Long ago, when the land of Ardania was young, the Creator sent for his children to Govern and help form the world, and make it a peaceful place for all races to dwell in harmony.

Agrela and her Sister Krypta were given the tasks of life and death. Agrela was to nurture life and keep it safe from harm in the mortal realm and Krypta was to usher beings up the River of Souls and into their safe homes past the Misty Gates.

Dauros was to write the laws of the world, and ensure that all things acted as they should. It was Fervus's task to remind the races of their roots in the wild realm, and to ensure theses customs were not forgotten.

Krolm was charged to go back even further, to the times when there was no life, and all matter tumbled round in an endless cycle of chaos and dark.

Helia governed the sun, protecting life during the daylight hours, while Lunord shielded all from the

Over time, these five gods and goddesses gathered there own followers from the existing peoples, to carry out their work when they returned to their own realm. These people began to govern the lands of Ardania, creating countries and cities, using what the land offered, and trading amongst themselves for survival. All was good, and peace reigned supreme.

However, in Kaliamar, the home of the gods, not all was well. A dark spirit began to grow deep within the caves of Ramandilia, the Endless Mountains, feeding on the few animals that ventured down into the depths for shelter against the cold of winter. Little is known of its origins, but it is thought that Krolm, in one of his frequent arguments with his siblings, uttered a curse from the Creator's Book, which focused all the darkness in the world on one spot, creating the ultimate evil.

When this came to the attention of the other gods, it was felt by gentle Agrela that the beings of the mortal realms should be warned of this great danger, lest it find a way into their realm, through one of the then common Portals between the realms.

However, this turned out to be a fatal mistake. When the gods opened one of the portals, a tiny bit of the essence of the spirit, now called Lavenxia got through into the mortal realm, and instantly everything began to go wrong. Monsters began to appear out of the forests in the northern part of Ardania. Cities turned against each other, motivated by the previously low rivalry between religious factions, which now began to bubble over, causing warfare and discord.

Agrela turned against Krypta, Dauros against Fervus, and Helia against Lunord. Krolm, because of his unforgivable sin in creating the essence of Lavenxia, was barred for Kaliamar, and his followers driven from the mortal cities to set up their own colonies else where. And so ended the Age of Light, and with its passing began the Dark Age, where children feared to play in the streets for fear of ratmen lurking in the sewers, and few dared to become rangers, lest they meet Giant Spiders or Minotaurs in the once peaceful forests.

But an even greater danger is coming to Ardania, for Lavenxia, now in a corporeal form, has found a new way to enter the mortal realms, one which the gods have o control over. There is one way to stop her, and it seems that Destiny may have expected such events, for it is fast approaching the time when the Army of Light will assemble, and the Choice will be made, for good or evil, and Ardania will enter its Third Age, the Age of Ultimate Good, or Ultimate Evil