *laughs* we shall see, oh and here he comes now

*Cloud enters*

Cloud: Gast, leave my daughter alone and maybe I'll spare you

Gast: aaahhh Cloud now this is the moment I've waited for the chance to test my own strength against the Cloud Strife *draws his sword* the one who defeated my master

Cloud: I've warned you and don't think I'm going to go easy on you, I know your not what you seem.

(Battle Mode)
Cloud- Lv 99 HP 9999 MP 999
Gast - Lv 50 HP 5000 MP 500

(Gast attacks Cloud, Cloud is damaged 1 HP of damage)

Cloud: is that the best you've got?

Gast: damn, it would appear your much stronger than I have anticipated

(Cloud executes limit break Lv 1: BRAVER, Gast is damaged 4999)

(End Battle Mode)

Gast: *clutching his shoulder* you are strong but at the same time weak now surrender or...*points his sword at Iris* your little girl dies

Iris: daddy don't, it's a trap

Gast: shut up you little brat

Cloud: all right *throws his sword on the ground* I don't care what happens to me just don't hurt Iris

Gast: fool *kicks Cloud's sword away* you let your emotions cloud your judgement, maybe that's why they call you Cloud, because of the clouds in your head

Cloud: enough with the dumb jokes, I'm the one your master wants just let Iris go

Gast: do you really think I'm going to let the girl go? She is the very reason why I kidnapped her your death is going to be an added bonus, you see Master Sephiroth fears the power of your little girl

Iris: *whispers* my dad's enemy....fears me? I thought he was after daddy

Cloud: what power? Iris is only a normal little girl she doesn't have any power

Gast: quit denying it, you know that she does have it as much as I do she has the blood of your fighting family line as well as the blood of the powerful Cetra, Aeris this combination has created a powerful hybrid. You have no idea the enormous potential that she has instead you waste it by not teaching her how to fight.

*Gast than approaches Cloud and kicks him in his injured ribs*

Cloud: argh *goes down clutching his ribs*

Gast: or do you not care about your own daughter? After all she merely was the product of a one night affair you had with Aeris, why do you still take care of her? She is dead maybe you keep her corpse around for another cheap thrill in that case your sicker than I am *kicks him again*

Cloud: that's a lie, I love both Aeris and Iris and I'll do whatever it takes to protect them both, and no matter what you do to me I won't let you hurt Iris

Gast: perhaps your right, maybe your feelings are sincere but *kicks him in the ribs repeatedly* it is so much fun taunting you and watching squirm like the crumpled heap that you are. *Laughs evilly*

Iris: *closing her eyes so she doesn't have to see this and clutching her hans into fists of rage* daddy.....your getting hurt because of me...I don't care what happens to me but seeing you get hurt is the worse thing that can ever happen to me...your the only family that I had ever known you raised me ever since I was little and you never left my side...daddy...*finally her anger is released* LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU HEARTLESS CREEP!!!!!!!!

Gast: huh? Oh I almost forgot about you, now Cloud witness the death of your young child, like mother like daughter

Cloud: no


Cloud: Iris, what is happening?

Iris: father...it is my turn to protect you, daddy one thing that you always taught me is that you should always be there for your loved ones. You were always there for me now I'm going to return the favor

Gast: *grows a little nervous* what's this? So you DO have a little power well that still won't help you now time to die


White-aura Iris - Lv ??? HP ???? MP ???
Gast - Lv 50 HP 5000 MP 500

(Gast attacks, Iris is damaged 0 HP)
(Gast casts Fire 3, Iris is damaged 0 HP)
(Gast casts Ice 3, Iris is damaged 0 HP)

Gast: what's this? How are you able to block my attacks? Your power can't be this strong, maybe this is why Master Sephiroth fears you

Iris: you've hurt enough people now begone!!!!

(Iris executes Limit Break Lv ?: ???)
*Iris kneels and summons a giant white beam that collides into Gast*
(Gast is damaged 4X9999 HP of damage, Gast is defeated)


Gast: Lord...Sephiroth...I have failed you...*dies and disintegrates*

Cloud: Iris...

Iris: *still glowing white energy* thank for father, I knew you would come for me *kisses him on the cheek* I can always rely on you

Cloud: what? *gets up fully healed* amazing...I feel great

Iris: *smiles, stops glowing and passes out*

Cloud: IRIS!!!! *checks her pulse* good still alive that experience must have drained a lot of energy from her...but how did Iris know how to do that?

*Cloud still with questions in his mind picks up his daughter and heads out*

Chapter 3: All Fairy Tales need a happy ending

*Scene is back at Ifalna's house, Iris is lying in bed resting from her experience. Cloud is talking to a fully recovered Ifalna*

Cloud: and than suddenly right out of the blue she summoned a great deal of energy and began glowing white and practically eradicated Gast, I could almost feel Iris' power. But tell me, how was she able to do that? She lived a normal peaceful life until now and than suddenly it just comes.

Ifalna: interesting, though I am unsure of what had happened myself but it has greatly to do with her blood

Cloud: her blood?

Ifalna: yes as Gast had mentioned to you earlier, she has both the mix of you and Aeris' blood. There is no telling how powerful she can be or how much sleeping power she has within. Cloud I have read stories about Cetra who's powers multiply under a great deal of emotion and I have a feeling Iris is one.

Cloud: I see

Ifalna: Cloud...that was very lucky what happened I also want to apologize

Cloud: why?

Ifalna: because it is my fault of what has happened...I let my personal feelings for my husband, my real husband get in the way, it was because of my mistakes of not seeing the truth almost getting your daughter killed

Cloud: Ifalna, it's not your fault. You just missed him so much you wanted to believe anything that he was back...I can't tell you how I always felt that way about Aeris, just as long as you never forget him

Ifalna: yes I do still miss him...but I have a feeling that we'll be together someday

Cloud: now that's the mother in law attitude I want to hear

Ifalna: *in a sarcastic tone* yes sonny

Cloud: well what's going to happen now?

Ifalna: well I've decided to take the resident's offer and run for this town's leader and maybe I can find him someday

Cloud: your making the right decision I just know it

*Ifalna than moves up to Cloud and hugs him*

Ifalna: thank you Cloud, for everything

*Iris than wakes up*

Iris: daddy?

Cloud: oh Iris your up, do you want to go home now?

Iris: yep, let's go home daddy

Ifalna: farewell you two and good luck

*Meanwhile in a Dark-Place*

Sephiroth: so he has failed, oh well a minor set back will not stop me, soon everything shall be mine *just than Sephiroth gets a strange feeling* what's this? Yes...you've come back just as I have expected, my love you have come back to me so we can be together. My love only you are the one fitting as the role as my queen, while right now you do not feel about me the way I do, but in time you will be mine. *Evil laughter soon echoes the halls*

*Meanwhile later back to Cloud and Iris who find themselves back at the Forgotten Capital*

Iris: daddy, I have a question why was that fake grandpa so willing to do what he did?

Cloud: you know Iris, I really don't know some people are just so hungry for power they will go the lengths that Gast did it's sad but it's human nature to make decisions like that for they feel it's the right thing

Iris: I also want to make a decision too

Cloud: and what would that be?

Iris: daddy I want you to teach me how to fight like you do

Cloud: but why?

Iris: because I want to do what you do father and that's protect I want to protect the people I love. What happened was very lucky and I never felt so helpless in life daddy please you have to teach me for I want to follow in your footsteps, I don't know but I have a feeling evil will return.

Cloud: Iris I'm sorry I can't...fighting was the only thing I'm good at, my hands are stained with blood and I can't change anything about me. However you Iris can have a great life and grow up to be a normal girl because Iris though fighting brings many things it also brings some of the most unforgettable pains that I don't want you to experience. Iris I fought for peace so you don't have to be exposed to the pain and bloodshed, Iris I promise if anything should try and hurt you I'll protect you

Iris: (daddy...I know you mean well, but I feel that this is something I have to do. You can't protect me forever and I have a feeling that my destiny is to share yours. I will find someone to teach me or I'll learn on my own)

Cloud: well Iris, let's go home

Iris: uumm how do we get home?

Cloud: *realizes that they are far from home and Cid was the way they got there* I'll think of something

*Later, Cloud and Iris are at home in Nibelhaim they can finally relax*

Cloud: Iris

Iris: yeah?

Cloud: there's one last thing I want to show you about your mother

Iris: and what's that?

*Cloud leads Iris to the secret passage and shows the secret room to her*

Cloud: Iris, I want you to meet your mother

Iris: *looks at her* that was her?

Cloud: yes

Iris: she was here all the time, daddy?

Cloud: yes?

Iris: can I you know be alone?

Cloud: of course, take all the time you need *leaves*

Iris: mommy, so your my mother *smiles and tries to cradle in her arms* I've heard so much about you and yet never got to see you. *smiles* strange, mommy there were times I wondered why you weren't there and I thought it was because you didn't love me or you regretted having me, mommy I'm sorry...I should never think like that of you

*Just than Iris can feel someone stroking her hair and speaking in a very gentle voice*

Woman's voice: the only regret I EVER had, was that I couldn't see you grow up into the beautiful young girl that I see before me

Iris: huh? *looks and sees Aeris hugging her very much alive* MOMMY!!!! *hugs her back* mommy your awake but...

Aeris: *smiles* let's not worry about what happened in the past, right now I can finally meet you Iris

Iris: I know we have a lot of catching up to do mom, but first there's someone who wants to see you even more than I do

*Scene changes to Cloud in the living room playing more solitaire*

Cloud: now where was that queen of hearts?

Iris: daddy? There's someone who wants to see you

Cloud: does this person know where the Queen of Hearts is?

*Aeris walks up to Cloud from behind Iris*

Aeris: I believe it's right there Cloud *points to one of his cards*

Cloud: thanks...wait a minute *suddenly turns around, looks at Aeris and drops his cards stunned* Aeris? Is that you?

Aeris: well it's not Cait Sith

Cloud: *overwhelmed by emotions he embraces her which she returns* oh Aeris it is you, I'm so happy to see you

Aeris: and I am too

Iris: you two look like you need a lot of catching up to do, so I'll leave you alone *Iris leaves the room and goes to a nearby phone* hello, Jen? You'll NEVER guess what happened

*Back to Aeris and Cloud*

Cloud: Aeris, but how? How did you come back?

Aeris: it's a long story, the Planet wanted to resurrect me but there was a small problem

Cloud: and that was?

Aeris: there are two ways to revive someone first there's the instant way which revives instantly but leaves the person with near zero energy. I couldn't choose that way...

Cloud: because you were buried underwater...man I feel like an idiot for doing that

Aeris: it's not your fault, the second way was to put my soul in my body but I would remain in a long coma for several years but I would eventually come back and well today was the day.

Cloud: and I'm glad...but Aeris what happened if I didn't come for you?

Aeris: I was kinda taking a gamble there. I knew that if it didn't pay off I would die again and I couldn't come back twice but I had a feeling that you would come back

Cloud: it was because I don't know I felt you were more alive than Sephiroth left you, *while hugging her Cloud notices a familiar gold chain around her neck* hey Aeris what's that?

Aeris: you mean this? *takes off her half of the heart shaped pendant that she wore* oh it was a gift my mom gave me when I was a baby, it belonged to a boy who kept me company in my crib. When I was a little girl I dreamed that I would fall in love with that person who had the other half of this pendant, but you must think I'm crazy believing in such nonsense.

Cloud: I don't Aeris

Aeris: your just saying that

Cloud: no I really mean it *takes off his heart pendant* because I have a pendant that looks exactly like the other half of that

*The two stare at each other in a stunned silence they both take their pendant halves and try to put them together they fit perfectly*

Aeris: it was you. It's all coming back to me you were the boy that kept me company

Cloud: and you were that girl, I can't believe that all the time I knew you that I never noticed this before

Aeris: neither did I, say why did you only notice the chain today? You kept me in a room for six years

Cloud: well I didn't want to take anything from you, I wanted to keep your body the way I found it.

Aeris: that's sweet Cloud, a little silly but sweet

Cloud: Aeris the first time I met you, you always gave me a very special feeling that I never felt before now I know why. We had a past together even though it was very brief...you were the first friend I ever had

Aeris: and you were mine

Cloud: Aeris, I never want to let you go ever again I love you and I always want to be at your side so Aeris...*kneels down* will you marry me?

Aeris: *smiles* Cloud, I will always be at your side even if I never came back I will never leave you if we do not forget each other than we will always be an eternal part of each other and to answer your proposal, yes of course I'll marry you.

*The two than move in for the most passionate kiss that they both had waited six years for, it was filled with more love and passion than any other kiss they did before. It represented they were finally together. *

Cloud: *after breaking off kiss* you know Aeris I finally understand what your mom, Ifalna meant by your spirit being in a higher place than the Promise Land and what she meant by what was I waiting for.

Aeris: and that would be?

Cloud: your soul was being restored to your body, and what was I waiting for? I was waiting for you my special friend.

Aeris: Cloud...

Cloud: well, Aeris let's go see Iris I'm sure she has a lot of questions for her mom

Aeris: okay Cloud let's go *holds his hand* together

And so...

Iris: Mr. Narrator sir? Can I tell what happens?

Narrator: okay I suppose I have a few things to do *leaves*

Iris: okay, I bonded more with my mother and I am so happy that we'll all get to be a family, mommy and daddy have already started planing their wedding but I think they might go overboard. My friends Jen, Christi and Lena were all happy that I got back okay and they all say my mom's the coolest. Finally daddy still refuses to teach me how to fight, but like I said before I'm determined to learn that if I have to do it behind his back I will, I know what my destiny is and I know that I will follow it to the end. I don't know why but despite all that has happened I feel that evil will one day return but I'll be prepared.

The End of this story but the beginning for the next.

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