Legal: Obviously I do not own the canon characters and I make no bones about just liking to play in the Highlander universe. All other characters are mine. This story takes place immediately after "Please Remember Me" as well as being a sequel to "Stolen Child" and builds on events in "Crossroads of Time" and "Loaf of Bread, Jug of Wine". However, it is not necessary to read those stories for this one to work... but it will help those who have done so to understand the character relationships in this universe. Also, within the canon universe... this story is present day and takes place sometime after the events of Endgame. For the purposes of this story... the theatrical version of Endgame should be referenced. In other words... NO FAITH!

Highlander: The Pilgrim Heart

Part One



Pilgrim how you journey

on the road you chose

to find out why the winds die

and where their stories go.

All days come from one day

that much you must know,

you cannot change what's over

but only where you go.

~from "Pilgrim", lyrics by Roma Ryan


Chapter 1

Seacouver 2003

"You've seen her? You've actually met her?" Joe Dawson's voice quivered with an excitement that confused Duncan MacLeod.

"Yeah... Joe," replied Duncan taking a sip of scotch, "What's the big deal?"

"You don't know! She's been a part of Watcher myth since almost the beginning of the time we started keeping records."

Duncan shrugged, "Green eyes are pretty common Joe... she was a little strange and she did claim she had known Darius for almost 800 years, but that's hardly a long time and you know it."

"Naw... Mac... you don't understand. We have thousands of references to a green-eyed woman who appears and disappears in the lives of many of you guys... but no one's ever been able to describe her. No one has ever seen her in combat with another immortal. The only thing that is common is that she has green eyes!"

Duncan leaned back in the chair and thoughtfully regarded his friend. He had seldom seen Joe so excited about anything! "It could be many women... You want to explain just what is going on here?" he finally murmured.

Joe sat down across from him at the table in his Seacouver bar and poured himself a scotch from the bottle. "Describe her to me Mac... just try."

Duncan thought carefully a moment and tried to visualize Ellie. He saw her first as the frightened and timid waif whom he had first met... but that wasn't right. She was frightened, yes... but timid... somehow he doubted it. He visualized her next as the exhausted and wary girl who had come to him for help... that wasn't quite right either... the next morning she had seemed a little more sure of herself... not nearly so tired or wary. Then he tried to visualize her as the knife wielding immortal of whom he was uncertain if she would attack him or Carrera. He had seen the ease with which she had handled that knife... and the blazing rage in her eyes... Duncan never wanted to be the focus of that rage. Then he tried to see the "mother hen Ellie" watching over the sleeping Derrick. And finally the confident if still mysterious and teasing young woman she had seemed when he had last seen her... even that image he was not certain of.

Duncan shrugged, "Well Joe... as I said... she had the most amazing green eyes!" He smiled sheepishly and took another sip of the scotch.

"And that's exactly what I mean." Joe threw his hands up. "No one who has ever seen her in contact with another immortal has been able to fully give us a description of her. I don't know... maybe she hypnotizes us. I thought maybe since you were an immortal... she had been more open with you."

Duncan smiled, "Guess not!"

"What about this boy she wanted you to rescue... what was the deal there?"

"Oh... just some kid that Carrera had kidnapped to get her to meet with him." Duncan had decided not to tell Joe about Derrick's latent immortality. The kid deserved a normal life... and somehow Watchers watching him might not be too normal. No... he would keep an eye on the boy. He had promised Ellie he would, and Duncan liked to keep his promises.

Suddenly he stiffened. The annoying buzz of a nearby immortal teased at his senses. He glanced meaningfully at Joe. "Expecting anyone?"

Joe shook his head... it could be anyone. Several of Mac's friends now knew they could come to Joe's or to Le Blues Bar in Paris and have a drink or hang out and that no one would bother them there. Joe had promised the Watcher Council that if they would leave their people out of his bars, he just might get some of the immortals to open up to him about some things... at least the ones who knew about the Watchers. The new "friendlier, kinder, more relaxed" Watcher Council had agreed... and so far... they were keeping their promises.

"Not a clue, Mac... not a clue."

By that time, the door opened and Methos entered. "Hi guys!" he said pleasantly... walked behind the bar and poured himself a draft. "What's up?" he asked joining them at the table. He was dressed casually in jeans, a sweater, and long coat.

"You son of a bitch! Where have you been? Do you know just how many phone calls and emails I've fielded the past three days! Where the hell did you go?" There was exasperation in Joe's voice, but no real anger.

"I told you I was taking a little vacation!" Methos took a long sip and leaned back in the chair with his legs extended and crossed. He smiled innocently at Joe.

"You left me a voice message here at the bar at 7:00 am... a time you knew fully well I wouldn't be here."

"Sorry... I was on London time." Methos took another sip of beer.

"Your Watcher called me at home at 7:15, frantic as hell that he had lost you!" Joe waved his hands about emphatically. "Somehow everyone thought I should know where you were!"

Duncan began to chuckle at his two friends, then he took another sip of the scotch, "So what brings you to Joe's and Seacouver... I thought you were pretty well settled into London for awhile."

"Can't a bloke just stop in for a beer without the third degree?" Methos smiled and settled his beer mug on his chest. Amusement played over his lips. Gods he loved getting them like this! "So what's new?" he asked again.

Joe gestured his thumb towards Mac. "He's met the green eyed woman. Can't describe her."

For a moment Duncan thought he saw a hint of something in his immortal friend's eyes... a hint of recognition... but then Methos just took another sip of beer and murmured.

"Ahh... the mynishka!"

"What's that... I've never heard that word." asked Duncan.

"It's from an old pre-Hittite dialect. It means the green-eyed woman." Methos shrugged as if it were no matter. "She's called that in some of the older Chronicles."

"Yeah..." Joe interjected, "the mynishka."

"So what do you know about her?" Duncan asked with a smile.

"Well... she had green eyes..." Methos offered sheepishly and shrugged. He was not about to tell them what he knew of Eleanor's involvement in that legend. If Eleanor chose to tell someone... that was her business. Her tale was not his to tell... not now... not ever. Besides, most of the elusive references he had surreptitiously been chasing down in the Chronicles the last few years before he'd had to leave, were not Eleanor. Some may have been Aja... but others...?

"So you've seen her, too?" Joe asked as he poured another scotch. He offered to refill Mac's but he shook his head.

"I didn't say I'd met her. Only heard the tales. If I'd met her... I'd remember." Methos looked pointedly at Duncan. "So what did she do this time?"

Duncan narrowed his eyes. "Methos knows something he's not saying," he thought. "Still, I'll play along for now." He nodded and gave him the short version of his encounter with Ellie, Derrick and Carrera that he had given Joe. He left out Derrick's potential and the odd things the boy had done that had made him think of Darius. He concentrated instead on the situation, as it had been when he got involved.

"They were living on the street... hand to mouth... probably in alleyways and eating from garbage. At first I thought she was just a really new immortal who hadn't a clue as to how to survive. Later..." Duncan shrugged, "... I'm still not certain why she chose that path when she could have just fought the man, taken his head and moved on with the boy. And for the record, Joe... I still don't know for certain she actually knew Darius, or was just picking up on clues I may have let slip."

Methos brooded silently. "Garbage...? She was living on garbage? No wonder she looked so thin, so pale!" He took a long swig of the beer then looked at the mug thoughtfully. "Joe... I need to throw this... I'll clean it up... but I need to throw this now."

Duncan and Joe looked at one another. "What was going on here?" they both seemed to ask each other silently.

"Yeah sure, buddy... glass gets broken in here all the time... as long as you clean it up." Joe said.

Before he had even finished, Methos threw the mug forcefully against the wall. The glass shattered and beer sprayed the area around the bandstand. He took several deep slow breaths then looked at Joe. "And the broom is where...?"

"In the back closet." Joe shrugged and shook his head at Duncan while Methos pushed his chair back and stomped back to get the broom. Duncan returned the gesture, then poured himself another scotch. They both knew Methos didn't reveal much unless he wanted to... and they both knew he sometimes could have a hair trigger, but this was a bit out of character.

Methos swept up the glass, tossed the shards into the trash, returned the broom and dustpan to the closet, then drew himself another beer. He glared at nothing in particular as he reclaimed his seat.

"You gonna tell us what that was about?" Joe finally asked him after several minutes of Methos just staring at nothing.

"No... not my story to tell..." Methos lifted the mug and drank the entire contents down at one gulp. He wiped his mouth. "Gotta go..." and he was gone like the wind without another word.

"Any idea, Mac what that was about?"

"I'd say he must have met our green-eyed lady at some point in his long life."

"Yeah, but when... what happened just now?"

"Maybe he and Carrera also knew one another," Duncan said thoughtfully as he sipped his scotch. Soon the band arrived to set up and their private conversation was put on hold.