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Warning: strong lime

                                   Chapter 9 :moment's desire

Anna ran as fast as she could away from that spot , and away from questions that would only to her knowledge...taunt her.

After running for about five minutes non-stop, she halted putting her hands on her knees and panting.

Was she out of shape.Or was she? She propped herself up forcefully and looked around to find that her view was blurred and that she was extremelly dizzy. As if about to faint. She stood up normally now even though she stumbled in the act and looked around frantically for a bathroom.And just barely saw a woman's lavaratory signs in a small house nearby and walked as normally as she could there.

Once inside Anna checked to see if anyone ws in there, as best as she could considering her state, and once she found it to be empty she closed the door and looked in the mirror , She saw that her skin had gone unusually pale and that her eyes had dark circles around them. Upon seeing this she felt a jolt through her body.

And automatically stumbled leaning on the wall and sliding to the floor.

After Anna had desserted Yoh, upon his momentary daze after Anna's sudden outburst only a few seconds after she ran off had he realized that she had run off alone..... and so he instantly got up and ran after her.

"Anna-san what's going on???"

all he could think about was the confusion that had been happening in his head ever since Anna was kidnapped. After all he didn't know if it was the fact that maybe he and Hao had a sort of bond for being twins or for being part of each other's soul, but he did know that through-out the time that Anna had been gone, he for no reason experienced very strong emotions that would out of nowhere appear, along with her in his mind.

Yoh kept on runing  with these thoughts swirling around his head. Trying to see if he could spot the Itako anywhere.

But what he spotted was not her.  But a ball of fire with dissolved majestacly integrating his Aniki right before him.


"Hello, otouto"

Yoh held back with beads of sweat starting to materialize at his forehead , If Hao found Anna before he did then she would be gone again. But right now he wasnt considering all that , what he had in mind was all the questions he had for Anna witch Hao could also answer. And so Yoh rose from his defensive position and stared at his twin with a serious expression on his face.

"Hao i need you to answer me something"

Haos mischevous expression jolted to that of a curious one and he just propped up one of his eyebrowns.

"Nani?what is it you want know?"

Yoh looked determined and clenhed his fists trying to hyde his desparity .

"when you took...Anna....what exactly happened while she was there??"

Hao looked a little suprised at Yoh's question and a evil smile crossed his face.

"That depends on a point of view, but from mine , let's just say i had a bit of fun with the Itako. I especially miss her perfume..."

Yohs pupils had dialated and he was in a state of shock "Had Anna-chan , his Anna-chan , his fiancee sleep with his Arch-enemy??"

As fast as the human eye can see Yoh whipped out the Haru-same and pointed it right at Hao's neck who didn't move a muscle.

"You dared touch her??? And in that way???"

Hao just smiled even more as the spirit of fire integrated, lunging Yoh away.

"You bastard you better tell me the truth, i know Anna would never allow it"

"Now otouto, you shouldn't be mad like that, after all you are just a part of me ....and after all i wont blame you...you have become suprinsingly stronger in the past few days...but not strong enough, so i'm afraid i shall have to use some insentive again...fortunatly for me hasnt she told him about her promise?? Well it should be interesting to see what will unravel from this.."

Upon his declaration the  fire shaman dissapeared with his spirit, leaving Yoh Raging , on his knees about to punch the ground with disbelief. Hao had indeed left him in doubt on wether Anna had given herself to him , Had he dared to take her away from him like that?? All Yoh knew now was that for the first time he trull hated someone , hated him very much. And that he would do anything to have Anna in his arms again at the end of all this , telling him that all Hao had just told him was an absolute lie. But he would have to beat him.... he would have to possibly kill him.

Anna had managed to recover some strength and had washed her face. And decided it would be best if she just went back to the Hotel. So she walked through the dark empty streets.

And so she headed through the less crowded parts of the carnival in order to avoid people, she didnt feel like communicating now.

But was suprised when she saw that stanfin in front of her was none other that Touji, the gypsy man who had taken her away from Hao's fortress.

Upon laying eyes on her , and her blood red dress. His face gained a hurt expression , and he just stared at her like that , while all she could do was be paralized instead of running past him to avoid any more trouble that night.



"Yokata, your okey , im glad to see you survived crossing the dessert all the way here."

"I thought you would be angry at me"

"Well i cant say im completely happy about the headache i woke up with , but i'm ashamed of actions, please accept my apology." He bowed like an english gentleman , holding his black cape from overflowing on the ground.

Anna blushed a bit at how gentleman like a barbarian could be and just nodded.

At this he smiled and grabbed her hand kissing it's back.

"So shall we have a civilized conversation without any barbarics in it?" he laughed.

Anna slightly smiled.

That is , until Touji left hand caught fire and he doubled over in pain in the ground .

Anna gasped  and turned around to see enraged Hao behind her. His aura clearly visible.

"So it was this unworthy creature witch ruined my plans???"

Anna ran to Touji helping him to put the fire out.


he screamed at her, Touji just looked in disbelief.

"daijoubu" she said as she looked back at Hao who stood there with an angry face.

"Hao , dont hurt him! "

"Why shouldn't i?? After all he was the one who took you away from me , Do you realized that it's been 3 days??"

Is he worrying about me?? Anna thought

"Hao dont involve him in this"

"Wrong Anna-san, i am to be involved in this , but not at this precise moment, because if this bastard is not a coward he will wait until i'm properly armed to battle with him"

At this Hao sneered and laughed histerycally "Is that a death wish gypsy???"

The gypsy just grunted in pain as he grasped his burnt arm.

"thought so" answered Hao in a triumpahant manner.Then looking to Anna who was just kneeling beside Touji

"Come Anna , it's time to go back now"

"Im not going anywhere Hao!"

The fire shaman lost his patience ,pulling her by her forearm.

"Anna , your fiancee has not yet fullfilled our deal , and besides what happened to that promise you made me??"

Anna did not answer. But just became dizzy , again . The effect had not completely passed.

She couldnt help but to stumble , and being caught by the strong fire shamans arms. He looked down at her , the sight of he so helpless and weak , made his want to protect her. But enough of that . he secured his arm around her waist and smiled.

"MATTE , Hao asakura, i'm not done with you yet."

"Unless you want to be incinerated...trust me...were more that done."

The fire shaman vanished leaving Touji there moaning in pain for his burnt arm .

Once back at the cabin , Hao laid Anna down on the couch near the kitchen and cleared her golden locks away from her face , witch held a pained expression.

It was not soon , before she parted her eyes looking helplessly at Hao.


"no, no Anna-chan , it's me Hao".

Her eyes closed and tears escaped them. She was taken back again.

She got up whiping her eyes and looking around.

Not in the mood to put up a fight, she simply stood up and headed inside the kitchen.

"Im going to get a glass of water" she said in an annoyed tone  heading to the kitchen and with shaking hands took a glass out of the cupboard.

Hao just watched her like a hawk with a worried face.

As Anna was filling the glass with water she accidentally drooped it , making  a cut on her finger.


Hao instantly came about and helped her up.

"Did u cut yourself?"

"No the blood just began to spurt from my finger unexplanably" she said in a sarcastic tone.

He smiled mischevously, she was regaining her personality.

He took her hand and saw that from her index finger sprang a deep , think red color , It was the Itako's exquisite blood. He smiled even more .

Anna just winced at his sarcastic humor. But was frozen when he had taken her finger to his lips and began to suck on the crimson liquid. For the second time there , she went offline.

Hao continued his labor as he planted kisses all around her hand , witch also held an esquisite perfum. Driving him crazy.

She was about to protest but instead all she managed to blurt out was a drowned moan.

The fire shaman , new this was his call and smilled evilly this time , reaching for her chin and tasting her lips, Anna not rejecting him this time as she had done all the other times.

In fact when his tongue begged for entrance she easily granted it to him kissing him timidly at first , but the battling over the dominance that the fire shaman was not about to grant her easily.

He picked her up sitting her on the table, and freely travelling her body with his hands.

When voluntarily, the way Hao caressed her excited her and made her feel bliss. Of course Hao was in the clouds, The Itako willingly making out with him? It was like a dream come true, even when he said it.

And so finally he nuzzled her neck leaving more love marks there and this time she roamed his naked chest with her hands and caressed his hair. She was driving him crazy.

His hands were begging for acceptance and it was granted to him as he pulled down the straps of her dress to freely feel her perfectly formed teenage breasts.

She surrounded him her legs and he in return caressed them bringing up her skirt.. At the contact betwen his Virility and her chastity , he went even crazier , he had to have her. Her moans grew louder as his mouth continued is skilled labor on her neck

"mmm Yoh"

at hearing this Hao abruptly separated from her ,making the mistake of looking at her.

Her straps by her side showing quite a bit of cleavage and her hair a mess, with her lips slightly parted , callling to him like honey to bees. It hurt him right there, that maybe for her twin she would always feel this way and love him somewhat and for him all that was left was the moment's desire.

From her physical description and the fire in her eyes at the moment she was begging silently begging for him to continue.

But all he did was turn around and walk away leaving Anna in her current position.

Although he was above all desiring her this instant he could not take her , something held him back.

Anna , go to sleep.

Was all he said before walking up the stairs and then from there hurriedly taking an ice cold shower.

Anna just stared in disbelief. She didn't believe what she just had done. She had almost...... But all of taht was forgotten when again she raced to the nearest bathroom and puked , feeling weakly again but non-the less getting up to go to take a shower herself.

While taking his own shower all Hao could think about was how wonderful it would be to have Anna to himself, forever the way he just had her instants ago.

Anna-chan you are trully addictive.

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