Chapter 1 A fresh start

"No, I'm sorry no interviews are avalable this weekend,"
Sawyer said twirling her paw in the phone wirer, "no he's not
here right now but I'll give him your message."
Sawyer hung up the phone sighing in relief.
"If any more people call just tell them I'm sick." Sawyer
rubbed her eyes.
"You don't look s-sick to me." T.W. stuttered.
"Oh, Sawyer you've been working all day why don't you take a
rest?" Tillie suggested as she finished kitting a green scarf.
"I don't have time, as soon as Danny gets here we have to go
on that stupid talk show Farley Wink has." Sawyer said
grabbing her purse.
"F-Farley Wink has a talk show?" T.W. questioned lowing his
head into his shell.
"Yup, I guess taking everyones' acting money wasn't good
enough for him." Sawyer said walking torwards the door.
"Sawyer!" Danny shouted entering the room amd slamming the
door on her, "hey has anyone seen Sawyer?"
"Your looking at her." Frances replied.
Danny turned his head toward the door as it creeked away from
Sawyers body.
"Danny, when are you going to learn to stop doing that."
Sawyer said with crossed arms.
"Sorry, but I- I'm just so excited!" Danny panted.
"I don't see whats so exciting about being on Farley Winks
talk show." Sawyer scoffed grabbing her purse off the floor.
"Yeah but I...Farley Winks' talk show?" Danny repeated.
"Yeah, or have you forgotten when you were out talent hunting?
I've been playing secretary all day."
"What happend to Miss Toad?"" Danny questioned.
"She croaked. If you'll excuse the unintentinual pun." Sawyer
answered searching through her purse and grabbing her lip
"Well just cancel that interview with Farley Wink because I
have way better news!"
"Cranston died?" Tillie joked.
"Th-they made turtle soup illegal?" T.W stuttered
"No! I-
"You fixed the bathtub?" Frances put in.
"NO! We're going to do a movie in Paris!" Danny finally
blurted out.
"Oh boy! I always wanted to go to Paris I hear hippos are very
populer there!" Tillie swooned.
"Danny! We can't!" Sawyer protested putting some of her lip
stick on.
"Why not?"
"Because we're booked all weekend!"
"Can't you just tell them no and sorry?"
"Listen Danny, being stars has great responceabilities."
"Like what?"
"Like you can't just tell someone you'll be there and just
suddenly change your mind and not show up."
"B-but Sawyer I thought this movie would make it so we could
spend more time together." Danny explained.
"OOh! I love spending time with you guys!" Tillie smiled.
"Heh..umm actually I meant me and Sawyer." Danny laughed
weakly, rubbing the back of his head.
"But we're still going to be in the movie right?" Tillie
"Sh-sure! It's just that I talked to Flanigan and we agreed
that Sawyer and I would be the main characters."
"What do I get to play?" T.W asked.
"Uhh..a turtle." Danny replied.
T.W blinked, "Well that works."
"Danny we can't," Sawyer persisted opening the door, "I'll see
you at Farley Winks office in ten minutes don't be late."
Sawyer grabbed her coat and walked out the door.
Danny snapped his fingers, "Hmmm. I can't her even get her
away from here for three minutes.
"Hey Danny!" Pudge shouted running into the room and crashing
into Dannys' leg.
"What are you doing here? I thought you were out doing a
camercial." Danny said helping Pudge to his feet.
"I was but when Woolie was playing the comercial music he
slammed his trunk in the piano." Pudge explained.
Danny sighed.
"Ok. That's it we're going to Paris." Danny declared.
"We are?" Pudge asked confused.
"Yes! Okay listen, go tell Woolie back up his trun- suitcase
and meet me at Darlas' castle. Everyone else start packing."
Danny instructed.
"But what about Sawyer?" Tillie reminded.
"I'll take care of her you just get ready." Danny replied.
"Where is he!" Farley Wink raged.
"I'm sure he'll be here any minute." Sawyer said fidgiting.
"Well he better be! We're on in one minute!" he went on.
Sawyer started to bite her claw and look around helplessly.
"We're on in five four three two-
"HAAAA!" Danny said juming in the door just as the camera went
"Hehehe Hello again folks!" Farley Wink began, "and welcome to
another day on the Farley Wink show!"
"Yes and we're very happy to be here-
"You know, I think this should be a crime show." Danny
"We-a..we're very happy to be here." Sawyer started again.
"Do your fans know how much money you swindle from your
employes??! Do they?!! Huh??!!" Danny said crawling up to
Falrey Winks face.
Farley Wink began to sweat, "Heh heh heh he's such a kidder."
"Am I?" Danny said glaring at Farley Wink.
Sawyer grabbed Danny's tail sitting him back down, "We
a..we're thrilled that a--
"That we're out of your debt!" Danny went on.
"uh...I..I think we should--
"Put him in jail!" Danny said pointing an accusing finger at
Farley Wink.
Everyone froze at the sound of sirens, "Well thats all for our
show folks," Danny said taking off his hat and bowing, "well
lets go."
Danny grabbed Sawyers paw and zipped out the office door.
"I can't believe you did that!" Sawyer growled as she scooted
away from Danny in the taxi.
"Come on they'll let him go anyway." Danny encouraged.
"Yeah? And how do you know?" Sawyer glared.
"He'll pull a few strings besides I was only saying the
"Oh boy." Sawyer sighed rolling her eyes, "It's not just
"Come on Sawyer, I was only doing it because you need a
break." Danny said sliding over towards Sawyer.
"I like my job." Sawyer said crossing her amrs.
"Then why do you have those purple bags under your eyes?"
Sawyer turned and looked out the window.
"You know you need a break." Danny insisted.
"And what kind of break am I going to get in Paris? A french
toast break? You said we'd be filming." Sawyer reminded.
"Yeah, but not every day." Danny pointed out.
Sawyer sighed heavily, "Ok..I'll think about."
The taxi halted in front of the "Mamoth studio office" Sawyer
stepped out first.
"Remember I'm only going to think about it no promises."
Sawyer said putting a hand on her hip.
Danny nodded.
Danny and Sawyer walked down the hallway until they came to
the office door.
"Danny!" screamed Pudges voice as he rushed out of the office.
"Whats wrong Pudge?" Danny asked.
"Tillie made the bathtub over flow!" Pudge replied.
Danny Sawyer and Pudge rushed in the room. Frances, T.W.,
Cranston, and Woolie were all backed up against the bathroom
"Just hold on I'm almost out the window." said a gurgled voice
from inside the bathroom.
"Now see what you get for not calling a plumber!" Cranston
growled stepping up to Danny.
"CRANSTON!!" Everyone screamed in unison as the door swung
open with gallons of water rushing out.
"I can't swim!" Frances said sinking.
Danny dove under bringing Frances up.
"Your a fish and you can't swim?" Sawyer said raising an
"Bad washer incident." Frances said.
"This is all your fault you know!" Cranston grumped climbing
on the couch.
Danny handed Frances to Sawyer and swam over to the window.
"I got it! We can all drink this up!" Tillie suggested.
Sawyer shook her head as she grabbed a intertube that floated
by her.
Danny dove under the water and desperatly tried to open the
window. He soon came back up gasping for air.
"Cranston, come here." Danny instructed.
"Oh no you don't! I'm not going to be a battering ram!"
Cranston grumped.
Danny swam over to the couch and climbed on it.
"Come on!" Danny said grabbing Cranston by the horns and
throwing him toward the window.
"GAHHHHHH!" he screamed crashing through and out the window.
Everyone got sucked out the window.
Saywer stood to her feet as Frances flopped around.
Danny forced a smile and shrugged.
"Okay thats it!" Sawyer said throwing Frances, "I'm going to
Danny smiled.
Darla finally had finished mopping the floors in the castle
that was once hers.
"Hey Darla." Danny greeted as everyone entered.
"Darla you've got a big mess to clean up down at the office!"
Cranston ordered.
Darla eyes enlarged, "W-what?!"
"Heh..we had a little problem." Danny explained.
"But I didn't even get to paint the house yet." Darla pointed
"You can finish that when you come back!" Cranston ordered.
"I'm going up stairs to pack." Sawyer said walking past Darla
as water dripped off her tail.
"I JUST MOPPED THAT!" Darla roared.
"Really? Well you did a good job." Sawyer said walking up the
"GRRRRRRR!" Darla growled as her face turned red.
"Well see ya later Darla, I'm off to Paris." Danny said
following Sawyer.
"Paris?" Darla repeated.
"Yeah we're going to do a movie there." Danny shouted back to
"Hmmph." Darla humphed as she started torwards the door.
After the office was drained Darla sat down for a break.
"Phew." Darla sighed.
Darla was about to start mopping when she noticed a wet peice
of paper on the table.
"Paris passport passengers name is Cranston." the paper read.
"Hmm. Why not," Darla began shaking the paper, "Darla."
Darla grabbed an eraser and erased Cranstons' name and
resighned with her own signiture.
"Now I'm going to get back at that cat once and for all."
Darla said with an evil laugh following.
"Are you all packed?" Danny said popping his head into Sawyers
room which used to be Darlas'.
"I think so. How many days are we going to be in Paris?"
Sawyer questioned.
"However long it takes." Danny replied, "I'll be right back I
left the passports at the office."
After Danny left Sawyer continued packing. Her attention was
caught by the picture setting by her bed. She reached for it.
It was the picture taken after their first big hit "Nothings
gonna stop us now."
Sawyers eyes focused on Danny.
"We never did get to do much together besides the movies."
Sawyer said to herself.
Sawyer smiled and put the picture in her suitcase.
After she was finished she went out to see if everyone was
up and ready to go.
"Is everyone ready in here?" Sawyer asked peaking into Tillie
and Frances' room.
"Almost." Tillie replied sitting on her suitcase,"OOh I'm so
excited I can't wait to go to Paris!"
"I can." Frances said blowing bubbles out of her cigar thingy.
"Yeah, Well I'm sure it'll be fun." Sawyer smiled.
When Danny entered the office her found Darla who was just
finishing up. Danny immedaitly went looking through the desk
After a minute or so he found six passports.
"W-wheres the last one?" Danny said scavaging for the last
"You mean this passport?" Darla smiled waving the last passport
in the air.
Danny reached to grab it but Darla pulled back.
"I'm sure going to miss you Donald." Darla said sadly.
"Uh..Danny." Danny said reaching for the paper again and
grabbing it.
"I told Cranston how much I wanted to go." Darla sighed.
"Heh really." Danny said putting the passport in his pockets
with the others.
"Yes ooh I'd give anything to go." Darla went on.
"Heh heh. Maybe another time Darla." Danny said heading for the
"See you later Denis!" Darla said sweetly.
Danny froze in the hallway, "It's Danny, what's so hard about
When Danny got outside he started to go through the passports.
"Danny, Sawyer, T.W., Frances, Tillie, Woolie, and.."
Danny gasped, "Darla?"
"Tillie I don't think you need any more clothes." Sawyer said
dodging a suitcase Tillie had dropped.
"Well I have to look pretty! Incase I meet some nice hippo."
Tillie swooned.
"Anything fat will do darling." Frances put in.
"The limos outside so when Danny get here make sure your ready."
Sawyer ordered.
"Check!" said Tillie saluting Sawyer and dropping all her
"Sawyer!" shouted Danny running up the street.
"Just a second Danny, Tillie hasn't packed the kitchen sink
yet." Sawyer said handing her bags to the shofur.
"Did you see Darla talking to Cranston?" Danny questioned.
"Yeah, why?" Sawyer answered.
"Oh its nothing." Danny said turning his head as the whole group
came outside. Everyone started piling into the limos.
Cranston lined to go in last.
"I'm sorry you're not coming Cranston." Danny said putting his
hand on Cranston's shoulder.
"W-what?" Cranston inquired.
"But that was a nice thing you did for Darla letting her come. I
guess there's some good in everyone."
"What are you-"
"I'm here!" Darla said running up the street.
"After you Darla." Danny said politely letting Darla in first.
"Ta ta Grampston."
Cranston growled.
"I get that a lot." Danny whispered to Cranston before he got in
the limo, "Ok we're all set!"
The limo drove away leaving Cranston in a cloud of smoke.
Cranston blinked rapidly.
"This is going to be just lovaly." Darla said fluttering her
eyes as she stepped out of the limo and into the airport.
"Why is she here?" Sawyer whispered to Danny as they walked
around the airport.
"Cranston let her come instead of himself." Danny whispered
Sawyers eyes enlarged and blinked rapidly.
"Cranston? Are you sure?"
"Yup." Danny said smiling.
"Well if you say so." Sawyer shrugged.
Everyone took a seat in the waiting area.
"Okay everybody, we're on flight ten." Danny told everyone.
"Flight ten." said the speaker voice.
"So make sure your ready." Danny went on.
"There's going to be people on the plane who might want to get a
picture with us so make sure your polite."
"Danny!" Sawyer shouted, "Thats our plane!"
"Huh?" Danny inquired.
"Flight ten ready for take off!" the speaker voice announced.
Everyone stumbled to their feet and ran as fast as they could.
"Passport." said a tall thin brunet standing near the entrance.
Danny handed the lady his passport.
"Hold it!" the lady said putting her hand in front of Danny,
"These say your pets of L.B. Mamoth."
"But thats crazy we're not pets we're-"
"Pets." the woman interupted Danny, "you'll all have to ride
with the rest of the pets."
"O-ok." Danny said rubbing the back of his neck.
"The cages are that way." the lady instructed.
"Excuse me Ma'am but as you can see I'm not an animal." Darla
said handing her passport to the woman.
The woman looked it over.
"No, your a billy goat." the woman corrected.
"A billy goat!!?" Darla exclaimed.
"That's what it-
"Never mind I'll ride with the rest of the animals," Darla said
smiling sweetly.
"Well I guess it's not first class but at least we're going to
Paris." Danny encouraged everyone.
"Here is your cage sir." said a man with black hair and a long
thin nose.
"Heh heh..right..cage." Danny gulped as the man opened the cage
"Ya know it's insulting to get a cage the size of an elephant."
Tillie whined leaning on the back of her cage wall.
"I beg your pardon!" Woolie stood at the end of his cage and
"Oh, Sorry, Woolie." Tillie apolagized.
"Well I got a cage with ice in it and it's melting." Pudge said
shaking water off his feet.
"I have to sleep in a box!" said T.W. in a muffled tone.
"Why did they give me goat feed!!?" Darla roared throwing some
oats out of her cage.
"Help! Help! I'm drowning.!" Frances gasped flopping around in a
medium sized caged fish bowl.
"Your a fish you don't drown." Sawyer said crossing her arms and
leaning against the wall of her cage.
"Right darling I was just testing you." Frances said calming
"Just settle down everybody. We'll be in Paris sooner than you
think!" Danny said hopping to his feet.
"Yeah, right and I suppose your going to tell us how lucky we
are to have our own seperate cages." Sawyer scoffed.
"Well.." Danny rubbed his arm, "it'll be better when we get to
Sawyer shook here head and sighed helplessly.
"I gotta get out of this!" Tillie said jumping up and down
causing the cage to roll to one side of the plane making the
plane fly sideways.
All of the cages rolled to one side of the plane.
"Get back in the middle!" Danny shouted to Tillie.
Tillie managed to roll back in the middle of the plane. Darla's
cage rolled around helplessly until it hit a lever causing it to
Suddenly the floor under Dannys' cage opened.
"AHHHH!" Danny screamed.
"Danny!" Sawyer exclaimed watching him disappear.
Sawyer scooted her cage over where Danny had fallen.
"DAANNY!!!!" Sawyer screamed helplessly.
Woolie (realizing what Sawyer was trying to do) grabbed the back
of Sawyers with his trunk so she wouldn't fall out.
Pudge rolled his cage over to the switch pushing Darla's away
from it and quikly pushed the switch up making the hole close.
It started to get darker and darker until there was no more sun
left.With all the sun light gone the plane area they were in
seemed creepy and gloomy. Sawyer had been crying ever since
Danny had fallen out of the plane. Everyone wanted to say
somthing to cheer her up but they had nothing to say and silence
seemed better anyway. Sawyer wrapped her tail around her feet
and sighed heavily biting her bottom lip.
"Danny.." Sawyer softly whispered to herself.
Sawyers ears perked up when she heard a soft whimpering. She
soon realized it was Pudge. Sawyer hung from the bares of her
cage putting her head out between them.
"Pudge?" Sawyer called softly.
"Y-yeah." Pudge replied sniffing.
"Are you crying?" Sawyer asked.
"N-no I-I'm not crying." Pudged replied sniffing.
"Well go to sleep." Sawyer softly instructed.
"O-ok." Pudge sniffled and rolled over in his cage fallling fast
Sawyer figured she might as well follow her own advice. She
tried desperatly to sleep but it seemed pointless. A light
gentle rain could be heard from inside the plane. The sound was
soothing even though it just made it damp and drafty which made
the cage very unconfortable to sleep in. Sawyer leaned against
the wall sliding down it to the floor of the cage. Her eyes
wondered back and forth. Sawyer sighed and layed down on the
cold cage floor shivering. Without another thought her eyes
slowly shut allowing her to drift off into a dreamless sleep.
All that Danny could see was black. He was unconscious and was
ablivious about his surroundings. Danny started to come to a
little. He started to get a little feeling back, he felt wet,
cold, and soaking wet! Danny tried to move his legs but it was
like his body wouldn't cooperate with him. He had no feeling in
his legs arms or fingers his body was totaly limp and almost
lifeless. He finally forced his eyes to open a little ways.
Everything was a blur and swayed in front of him. Danny blinked
with a moan following as he sat upright. Everything was still
swaying he shook his had as he began to see double.
"Did you have a nice nap?" asked two rather homely men with
french accents.
"Waa!" Danny jumped making everything come together.
"I heard you can catch cat fish but I didn't know you had to
save them." The man joked with a rather unpleasent laugh
"W-where am I?" Danny asked weakly.
"My boat." responded the man as a fish flopped by.
Danny realized hundreds of fish flopping around him.
"Would I happen to be anywhere near Paris?" Danny inquired.
"Oui'! Oui'! Moana me. It's just ahead." the man said moving out
of the way so Danny could see.
Danny stood in awe.
"Wow." he whispered to himself.
"I am heading that way tomorrow morning." said the man starting
to pic up fish.
"T-tomorrow?" Danny repeated, "can't you just go there tonight?"
The man shook his head, "To much work to do."
Danny sighed heavily leaning on the edge of the boat and staring
off what was ahead.