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Tru looked over the chart again. She was staring at the body bag she had just zipped up.

"You didn't get to enjoy the party, seeing as you died and all, but I have one I have to be at right now. Too bad you came first." She was talking to the body. She found herself doing that a lot lately because sometimes it was so quiet down in the morgue it got eerie.

I mean sometimes they wake up, I guess you could call it that, so why can't they hear me now? I don't know. This whole "power" thing is so strange. All I know is I am meant to do good if I can, but I don't exactly get the whole process and everything. Sure some days I'd wished it could be someone other than me, but it's alright. I'm not completely alone. Harrison and Davis know and that helps.

At that moment someone knocked on the glass window of the entrance door. It was a new guy with a new body. (not his)

"Hey, um is this the morgue?" he asked nervously.

"Says so on the door." She smiled thanking god she had someone else to talk to.

"oh.. yeah. Um I'm Trevor." He shook her hand.


"I know it's true. So what's your name?" he smiled.


"Oh..that's your name! Oh sorry. Umm I should just drop this girl."

"Already bringing girls on the job, Trevor?" It took him a second to get it and then he sort of laughed.

He laid the body bag out on the table.

"Well I have to go, now..bye..Tru" He smiled a huge grin.

"Bye." She was trying to be nice and smiled back.

He backed up to the door and when he bumped into it he jumped and hurried out bumping into Davis. When Davis came in he walked over to the table.

"Hey Tru."


"So who's that guy, your new boyfriend?" he tried to sound as casual as anyone could in that situation.

"No, he's the new guy Trevor. He just brought new one in."

"Did they ask for help?" he looked at her trying to read her expression.

"No, see if they do my whole day reverts back 24 hours. I wouldn't have time to tell you I had been asked."

"Oh..umm if she does, will you tell me later..earlier, whatever it is."

"Sure..Davis. You okay?" She noticed his all to focused face.

"Yeah..just tired."

"Okay..get some sleep."

"yeah." He walked away.

*******NEXT EVENING*********

Tru looked at the clock. Only 10 mins since she had last looked and there had been no body drops all day. She wanted to just get up and leave. Even Davis hadn't shone up. She was still sitting on the chair staring at the clock, when Trevor pulled 2 stretchers in with a sheet over a body, no body bag.

"Hey got some more who bit the dust here."

"Oh, hi." She slid off her chair and went over to the stretcher.

"Yeah..poor guy got shot right in the chest. Internal bleeding and all that. The girl was shot in the heart." Trevor looked at Tru. She was starring at the bodies.

"Should I leave you guys alone?"

"wha..oh sorry just thinking. Shot you said?"


Tru pulled back the sheet on the first one and saw a girl with a green shirt ripped by the bullet. Tru pulled back the other sheet, down to the shoulders. She froze. She felt her knees get shaky. She covered her mouth, not to scream.

"Are you okay?" Trevor looked concerned.

Tru stood there holding her mouth and shaking.

***20 mins later***

Trevor had left on a call, but not before making sure everything was alright. Tru had pulled the chair over to the body. Davis lay on the stretcher. His shirt was stained with blood. Tru just sat looking at him, trying to process everything. She had her head in her hands when she felt an arm grab her wrist.

"Help me!" Davis's raspy voice whispered.

Everything started swooshing back. Images, thoughts, sounds. Tru shot up out of bed and looked at the clock. It was morning. The morning before.

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