Chapter one

The fellowship was on the pass of Caradhras the path was almost completely blocked by all the snow and although Legolas the elf was able to walk along on the top of the snow the other members of the fellowship were too heavy and so they were having to follow in Gandalf's footsteps which unfortunately were too deep for the hobbits to walk through so Boromir and Aragon had found themselves burdened with two hobbits apiece in addition to their weapons and equipment.

Gandalf was worried; the pass would soon be snowed shut. If they did not manage to pass then where could he lead them, the gap of Rohan was too near to Isengard and he dared not to take the ring anywhere near the country of Gondor, men were so easily corrupted. He looked up to see Legolas overtake him to peer ahead,

"There is a fell voice on the air…"

Oh Valor thought Gandalf "its Saruman"

"He's trying to bring down the mountain Gandalf we must turn back"


"There is another voice on the air, a very different one, definitely not Saruman…"

"What does the voice say?"

"I cannot tell, it is not a tongue of this earth"

"Can you see anything?"

"There is an iron pot of some kind in the snow ahead, it is glowing blue"

Glowing blue? Thought Gandalf…but that can only be one thing "bring it to me Legolas…it will help us"

Legolas looked puzzled but went to pick up the kettle anyway

"Now everyone I know this sounds really odd but I want you to all touch the kettle...don't ask questions for there is not time"

Legolas had returned with the kettle, he gave it to Gandalf who offered it to everyone

"You need to have at least one finger on the kettle…is everyone ready portalus"

There was a flash of blue light and the path of the fellowship was soon covered by snow.

Harry, Ron and Hermione where at a care of magical creatures lesson, they had only just arrived and there was no sign of Hagrid yet…this normally meant that the creatures they would be studying lived in the forbidden forest and would most likely be extremely dangerous…Harry looked around at the rest of the class they seemed to be think much along the same lines as Harry…Draco Malfoy looked downright scared he was whispering to Crabbe and Goyle but not with his normal smirk…

There was a flash of blue light everyone jumped back at least a foot…Draco had jumped into Crabbe's arms…

The fellowship looked around…

"Gandalf, where on middle earth are we?"

"We are not on middle earth, we are on earth" this left everyone even more confused

Legolas looked around at the children.

"Mithrandir, who are these people?"

"They are wizard and witches"

"Like you?" piped up Pippin

"No I am more along the lines of a sorcerer; these children are not related to my race"

"Do they speak the common tongue?"

"no, they are speaking in English, let me attempt to speak with them…if they seem a little shocked that is merely because I have not visited this world for a couple of millennia…I may seem a little old fashioned to them.

Harry eyed the group of people who had appeared in the middle of Hagrid back yard with interest, they were all armed to the teeth and talking in a very strange langue, he looked at Hermione to see if she could make head or tail of what they were speaking about…she looked as stumped as him…so they would just have to wait until the people turned their attention to them…Harry looked at them more closely they were all wearing medieval attire five of the group were a lot shorter than the rest, four of them were not wearing shoes, the other short person looked like a miniature red headed Hagrid. Before he could examine the taller people at any great length, one of them an old man with a long stick and a sword turned to the students and said in slow English, "greetings, I am Gandalf Greyhelm"

The class merely stood there still completely shell-shocked

Harry stepped forward and said "hi! I'm Harry potter."

"Me and my companions need your protection and hospitality"

"I can take you to the headmaster…this is a school"

"Will you let me discuss this with my companions?"


After a short dialogue with the boy Gandalf

turned back to the fellowship "this boy says that he can take us to his head master…I am sorry to say that I do not know who this person is but I take it that the head master is like a lord…he also said that this place is a 'school' I have no idea what that word means at all but I hope it is nothing unpleasant, so what do you think? Should we go and meet this head master?"

"I can sense no evil here…well there is a little coming from a few of the other black robed people but the boy you spoke with he is pure of heart and mind…I think we should go to the head master." Was Legolas' statement

"I agree with Legolas," said Aragon

"I think that we should be c…" Boromir was cut short by the hobbits

"Our feet are freezing..."

"I'm starving…"

"I guess that is a yes…alright I will speak with the black haired child again"

While Harry waited for the old man to finish his discussion with the other people he asked Ron and Hermione what they thought they should do, Ron had no hesitation…take them to Dumbledore, but Hermione suggested taking their weapons, no they might take that as a offence…there was a charm that Hermione knew it would keep someone's wand inside their pocket she thought it would probably keep these weapons in their sheaths…

The old man finally finished talking with the other people…

"We have agreed that we should go to the school…"

"ok…do you mind if my friend puts a charm on you friends weapons…we are in the middle of a war at the moment we do not know it your are friends or foes…the charm will prevent your friends from removing their weapons from the sheaths we would not be so rude as to take your weapons from you"

"That would seem to be fair…so will you lead us to the school"

"Yes sir…Hermione..."


"could you please try to draw your sword…"

Gandalf tried and failed to draw his sword…

"hey dean…can you tell Hagrid were we have gone?"

"sure mate…"

With that the fellowship of the ring and Harry, Ron and Hermione. Headed up to the school.

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