This is my first fanfic. There are a few things you need to know before you start reading:

- The story starts from the very beginning, but the time frame has been moved by about 10 years.

- The male lead has been changed from Keitaro to none other than myself.

- I realize Haruka is vacant from the story. I have not been able to fit her into the story as of yet.

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* * * Chapter I: Welcome to Hinata... Ow! * * *

Thursday, 6/14/2007 -- Journal Entry

Wow. I can't believe I finally graduated from Coastal Carolina University. These last four years were some of the hardest of my life. At least I didn't have to rely on student loans that I would end up paying off for the rest of my life. Of course, my lessons are far from over. About two months ago, I found a site on the internet that I never expected to find and one that I have been visiting regularly ever since. This site was the OSW: The Online School of Wizardry. For these last two months, learning how to cast spells have taken up most of my time. Despite this, I have somehow been able to keep my *ahem* talents hidden from everybody (as far as I know).

Anyway, recently I found an article on the net about an opening for a hotel manager in Japan. I figured that since I was planning to go into business anyway--with my newly gained degree in accounting and all--that might be a good place to start. After e-mailing the place with my interest in the job and my resume, they e-mailed my acceptance and certification of my position. After the rush I was feeling from getting a job I could really get into died down, problems started coming up in my head, not the least of which was the problem of how to get there. Researching a teleportation spell would be simple enough, but actually performing the spell might be another matter entirely. Other things might come up, but getting a ride is my first concern. Also, getting my stuff there would be something I would need to take care of, but I'm sure I will be able to solve this problem without too much trouble.

* * *

Sunday, 6/17

A couple walked by the gates of a Japanese hotel. It was a beautiful, summer day. Without a care in the world, the couple took in the wondrous scenery. Unknown to them however, something would arrive that would change the lives in the house forever. Out of the western skies, a small ball of light appeared approaching the front gates of Hinata. Had it not been 2:00 in the afternoon, it might have been mistaken for a street light, even a moving one. The sphere stopped at the front door and slowly grew to seven feet in diameter. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the glowing orb dispersed, revealing a man in his early twenties with some luggage. After taking some time to get his bearings, he lifted up his bags with surprising ease and with a motion of his hand the front door opened before him.

After finding the landlord's room to drop off his things--assuming that's where he will be staying--he spent the few minutes walking around the place looking for the kitchen, bathroom, and so on. The entire time he noticed that the hotel was strangely silent. He started wondering where everyone was, but he figured he would meet them soon enough. Eventually, he found a place that he found intriguing: a hot spring. Of course, he hadn't expected to find such a thing here, but he wasn't complaining. "This would be a good place to relax later on," he thought. His trip to Hinata has left him a bit spent, and a dip in a hot spring would help him get his energy back. After looking over the rest of the hotel, he changed into his swim trunks, grabbed his eyeglass case and blindfold and headed back to the spring. Wearing the blindfold while in the bath would help him clear his mind and go into a trance, during which he would recover faster than if he was just lying around. Also, being blinded for a time would help him strengthen his listening skills (God knew he needed it).

After about half an hour, something caught the man's ears just as he was coming out of his trance. He couldn't be sure what the noise was, but he was eager to find out. Not so eager to get out of his comfortable position to look, but he kept his ears open and his blindfold covering his eyes so he could focus better. Eventually, he could recognize the sounds as voices--female voices. This got him a bit concerned, wondering what might happen if some girls found a stranger in their house, much less the bath. Despite this, he did not move from his position knowing that he would get found out sooner or later anyway, and he figured he might as well take his lumps now and get it over with. Also, it was at this point that he realized two things that he should be thankful for. First, he was thankful for the fact that had remembered to cast a language comprehension spell not an hour before. Being from the United States, he was not exactly fluent in Japanese. Second, him wearing a blindfold might be the one thing that saves his live from the wrath of a few women scorned.

The faint voices grew more distinct as time went by. Eventually, he could make out the words being said:

"…so, when is the entrance exam go to be, anyway?" the first voice said.

"In two months," a second voice responded.

"Are you going to be studying the whole time?" a third, younger voice asked.

"Probably," the second voice said.

"Well, you can worry about study time later. Hey, who's up for a dip in the springs?" the first voice asked.

"Yeah, sure," the other two said.

"Uh oh," the man thought when he realized that he was about to have some company.

The voices faded out after a few minutes and he wondered what those girls were like and he hoped he would find out under more reasonable circumstances. He also hoped they were not quick to violence, or he might not live long enough for those reasonable circumstances to present themselves. Suddenly, the sound of approaching footsteps jarred him out of his thoughts to concentrate on the matter at hand. Still wearing his blindfold, he wondered which girl was approaching, how long it would take to notice him for who he was and what her reaction would be.

"Oh, I thought I would be the first one here," the girl said. The guy noticed a hint of surprise in her voice. He was a bit shocked as well, being that she did not recognize him right away as, well, a guy. He figured that either the girl, whose voice he recognized as the one studying for a test, did not get a good look at him (which was quite possible considering he was in the water up to his neck) or her vision was as bad as his own, but he decided to keep his mouth shut either way.

"Oh well, we can just sit and talk until the others get here." the girl said.

"Who does she think I am?" the nervous man thought. He heard the splash as the girl entered the spring and moved towards him. At this point, he figured his unintentional ruse would not last much longer.

"Hey, what's with the blindfold? Did something happen to your eyes just now, or what?"

As she reached to remove to blindfold, he grew even more scared, but decided to remain silent for fear of personal injury, one of the reasons he kept the blindfold on in the first place. When she removed the blindfold, he reluctantly opened his eyes to a startling sight; she was completely nude. From his limited vision, he could see beautiful brown hair, brown eyes and a gorgeous figure. The sudden peep show took him by surprise, but with some effort, he kept his composure.

"Hey, wait a sec. There's something different about you," the girl said with a start. "Where are my glasses?"

"Oh no," he thought. His thoughts on her vision have come to pass, but he had hoped to find that out sometime other than thirty seconds before his imminent death. He braced himself for the beating he was sure he was going to recieve.

The shriek of horror that would come from the girl's mouth shook the very foundation of Hinata and the last thing the guy saw was the girl's fist coming toward his face.

It took three hours for the victim to regain consciousness. When he woke up, he realized that he was indoors. The iron-fisted girl and her friends must have carried him there. Next to him was his eyeglass case, so he put them on and looked around. He was alone in what appeared to be one of the bedrooms. Just whose it was he couldn't be sure. The door was closed, which gave the impression of being locked up before a trial. There was also a ragged-looking hole in the floor. Walking over to it, he looked down into the room below. To his surprise, he saw his luggage where he had left it when he first got there. "How could I have missed the hole before?" he said to himself.

"So you finally woke up," a familiar voice said from the doorway.

The guy, still woozy from just waking up and suddenly realizing he had a splitting headache, looked over and saw the same girl who smashed his face in back at the hot spring standing in the doorway. Fearing for his life, he backed into a corner. "Please don't hurt me again!"

"I won't," she said. "I'll let you live until you explain why you're here."

"I heard there was an opening for a manager here and I wanted to get some business experience, so here I am."

"A likely story. Do you even realize what this place is?"

"I heard this place was a hotel."

"Well, your half right."

"What do you mean?" The nervous expression on his face was plain to see.

"This is a dorm," the girl answered. "A girl's dorm."

Upon hearing this, the unfortunate man's heart fell into his stomach and he wished he was still unconscious, but that wish might end up being granted. Permanently. "I'm going to die now, aren't I?" he said, fearing the worst.

"Not yet. I'm going to take you to the living room and let all the girls get a piece of you."

"Wonderful," he thought, "I'm going to be tortured and killed my first day here." As she walked over to grab his arm, he said "Wait! I should at least know the name of my executioner!"

"The name's Naru. How about you?"

"Sean, but right now it might as well be…"

Upon hearing Sean's name, Naru stopped dead in her tracks. "Hold on. Did you say Sean?"

"Yeah. What are you waiting for? If I'm going to die, just do it, already and stop prolonging the inevitable!"

"That sounds like an American name."

"Yeah, what's your point?"

"We were told that there would be a new landlord arriving from the states, but I had no idea…"

"That I would be a guy?"

"Right. We were also told that the new landlord would bring proof that they're supposed to be here. If you have that proof, I'll let you live…for now."

"Comforting. Could I just get to my bags to get it, please?"

"Sure, but don't be too long."

Sean ran over and jumped down the hole like his life depended on it--mostly because it did. He landed next to his bags and franticly searched through them for proof of position. After going through most of his bags inside and out, he realized that he had left it back home in the states and almost dropped dead where he stood. Thinking quickly, he decided he would try to magically bring it there, but he would have to be very discrete about it so Naru wouldn't notice it. The last thing he needed right then was for her to find out he could use magic. He opened his last bag, started searching through his things while secretly gathered energy to cast the retrieval spell. While his hands were in a pocket of his bag, he cast the spell and instantly, the paper he was seeking appeared in his hands. Triumphantly, he pulled it out and went to toss it up to Naru, but she had already jumped down while he was occupied with his search. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he handed the paper to Naru for her approval, making sure to hide his left hand, which was still faintly glowing from the energy of the spell, crossing his fingers all the while.

After reading the document for a minute, Naru nodded approvingly, provoking a sigh of relief from Sean.

"I guess you're the real deal, Sean," confirmed Naru. "I never thought a pervert like you would end of being the new manager."

"'Pervert?!' Unless I'm mistaken, it was you who removed the blindfold, not me."

"Right, right. Anyway, you had better watch your step or you might…"

"…get my butt kicked by a bunch of angry women?"


"Um, does anybody else know I'm here? Cause I heard three of you talking before you found me."

"No, just me."

"How did you get me from the hot spring all the way to your room be yourself?"

"I'm stronger than I look."

"Should have known as much. I found that out first hand." This made Sean remember his injuries. "I've still got a headache from the blow you gave me."

"Yeah. You should probably rest up a bit before you meet the other girls."

"Just curious, but how many girls live here?"

"Five, including myself."

"Okay. When should I expect to meet the others?"

"Probably at dinner," Naru looked at her watch, "which should be in about an hour."

"Alright. I guess I should use that time to get ready and unpack."

After Naru left, Sean changed into his usual indoor outfit--sweatpants and a t-shirt--and started to unpack his things. By the time Naru came back to call him for dinner, he had set up his bed, unpacked most of his clothes, and took care of his headache.

"I see you have already made yourself at home."

"Seems that way."

"It's time to meet your other tenants."

"Are they all as pretty as you?"

Naru shot him a look that would have stopped a rhino in its tracks.


"I'm sure. Let's go."

As they walk down the hall to the kitchen, a thought came up in Sean's head. "You said before that you were studying for a test in a couple months."

"Yeah, so?"

"I would be glad to help you out with your studies. That is, if you want me to."

"We'll see."

"Suppose we will." With that they entered the kitchen to introduce the new manager to the girls.

* * *

Sunday, 6/17 -- Journal entry

Well, I finally made it to my new job. And boy, was I in for a surprise. It turns out that this "hotel" is actually a girl's dorm. Most guys could only dream for something like this, but for me, that dream might turn into a nightmare. This is just my first day here and I have already been knocked out by one of the girls. After I came to and provided proof of my new position to my assailant, my death sentence was lifted and I was introduced to the other girls at dinner. All of the girls are beautiful, but they have their quirks, but I'm one to talk about being strange.

The first one I want to mention is Naru, the first one I saw, or should I say, the first one who found me. I swear, she must have fists made of solid steel! I found this out the hard way. Besides her punching skills, she also is a talented student and is trying to get into Tokyo U, which I hear is a very hard thing to do, but I wish her the best of luck and I offer any help she may need in her studies.

Next was Mitsune (Kitsune?), Naru's best friend. From what I heard, she enjoys her sake and sometimes gets out of hand when she's drunk. She seemed to take great interest in my business degree. I should be careful not to find myself alone with her. Probably the most interesting thing I noticed about her was that she always has her eyes closed. It makes me wonder how much she actually sees.

Suu is a strange one, not unlike myself. She loves tinkering around with inventions, which is odd for a girl in junior high, but it's something that I might like to get involved in. I just wonder who would get freaked out by the other's behavior first, me or her.

Motoko is a girl I should steer clear from. She always has a sword by her side and she's not afraid to use it when necessary. I just hope she doesn't slice me in half.

Last, but certainly not least, there's Shinobu. She's the youngest girl in the house, just entering junior high. She's become the house's cook and apparently, she's very talented at making meals. However, I may not enjoy her cooking for too long, being as I made a ring before I showed up here that holds certain magical properties. After wearing the ring for a week, I no longer need to eat or drink and my need for sleep is reduced to two hours a night.

For now, I will try to keep my magical abilities under wraps, for they might cause an ugly scene. In any case, I had better watch my step or else my stay here at Hinata will come to an swift and painful end.

* * * End of Chapter I * * *

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