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Chapter 1

         It was mid noon ,the temperature in the desert located near the patch village was beginning to lower . The sun was on its way to setting. A small camp with Indian like tents sat near one of the many canion like montains in the area.  In the middle sat a fire , the flames playing in the face of the  figure sat on a rock, a white cloaked figure, with a peaceful face, resembling much like that of his twins…(yes it is the one and only HAO-SAMA!). 

"The fight is almost over half it's course… and my little brother still hasn't grown strong enough…. There's gotta be something that'll speed up the process…" Hao thought for some seconds than one of his malicious smiles spread on his face.  A tiny figure came into view.

"HAO-SAMA! Yoh's team beat the flying fish team!"(whatever I wasn't inspired to make a better name for a team…)

"well , then he is growing stronger"

"They beat them by one second , one more minute and Yoh's oversoul would have collapsed"

"still doing everything his lazy way I see "

" it seems that Itako is not giving him the right dosage of training" said Opacho with a face of deep thinking.

At the mention of the girl Hao smiled even more , this was going to be a good…

"come Opacho , it's time to go pick up our guest for the week"

*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~

At the patch village –hotel

Anna was sitting in the weird bed of the patch hotel. Fixing a jar of desert flowers… just because the hotel was all stuffy and much too rustic for her likings, didn't mean she wouldn't adapt it to her taste.

 Anna-san! Were all going to Patchdonald's for dinner , you coming???

Asked Pirika entering the room like a storm (like she does when she's exited or… hungry +_+ )  "I'll be over later, go on ahead without me" , Pirika just nodded and skipped away …merrely (talk about too much sugar).

She heard laughs traveling the hall, Yoh and company leaving.

It seems all that mattered to Yoh were his friends, he treated her indifferently to them.

He didn't see that all she did was for his best , even though sometimes she went overboard it was still with the same intentions. She loved him a lot , this she knew .She had been developing this feeling ever since they were little.

But she was almost sure her fiancée did not feel the same way , he was too innocent .

And also slow due to  the fact that he never noticed how she felt.

"It's pointless , he's too busy with his friends" she said to herself

"Your wrong Anna-chan , that's why this will make my job easier"

"huh?" she looked around startled , how could she have not noticed a presence so near. She looked at the window paine . There sat none other than … HAO!! (BUAHAHAHAHAH…*O*)

"What are  you doing here? Yoh's gone out to dinner…." She said in her typical icy tone. Although she was alarmed she would never show it , especially to him.

"Actually it's about his training" said Hao with a innocent look

"Look I now what your thinking and if u think that im gonna take orders from you , your very….."  Bu before she could finish this the swift fire shaman was standing centimeters away from her , looking down at her with a innocent smile ^__^.   His face was inches away from hers , he started to inch closer , she swore for a second that he was going to kiss her. But his face took a left turn and instead he moved next to her ear. She could feel his breath there , and began to blush furiously.

"Don't worry  your taking a vacation from my otouto with me for while ^__^".

He huskily whispered in her ear

At this she jumped back knocking over the vase of flowers she had just finished arranging. She grabbed for her beads , but they weren't there!

"kuso! I left them on the bed" she thought. She looked from Hao to the bed. Her beads lay there in a little jumble.  He noticed this and smiled. The kind of smile he smiled when he was scheming something up.  She noticed Hao in what seemed to be deep thinking and took the chance to make it to the door.

She was almost out but once again before she could set one foot outside , he was already in front of her. 

"What are u intending to do!?" she screamed ,hoping someone would hear her

"Don't worry Anna-san as soon as I get you , Yoh will be notified!"

Saying this he knocked her out …gently. She fell forward and he caught her . She lay sprawled in his arms . He stared down at her with a certain malevolence at first , then his eyes softened.  "What is that feeling my onichan feels for this woman , if I could only understand it " he thought . His eyes scanned her body , first her golden hair that when all the way to her midback , then her delicated face , that held the eyes , the famous  eyes that froze people just from one look . The doors to her soul , which were always closed. And then her body , "oh yes the girl had developed well …." He thought.

Just then he heard footsteps , he picked up the uncounscious Anna and flinged her over his shoulder , the picked up her Itako beads and stored then in his pocket (In the pocket of his cool pants …hehe) and took off the bracelet she had , with the same type of beads as the necklace.  The footsteps were closer now. And in the door of the room appeared Tamao.

"GASP! HAO! Miss Anna!"

"Don't worry about Anna-chan here , just tell Yoh that if he wants to see her again , he must grow stronger"

Tamao hesitated she was much too scared to say , but  she blurted it out anyhow "How will you know when he's stronger!? This is crazy!!"

He smiled ^_^

"simple, when he is strong enough he should be able to find us with no trouble , now give this to him and tell him that he has a deadline in one week , if he doesn't find us by then im afraid other plans will be arranged in regard to the Itako here…" He threw Tamao the bracelet and instantly disappeared in his magestic flames.

Tamao just looked at the spot on wich he had been for wat seemed to be minutes. She noticed the blue beaded bracelet she was clinging on to , turned around and ran as fast as she could to PatchDonalds.

"Poor Yoh!" she thought

*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*

 "Hey Yoh! Where's Anna?" asked manta as he took a sip from his grape soda.

"I don't know Manta, but it's not usual of her to miss dinner. Didn't you tell her we were coming here ?" he said with his normal attitude. 

"Yeah! I did but she said that she would catch up…maybe she fell asleep"

suddenly Tamao's spirits perked theyr ears up. "here she comes!" they said in unison smiling and "floating" to the door to greet her. But what they got was unexpected. The door was opening and a worried Tamao swarmed in looking around worriedly. And without noticing shw had just stomped on the two animals. "HEY! Whats the big idea!?!?!" said Konchi , "YEAH! We were trying to behave today and you punish us for nothing!!!". Tamao didn't even listen but ran to the table where the group of young shamans sat.

"Yoh!" she said trying to catch her breathz "Hao-gasp-kidnnaped-gasp-Anna-gasp-says-gasp-if-gasp-you-gasp-don't-gasp-become-gasp-strong-gasp-enough-gasp-in-gasp-one-gasp-week-gaaaassp-he'll kill her!" Tamao fell sitting on the ground. Horo-horo knelt beside her to asure that she was ok. She li"he told me to give you this" she put the bracelet on the table. Everyone had a startled look on their face. But none compared to Yoh. His eyes widened in fear as he though  what might happen to his fiancée. But it wasn't the fact that he said he'd kill her , that scared him too but he remembered when Manta told him about the time when Hao and Anna had their first encounter. He had felt it, He had a bond with his twin so half of what Hao felt Yoh felt and vice-versa. Hao knew of the way he cared for Anna , and would probably take advantage of this to make him suffer… goddammit!

Yoh left his plate and started trudging towards the door with a determined air.

"Master Yoh! Where are you going???" asked Ryu

"Im going to get her back now " anger was noticed in his tone , no one in the group had ever seen him talk with anger before.

A big spear appeared blocking his way. And there stood Len (DROOL).

"Listen Yoh , if you go now you'll get yourself killed not to mention Anna as well"

"Get out of my way Len"

Amidamaru materialized next to Ren

"He's right Yoh-dono, if u go now you'l probably not even find them and you'll waste your time!"

"Yeah Yoh! The bastard only gave you one choice and that is to train!"

Yoh looked down and closed his fists so tight that his knuckles became white.

"If I have to train to save her then I will!" and he ran out the door followed by a worried amidamaru.

"Little master! We must help him" said Bason materializing behind Len.

"Don't worry Bason, all we have to do now it let him cool and tomorrow we'll help him train."

Manta was also worried

"first the x-laws and now this.. poor yoh"

"don't worry manta we'll help him find her!" said Horo-Horo trying to un-tense the environment.

*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*

She was stretched out on the floor facing up. She knew the nights of the deserts were cold , but she  was actually feeling heat… probably due to bonfire that was next to her.

It seemed she had been unconscious for hours . But she wasn't quite sure. She'd lost the sense of time and her head hurt so much it was spinning in circles. She slowly opened her eyes.  She had no idea as to why she was here and why Yoh and the others weren't around.

She tried to sit up dizzy , and looked around. Behuind the fire sat a white cloaked figure. He stood up and  walked towards her kneeling beside her.

"I see you've woken up, tell me how do you feel?"

She saw his face and it all came back to her. The event of that evening.

"How dare he kidnap me?" she thought indignated.

She gave him one of her icy glares and turned her head the other way.

"are you hungry? I mean it's expected after 4 hours of being uncounsious"

Again she ignored him .

"Alright then Anna , lets see how long you can play at this game of silence he said making his way back to his rock"

It was 15 minutes before she decided to speak.

"What are you staring at? And why did you kidnap me ? Both you and I know that you would have been better of taking one of Yoh's friends" she said as a matter-of-factly.

Hao looked up (she's talking). He only answered the first part of her question ignoring the second "I was just trying to understand this feeling"

She blushed

I didn't think the all powerfull Itako wouldn't have noticed  Yoh's affection for her. I myself feel it all the time (remember the bond). But I  cant explain it,

 he decided that while he spent time with the Itako he would try to understand it. She stared at him with her indifferent glare for a while then got up. "Well , guess you'll have to try again I suggest Manta, take him and Yoh will surpass your strength in a matter of hours" she threw her bandana over her neck and began to walk away.

She felt a strong hand hold her wrist. "I don't think so Anna-chan" , she tried to get loose from his hold but it only became stronger . "It's useless Anna-chan , I know my otouto well , he's a part of me. And I know of all his feelings and right now I feel his utter despair, you don't think im gonna put all of this waste are you??".

"Don't call me Anna-chan "

He smiled even more she's very preety when she got mad, a twinge of his brother's feeling for this girl seemed to light up in himself. His eyes softened

"whatever you say Anna-chan"

he said pulling her back towards him

"let me go!" she  comamded, but no her attitude didn't intimidate Hao.

"Anna-chan I don't wanna have to tie your nice little arms up , but it seems your obligating me"

He again swinged her over his shoulder and headed inside one of the tents.

She was kicking and punching him this caused for him to loosed his balance and for her to collapse bringing him down with her.

The position they landed in was quite….compromising.

"Get off me!" she said furiously blushing

Hao took this opportunity and bound her hands with his own. He bent down and whispered in her ear making her shiver.

"I'll get off you , if you promise to be a good girl and not run away"

"Get the hell off me now!" she said

"wrong answer" he said. Bounding both her hands in one of his and slinding the other one up her leg.  She was crimson red and not capable to think right then and there. And she started to have a ….self conflict

"wait a minute! Im Yoh's fiancée this cant be happening! I wont give in to this"

"well, if you don't give in to your pride now and say UNCLE im afraid wat you were saving for Yoh will be taken….

At this point her skirt was halfway up her thigh and the young shaman bent down to her neck and started to plant light bites on them. She shivered again. This was rather nice. WAIT NO THIS WASN'T GOOD AT ALL! She thought.

His face was nearing hers and his lips were almost at her own.

"OKAY FINE, I WONT RUN AWAY! " At least not for now

It took him a few seconds to realize what she had said , but he stopped.

"Pitty Anna-chan , I was enjoying that "and I have the slight feeling you were too.

"Well I have business to attend to , Opacho will bring you something to eat… and seriously don't try to get out of the tent until I come back or else I'll have to return you to Yoh in charcoal pieces" saying this he disappeared.

Why did he do this , if there was a defense field around this thing the whole time? She pondered , and then thanked kami that he didn't continue….


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