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Chapter III : Nights of Romance and Dancing to the Music of the Heart


Yuna opened the door to allow more guests in and turned to see her long-time friend, Kagome, sitting and chatting amoung Ayumi and some other girls, then Kagome's cell phone went off. "Ello?"

"Yo, Kaggie..."

'Oh god it's Hojo...' "Hey."

"Why wasn't I invited to your little party?"

"If I had've wanted a snake like you, I would've gone to the zoo.."

"Ouch Kaggie, that hurt.."

"Look, Hojo, just get to the point. I don't won't allow you to waste any more of my time than you already have."

"Just wanted to tell you that you better watch your back." *Click*

She turned around to see Yuna glancing concernedly at her. She only smiled slightly, and ignored the bubbling feeling of acid in her stomache.

"Hey Kag." came one of her friend's voices, snappig her attention to in front of her.

"Hey Sango. Glad ya came."

"Wouldn't miss it....but uh..."


Sango smacked her boyfriend's hand from crawling any lower down her back. "You might want to check in the corner.."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"His name is InuYasha." the boy chimed in.

"Oh, you mean that new kid who just transferred to our school about a month ago?"

Sango nodded.

"What's he doin'?"

"He's just..freakish."


"What? It's the truth..."

"You didn't have to say it so bluntly."


Kagome rolled her eyes as she got up from her seat and started to walk to where the boy was.

"Hey, move. this room's for talkin, drinkin, and dancin'..not for making out. There's bedrooms up stairs for th-YUNA?!" Kagome's mouth was now draped open at her blushing friend, and her new found love.


"Come on baby.." Koga persisted, leading her up the steps before she could even say a word.

Once Kagome's frozen face loosened up, she spotted the guy sitting solo in the corner. 'Hmm...long, midnight black hair, black jeans, red top, definately a freak of nature..' she said rolling her eyes. If they thought 'he' was a freak, no telling what they thought of her.

"Hey." she said walking over to him. "Hey, you." she said poking him once or twice. Yet he never looked up, so she desided she had to attempt to converse with him, figuring he was just shy. "You're InuYasha, right?"

"Yes." he nearly whispered.

"Cool. So you enjoyin' the party?"

"I'm not the type to be around others.."

"Why not?"

He looked up at her, and time froze still as she came eye to eye with his lustrious violet eyes. He seemingly was scanning her soul for all knowledge, all secrets, and all hidden desires. She jerked her head away as a cold chill swept up her spine.

"Why do you want to know?" he responded coldly, once again glancing down towards the floor.

'He..he is freaky..'

'You're just like everyone else.....'

".....Hold up, what in the HELL just happened?!"

"It's called telepathy.. Also you might want to tone your voice down....others are starting to wonder what's going on."

Instead of replying, she simply got up and marched back to her seet, as she disreguarded the thoughts and urge to shiver from the chills sweeping over her.


Another part of the room


"Hey, aren't you..Kagome Higurashi?" came a voice from behind her.

She snapped around to meet georgeous golden copper eyes, and stunning silver hair. "Yyes..I mean, no. I'm Kikyo, her cousin."

"You ..you look remarkably like her." he said as he drew closer, inhailing every scent radiating off her body.

"Is that good, or is that bad?" she said in a low whisper.

"You're beautiful, does that answer the question?" he said as he closed the space between them, pressing his lips to her delicately soft ones. It was if the rest of the room disappeared, and fireworks shot around them, bells rung, and sparks were felt. 'We're ment to be...' she began to think.

'As one..'


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