This is a story about.....

a classical family

in a modern town

with a punk-rock daughter

who is in love with a mysterious gothic man.


WIth so many types of music in the world today-modern, new age, classical, gospel, contemporary, rock, punk/punk rock, etc- I was inspired to write a story that showed the differences in the views, yet how they are all related to one another.

Anyways, this chapter may be short, but that's how it is....I am more prone to write a fluffy short chapter, or a really boring long chapter....


Chapter I : Bargaining with the Enemy

"Kagome dear," her mother called, "...How was school today?"

'Dang it.' she thought as her body was frozen solid on the steps. Her mother had hearing like an elephant. "Fine 'mother'."

"Really?" Kagome froze again on the path to her room. She knew exactly what was coming next. "And how was chemistry class?"

She sighed. "Great..."

"You don't sound so sincere..." by this time, her mother had gotten off the luxury sofa-chair and was walking her way. "Could it have anything to do with the phone call I received from Mr. Tokushi?"

'Damn those teachers...'

"Dear, you know how I feel about lying..."

"I know mother..- no lying to you or father, or to anyone important, unless it is absolutely unevitable." Kagome quoted her mother's words she had heard hundreds of times before.

Mrs. Higurashi had a stern look on her petite visage. "Why did you skip school, again for the sixth time this semester? You know how important your education is..."

'Maybe to you....I don't care for it myself...'

"Now, we must break you from skipping one way or another...." Her mother began to think of ways to punish her daughter. "I know... the perfect thing."

Kagome was momentarily scared. But this was her mother she was thinking of...her mother was a snooty snob...or so she thought, but she thought like a five year old at times.

"No more going with father and I to the Country club."

Kagome grinned iwardly. How could she doubt her mother? "Oh, no mother, please!" she faked. In all honesty, she hated it- being around all those preppy brats... Sure she was spoilt, but she didn't show it.

"I'm sorry dear, but you aren't going with us for two months."

"Two months!?"

"Do you want to make it three?"

"But mom!"

"Three months. Now go. You're giving me a headache with her temper tantrum."

She snickered inwardly. 'Freedom...from those idiotic preps...for three months? YES!'

She ran up to her room and opened the door, ran and flopped on her bed. "Oh, there's the remote..." she grinned and cut on the tv. At that second, her cell phone went off. She groaned and checked to see who it was. 'Oh, it's Ayumi.' "Hello?"

"Hey Kag."

"What's up Yumi?" she sat up.

"'Few of us are going to Club Vain tonight, and I figured you'd want to go."

"Club Vain?! Hell yea!" she said as she fell back on her pillows, a wide smile on her face.

"Great. I'll be there 'bout ten, k?"

"Yep." she said, "See ya then."

"Ja ne."

"Matane ne."


'I know 'mother dear' won't like the idea...but what they don't know, won't hurt me..'


I got the title from the beginning of the story, where she acts like she's know, the country club thing. Anyways, the next should be up promises though.