Spoilers- some general season 1-2 spoilers as well as early season 3- mainly up until the events of Band Candy. Big spoilers for Band Candy (hint, hint). There was no fluking between Xander and Willow, and Revelations hasn't happened, but they all know about Angel being back from Hell. Dawn is in this fic, she's not the Key, just Buffy's little sister

Pairing- Giles/ Joyce

Disclaimer- All recognizable characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and etc. I own Jamie and one other character that will make an appearance.


            Sunnydale High was usually filled with bustling, noisy students, after hours; however, the halls were filled with an eerie silence. It was an unspoken rule that no one hung around the high school after classes unless they had practice or a meeting, although they wouldn't admit it the citizens of Sunnydale knew that here was something wrong with the school, bad things just seemed to gravitate there.

            The exception to this rule was a group of five teens. Walking slowly they made their way to the library. The blonde, Buffy Summers aka The Slayer, The Chosen One, stopped completely before she reached the library doors and leaned against a row of lockers. The four other teens surrounded her.

            Willow fidgeted. "Buffy shouldn't we be in the library? Giles did say that you had to have training."

            Buffy smiled. "I know, just wanted to rest before I start wailing on Giles."

            Xander looked up, his arms firmly wrapped around Cordy. "Yeah, we deserve a break. Besides who knows what demon we may have to research when we get there."

            Amy nodded. "It's been pretty hectic, I say we deserve a break."

            A shuffling sound caught their attention. Amy carefully leaned around the corner. She jerked back quickly. "It's Snyder, lets get out of here."

            Grabbing their backpacks they hustled over to the library doors, being careful not to make to much noise. They opened the doors and slipped quickly through, rushing to reach the table. 

            Giles removed his glasses and began to clean them as the others took their places. He looked pointedly at Buffy. "Your late."

            She shrugged. "Sorry, couldn't be help. Had a Snyder alert, and speaking the worm."

            Giles turned slightly and caught a glimpse of Snyder's shiny baldhead through the circular windows in the door. Clearing his throat he moved to the head of the table. Making the 'play along with it' motion he began to speak. "The case for this week is the famous Pyjama Girl murder case from Australia. We'll start by looking at the crime scene…"

            Giles leaned forward. "Is he gone?" He whispered.

            Buffy nodded. "He did his little superior sneer and vamoosed."

            Giles sighed. "Thank god. That crime club idea was a very beneficial one, if I do say so. Nosey little goose stepper." Giles straightened and fixed his glasses. "Yes, well I believe that you all have some homework to complete and Buffy you have to train."

            Buffy stood. "I know. See I even got changed before hand, all ready to train."

            Giles nodded. "Good, very good." He motioned her over to the area in front of his office, where the weapons, guards and pads had already been put out.

            Buffy stretched, limbering herself up for the hard training session ahead of her. Her hand shot out instinctively and she caught the quarterstaff Giles had thrown at her. Twirling it in her hands she grinned at Giles. "Lets go Friar Tuck."


            Stifling a groan Giles carefully sat in chair. He pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket and mopped his face. He looked over at the other occupants of the library. Xander, Willow and Cordelia had long since finished their homework and had now moved onto the more precautionary research. A smile crossed Giles's face, well Willow had been. Xander and Cordelia had disappeared into the stacks over half an hour ago. Buffy sat on the counter, near Willow's computer, as they talked giggling over one thing or another. Xander and Cordelia finally emerged, slightly mussed and joined Buffy and Willow, laughing and joking. It was times like this that Giles really felt fate had been cruel, they were just teens. They deserved to be carefree, not burdened with the weight of the worlds.

            Giles was so involved in his thoughts that he didn't hear the doors open and a teenage boy enter. He dropped his bag silently onto the floor, his blue-green eyes surveying Giles. A smile quirked over his face and he cleared his throat. "No matter how far I roam…"

            "I know my heart will lead me home." Giles completed without comprehending exactly what he was doing. The others watched them carefully, not trusting this stranger. After a second his head jerked up. "Jamie?"

            The boy grinned. "Hey dad."