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Are you gonna be a gambler and deal
Are you gonna be a doctor and heal
Or go to heaven and touch God's face
Are you gonna be a dreamer who sleeps
Are you gonna be sinner who weeps
Or an angel
under grace

Shadows passed over Amon, and stirred him from his slumber. He remembered all too well what he had dreamt, and he found that it didn't disturb him quite as much as it did all those years ago. His mother had been a wonderful person until the change had come over her. His father, Geichen, he had never known; however, he had heard from Nagira that the man was quite the brawler, and that Amon had inherited his rough and tumble attitude.

Even so, this dream had been something that had taken him off guard.

He and his mother were sitting in the apartment and his sister Dirk was there…she was playing with one of her dolls. It was a time when she wasn't yet known as 'Dirk'….his mother had originally named her Kia. She had always loved dolls as a child, and perversely enjoyed throwing them at him, though when he had knocked one skittering out of the air and broken it, she'd cried to Imachi, their mother, that he'd broken her doll.

Imachi would shake her head and scold him. "She's the only sister you have, be nice to her…be nice to each other. Family is all you have, Amon. One day you will get married, and you as well, Kia; and when you do, you will understand that these are the ties that bind." She had leaned over and ruffled Amon's hair; he of course sat there and looked ruffled, and his sister Kia played up the attention.

"I don't think I will marry," he said solemnly, as he stood.

"And why not?" Imachi asked her son, her smoky obsidian eyes on him, so like his own. Her pale lips were pursed.

"'Cause no one would want grumpy old Amon," Kia chimed in with amusement.

Snap, there went another of her dolls…and a squeal followed from Kia, causing the dark-haired boy to smirk. "It will teach you not to throw things at me now won't it?" he had asked.

"You know why not, mother," he answered, as he folded his hands behind him. "I fear I wouldn't make anyone a good husband…I have no father to act like." He truthfully hadn't meant to hurt his mother with his words, but he realized he had done so when her breath drew in, startled.

"You'll do far better then your father," said Imachi, as she stood to hug her slim, brooding son.

That had been the night it had happened, his father apparently had returned to take himself and Kia away. Imachi had sent them both to their rooms, though he caught only the briefest glimpse of an arrogant man, clad in a grey suit with a blue tie and gold pin. Amon was always one to pay attention to detail…he saw that he looked a little bit like his father.

A fight had broken out between his mother and father. Social workers had been called to their house, and Imachi had lashed out when the workers came forward to gather himself and his sister. In fear, Kia had fled to his room. Amon wasn't about to go without a fight… someone had to take care of Kia and his mother.

"I won't let you take them!" he had remembered his mother screaming, and energy gathered around her like a windstorm, the two social workers being the first to suffer from his mother having become a Witch. They slammed with sickening thuds into the wall, falling as broken and as unmoving as one of his sister's dolls.

"Take your sister and run," Imachi called to him. "I do this for you." He could see that there were tears on her face, and Amon felt his own tears fall for the woman who had given birth to him. She had furniture and items swirling with that power of hers, and she had brought the roof of their house down on herself and Geichen, orphaning her children at an early age.

Why would he dream of his mother now...he had never been truly close to her. But he had done his duty by his family he'd sworn to, just as he'd sworn to Robin to take care of her, and make sure she didn't become something else.

He had managed to enlist into the STN-J program, and Kia had found herself a group of people to join as well, though they stayed close.

Against his chest, Robin sighed and stirred, her fingers tangled in his hair.

It mildly amused him on some level…the girl really had no idea that she was doing it. She was a comfort, to a man not used to comfort or the touch of another---one who kept himself aloof from everyone and everything, fearing that a burst of power would awaken the Seed in him.

Yet, she was the one who had found a way to get past every defense he had put in place, and broken down every wall he'd managed to put up around himself.

He gazed down at her…she was so pretty, so innocent when she slept…yet even innocence could not hide her aura of power, lingering about on the edge of his perception..

"I promised myself to you someday, Robin...do you recall?" he whispered softly. "But I cannot go through with it because your grandfather could not have it...would not have it, when he found out I was a Seed. He wanted a watcher for you, but not one who might become something, and drag you down..." He looked away. "Ahh, he had so many expectations...too many expectations." He sighed softly.

"Mmm, then why didn't you tell him that, Amon…" Bright green eyes peeked sleepily up at him and he tensed…when had she gotten so good at pretending to be asleep?

At least she didn't ask the more embarrassing question, about his promise.

"I was barely twelve..." he explained softly. "I didn't even know then all that it entailed…he promised that if I went along with it, he would see to it I was able to take care of both my sister and you." He paused. "But things changed as time went on." He shrugged, his voice holding an edge of bitterness to it. That was normal for him, the cold, cool Amon.

Robin sighed and sat up, her long hair falling in her face and around her as she did. She let go of his hair, and he hid the amused smile that was threatening to break free…she seemed more awkward about it then himsself, and he followed suit in sitting up as well.

"I think we should get a bite to eat and get out of here…I need to make sure Dirk is alright," he murmured.

She was up and on her feet though her hand went over the stitches, she cast a worried look to him wondering if he saw her expression, and the cool gaze told her that he most certainly had.

"Robin...is there something you're not telling me, because if so I think that you should." He was using that near-irritated voice, only there was a smoother edge to it now.

"The bullet that grazed me, Amon…" she said in a soft whisper, "it was...Orbo...laced with something else." She didn't look at him. She had been left for only a couple of hours, and she was already proving that she couldn't take care of herself. "The wound didn't want to stop bleeding, didn't want to close…I recognized the essence of the Orbo, but that wasn't all…there was something more," she explained. She tugged the sleeve of her gown down so he could see the fact that the gauze there was still bloody.

He couldn't stop the gasp that escaped him, and his hands clenched at his sides, he couldn't ...or just wouldn't blame her. She hadn't known, and she'd reacted appropriately in his own opinion; she had rung him and gotten herself to safety, although he wasn't sure how safe she was.

"We'll call the good doctor and see what he can do for you," he said, his tone stern. "Until then, you might want to wear something sleeveless." When she dropped her gaze modestly, he realized she had lost her things in the fire.

He quietly stood and went to his pack. "You know...I..." He didn't know what to say---there didn't seem to be anything he could say. She'd saved his things over her own.

He removed one of his long shirts and sat on the edge of the bed, caught the stitch and pulled the sleeves off, the tearing of fabric caused Robin to blink.

"You can't wear your long sleeved dress, if that---" he pointed to her shoulder, "---isn't going to stop bleeding."

He was right.

"This is temporary clothing for you; my shirt should be near dress-length for you, anyway," he murmured, as he handed it to her. "If you're uncomfortable in just that, I am sure we can find pants for you as well...though I will need to take you shopping after this."

"What are we going to do today?" she asked as she slipped into the room's bathroom to change.

"I am going to find out who shot you." There was a deadly tone to his voice as he had that dangerous look, that look that said he was going to do something to someone, and it would likely be bad.

"First, I am going to call Master, and get ahold of your doctor." He ran his hand through his hair. "You want coffee, I want answers and we both need to eat...so the logical step is to head downstairs."

She emerged, pulling her hair up in her traditional hairstyle. His long gray jacket looked nice on her. She must have realized that she needed a belt, because she took her robe's sash and used that to tie around her waist.

"Okay. Ready to get started," she murmured, and gave him a smile, despite appearing more pale than he would have liked to see her.

She paused to look up at him, his head tilted halfway to the side, as she gave him a sad look. "Sarei stato fortunato averlo come marito," she whispered, looking thoughtful. She sighed.

It was pretty, what ever she had said; he'd made out a few words but nothing that made any sense to him. "Something...lucky..." he thought.

"Robin...I didn't understand what you just said," he commented, as the two of them went down the stairs together.

"You weren't meant to," she answered which made him scowl at her.


"It's good to see the god-child and Hope," came the warm voice that greeted the pair at the bottom of the stairs.

Amon was still trying to put together what Robin had said to him, and still not making all the correct connections.

"Gerdy!" He was shocked to see her there.

"What did you call me?" Robin was shocked to hear that name from anyone's lips, only her mother had ever called her Hope.

"Hope...Maria's little Hope," she answered with a nod. "I recognize you, even dressed up in Amon's things, you look so much like your mother...a true beauty, to be sure," she said. "Now you kids come on down here, and let me fix you something to eat, and tell me why Amon has that look on his face."

Robin went to her as though drawn. "You knew my mother," she said, in awe.

"I did; and I will tell you anything you want to know about her, after you've had a bite to eat," she said, in a motherly tone of voice.

Robin sat down at the table as Gerdy started to flip flapjacks, humming softly as she did. "Amazing Grace..." murmured the small pale blonde, drawing a chuckle from Gerdy.

"Yeah, I sing when I cook, it was the same with your mother. What about you?" she asked.

Robin just blushed, and Amon nodded his head. "She sings, though she doesn't know she does," he answered for her.

"Thats the way to be content....some people don't know the meaning of that word." She looked pointedly at Amon, who shrugged his shoulders.

"Some aren't given that choice," was his response.

Gerdy sighed. "Amen to that." She served up the table. "Now you, little girl, are thinking you aren't to be belonging to this world, correct?" she asked Robin, who looked flustered as honey colored eyes looked into her green ones. "Let me tell you something," Gerdy said, as she went on to add a stack of pancakes to Amon's plate. "Your mother, she knew what your father had been up to from the start...she wanted a baby ...your Daddy couldn't do that alone, and she desired your company so bad, some say she made deals with the Devil." She shook her head as she went on.

"That wasn't so...no ma'm, I was there...Maria spoke to an angel, and it was Maria who payed the price to have you...all that project did was enhance what was already there, child." She sank into a chair. "It's times like this that I feel my age."

Robin stared in stunned silence at Gerdy, while Amon was looking at Robin in a different light. He wouldn't have to kill her, was what came to him at that moment, she had only been enhanced to be what she was. If she was a gift from Heaven, then why were they hunting her? Stupid question, he chided himself, why did they burn Joan of Arc at the stake...to protect a way of life. He had almost fallen into that heretic outlook.

"Now there were stories about your birth, in certain circles before you were even a thought, little Hope." She laughed "Eat your food," she said, and nudged the girl who began to stuff pancakes into her mouth, chewing without tasting.

"I can't say much more on this...but let me tell you something, there's going to come a times when you're going to have to decide what to do, and it isn't going to be a simple question either...a lot will rest with your choice of action and the outcome." She looked to Amon and sighed. "And you, my god child, are going to be caught up in this, because the ties that bind you are going to enfold you into all of this...but I suggest that you stand by your heart." Gerdy piled her plate full of pancakes and smothered them in honey.

"Honey truly is the nectar of the gods." She sighed happily after taking the first few bites.

Robin giggled, and Amon looked amused...it seemed as though the serious issues had passed.

Amon was still thoughtful, even after the food was done. Despite his protests, Robin was over at the sink, humming and doing dishes.

"Sarei stato fortunato averlo come marito," he murmured to himself quietly.

"What did you say?" Gerdy asked him turning shrewd golden eyes on him.

He repeated himself for Gerdy's benefit. "I can't quite translate it, and---" He paused, as Gerdy started laughing, his features darkening.

"I sure hope someone said that to you, because who do you think would be lucky to have you as a husband?" she asked.

Amon flushed in realization and stared at Robin's back, he wasn't sure whether to kiss her, or kill her sometimes.

Robin turned at that moment "Hmmm?" she asked, not having been privy to that conversation.

"Oh nothing honey, just teasing my godson here," Gerdy called over her shoulder, and Robin nodded went back to running water as she worked.

"Remember...she might save your soul," Gerdy said to Amon, as she stood and patted him on the shoulder.

She moved slowly but with purpose towards the door. "Now Gerdy needs to be getting home, she has alot of work to do...and Mistress Dirk will surely be missing me." She yawned and stretched, bear-like.

"Oh, before I go..." She stopped and turned to Amon, reaching into her purse. She tossed him a pouch. "Half a cup of hot water, two pinches of salt, and three tablespoons of what's in that pouch, put on your girl's wound, fix her right up...but you're gonna want to hold her down, that's a nasty wound she has, I can smell it over here." With that the woman was gone, singing as she went.

Robin was staring at him and the bag, while he only nodded. Gerdy had helped him after he'd been shot with Orbo. Her cure' were better then some of the top class doctors.


The man leaned against the building. His dark clothes stuck out, yet people seemed to pass by him as though he weren't even there.

"Yes...ignore me, ignore what I stand for...you don't know what you are losing by not believing," he murmured. "You'll find out in given time...oh yes, you will." He spoke more to himself then to anyone there.

"God placed us here to root out the lesser, to be rid of the weak; we are his walking angels," the man said in a low whisper to himself.

"And you are his favorite, Abel Kusanagi." he smirked.

He glanced at his beeper; it was Shuna again. He knew he was due in for an appointment, but he had been taking care of some trash. Tossing his bloodied gloves into the garbage can, his almond color eyes focused on the street ahead of him. He had even stopped to help a little boy across the street , it was a good day.

Behind him in an apartment, he had left a woman strangled to death with her own rosary. She had been a witch, pretending to be one in the light of God's glory, when she hid in the shadows of the covens.

Yes...Abel Kusanagi had a lot of work to do on this planet, exterminating Witches with the gifts he was given. He himself wasn't a Witch, of course not...he couldn't be. He was blessed by God, after all, named for a slain brother.