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Skinner and Jekyll are in London where a Gabriel Van Helsing has come to find out who he killed 20 years before in Paris. Skinner has also found out about a possible cure.

Mina and John Roxton are in Australia looking for Tom where they have been joined by Duncan MacLeod.

Ned Land and Nemo are in the Nautilus which is under attack.

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Skinner had not been aware that there was anyone else in the house and it had been a bit of a shock to him therefore to find a man with shoulder length brown hair drinking coffee while talking to Henry.

"Rodney, I did not know what time you would be waking, help yourself to breakfast." Henry said with some life in his voice again.

"Thanks mate." Skinner said sitting down, he spooned sugar into his tea and spread jam on his toast before taking a bite. Swallowing uncomfortably due to the stare that he was getting from the other man Skinner wondered who exactly he was as Henry had not spoken about any friends that would be calling in to visit and as far as Skinner was aware most people did not call that early in the morning anyway.

"Are you going to be staying here all day Rodney?" Jekyll asked quietly feeling how comfortable the silence in the room was.

"There was a gent that I heard about the last time I was here he may be able to help someone in my unique position." Skinner said.

"I shall tell Mrs Scott not to expect you here for lunch then. Will you have returned by this evening or do you wish to track down some of your old acquaintances?"

"I will be back by this evening." Skinner said before hurriedly downing the last of his tea not caring if it scalded his mouth and hurried out the room. He had no desire to find any of the people he had once lived with, in some respects being invisible was one of the best things that could have happened to him as it meant that he was finally able to escape from them. Add the fact that Moran was now dead and he felt as though it might be safe for him to become visible to the world at large once more. If this scientist could help him then he could try and find Sarah and see what the years had done to her and indeed see if she still remembered who he was.

"I shall be leaving for a few days as there is something more that I need to do in London before I can concentrate on the mystery that you pose." Van Helsing said at length.

"I should not be going anywhere but if I find that I need to leave London then I shall leave a message with Mrs Scott and one with Inspector Lestrade." Jekyll said glancing up from the paper that he was reading.

"That should be fine. I do not expect that I will be more than a few days." Van Helsing said before grabbing his coat and hat and heading out the house as well leaving Jekyll alone in a house haunted with memories of his wife.


"Not more of those squid things." Ned groaned as the submarine shook from the impacts of hard objects colliding with it.

"I don't know what it is Mr Land but if you could move then I could find out." Nemo said annoyed that something was daring to attack his beautiful ship. At least this time he was not aware of the fact that there were any explosives inside the ship as had happened what the treacherous Dorian Grey had been a passenger.

"Don't get angry with me, I had nothing to do with this." Ned said defensively yet moving out the way all the same. Despite the animosity that he still felt for the captain he could not help but be impressed by the competence with which Nemo tried to identify the problem, pulling down the internal communication speaker he barked orders to his crew in what Ned supposed was Indian.

"The hull is holding for now Captain but for how long I am not sure." A crewman said hurrying into the room.

"Have the crew been evacuated from the areas in the most risk?"

"Everywhere apart from engineering, I thought it best that they remained there until it became truly dangerous."

"Hold onto something as we will try to go straight up." Nemo said adjusting the controls and causing the ship to begin to tilt.

"There is flooding in engineering and the engines are starting to become overheated." The crewman said as he had been listening to the communication system while his captain was fighting to bring the ship to the surface.

"We were quite deep as long as they can hold for another minute we should be alright." Nemo said decisively. As soon as he finished saying this there was a much sharper jolt to the ship than there had been before.

"The ship is not responding properly whatever it is that has been hitting the ship has damaged the rudder." Nemo said as the ship began to lurch to one side. Ned hurried to the Captains side and helped add his weight to the wheel to ensure that the ship did not sink. Another few anxious minutes with the strength of Ned Land and Captain Nemo being the only things that were stopping the ship from sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic saw the great submarine break the surface and Ned was not the only person on the bridge to look relieved to see daylight.

There was silence on the bridge as the three men waited to see if they could see or hear anything else that would give them a clue as to what had been attacking them, the sea around them was calm now that the waves from the Nautilus had died down and there were no sounds other than the noise of the engines and a creaking sound from somewhere within the ship.

"There is no sign of anything Captain." the crewman said at last deciding that he would be the one to state the obvious first.

"Get me a report from the engine room. Mr Land would you care to take a brief trip outside my lady with me so we can see what damage has been done?" Nemo inquired,

"Is that wise, after all whatever attacked us could still be out there." Ned said

"If they attacked the Nautilus then we would be of such an insignificant size to whatever it is that we would be in very little danger at all." Nemo said before striding off and leaving Ned with no choice but to follow after him.

Outside the Nautilus

Ned had only been outside the Nautilus in the diving suits a few times and every time he did not believe that they would stop him from drowning, this time however he was more worried about whatever had been attacking the ship spotting them and killing them before they had a chance to get away. Therefore he was prepared for almost anything to be waiting for them outside the ship, the one thing that he was not expecting was nothing and that was exactly what awaited them. There was no sign of what had attacked the ship and if it had not been for the marks on the Nautilus Ned would have thought he'd dreamt the whole incident.

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