Tru Calling: 24 Hours

By Liz Wyatt

Chapter 3

Lost Little Girl

"My daughter isn't dead."


"Barbara. She's the one who answered the door."

"But a body came in a week ago with references to this address."

"I don't know who that woman was, but she was not my daughter."

Tru tried to think. She told the woman that there must have been a mix up with names and apologized. She was back to square one. A woman who was going to be shot through the heart. Davis was still scheduled for his death too unless she prevented it. Things weren't looking hopeful. She knew she could tell Davis, but she didn't know how she was supposed to say it. "Hey Davis guess what you're gonna die tonight unless I stop a murder, who I don't even know anything about or what the connection is to you or the woman who was shot tonight too." Yeah that wasn't going to work. It would only make him more jumpy and would probably contribute in some twisted way to his death. Then there was option 2. Tell him to lay low and don't move, but every time she had told someone that, fate had played it otherwise.

She got on her cell and called the morgue.

"Hello City Morgue." Davis's voice came.

"Hey it's me."

"Oh Tru. Hi. What's up?"

"I went to the address and it turns out Barbara McDonald is alive and kicking." She began walking down the street.

"So you're saying the name was a fake?"

"I guess so. I mean it might not be, but the information gave this address and all that. Can you check the log files see if anyone visited our Jane Doe?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll do what I can."

"Alright… um thanks see you soon."

She was deep in thought as she entered the morgue. She went into the main room and dropped her bag in the office. She didn't see Davis anywhere, so she went to the body freezer side and looked around. Still no Davis. Suddenly she felt a hand touch her shoulder and she spun around and hit the person in the cheek.

"Ow!" Harrison rubbed his cheekbone

"Harry!" she had a shocked expression on her face

"Do you say hello to everyone that way or am I just special?" He kept rubbing his cheek.

"Oh, Harry I'm really sorry. I've just been jumpy and distracted is all."

"Hmm… jumpy and distracted, sounds like a rewind day."

"shh keep your voice down Harr" Tru looked around frantically

"Why are we whispering?"

"I don't want Davis to hear us." She whispered back.

He nodded and then looked confused, "Wait I thought Davis knew all about your rewind things. Doesn't he like help you?"

"He does…it's just…" she sighed. " I don't want him to know how off I am."

"How come?"

Tru heard footsteps and the doors swing open. She rushed to the front and saw Davis carrying a coffee shop bag and a holder with two coffees.

"Davis! You shouldn't be going out to get coffee now."

"What's wrong, I offered, but he wanted to go for it." Harrison put in.

"What? How could you do that Harry. Just let him" Tru thought about what she was saying. She wouldn't have even believed her "…get you coffee."

"No, it was no trouble really." He handed Harrison a cup. Harry walked into the office to get sugar. Davis walked over to Tru.

"He was actually starting to play with some of the tools, so I asked him if he was thirsty." Davis smiled a little, but saw Tru's face and sobered up.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh…..just this day. Again. I mean how am I supposed to find a killer in time when I have no leads."

"actually you do now."

She had a confused, but happy look. " Explain please."

"well I was looking up some info on our Jane Doe and came up with some new stuff." He walked into the office where Harry was lounging on the couch with his coffee. Davis picked up a file folder.

"Turns out she was visited by 5 people. 2 said they knew her. One was a Tara. She knew her, but her last name isn't McDonald. It's Tara Brink. Apparently Brink was Jane Doe's cousin, but I don't think that's true."

"Alright……" Tru paced a bit, "So we know her name……do we have an address?"

"I have an address, but it's where she works."

"where does she work?"

"Erotic dancing club. And there's a problem."


"No ladies allowed unless they're working inside."

"Can this get any worse?"

Harrison pulls the sheet out of Tru's hand.

"Hey this is where Kelly works."


"yeah she was that girl I dated a little while back."

"Do I even want to know?"

"actually it's kind of funny how we met see I was watching Latisha and…."

"harry! No! I'm going to go now."

"Maybe you should take Harrison." Davis asked hopefully.


"he could help you get in there."

"but he should stay here…with you." Tru gets a light bulb idea look on her face.

"Stay with him?" Harrison asked.

"Yeah! I'll go in, find Kelly and get the information about Tara, while you two buddy it up. I mean Davis, you don't really have many friends."

"I resent that."

"well Harry doesn't either, I men not good ones so….. some bonding time wouldn't do you harm and you both could help me so much if you were in the same place at the same time you know?"

"Uhh Tru can I talk to you for a second. Alone. In the other room." Harrison dragged Tru by the arm out to the hallway.

"Alright Tru what's going on? First with the jumpy then with this?"

"Harry please just…"

"I'm not some dog that comes back whenever his name is called okay. I do this for you because you're my sister and I love you, but hanging with your co-workers isn't exactly top on my list right now of priorities."

"Harry I know you've done a lot for me, but I'm only asking you to hang with him for a little while, after today you don't have to."

"Oh I see! He's on some twelve step program thing and you want me to watch him for you."

"Davis isn't on a twelve step program."

"Than what, you need a new babysitter. He is a grown man Tru and for that matter I am too. I don't need any new "friends" or anything. I've got enough so this whole male bonding thing is not my forte."

she tried to say something, but stopped

" Plus Tru what even gave you the idea I'd ever do it? I mean come on really this guy helps you sometimes but it's not like he's your bestest of buds right so give me one good reason why I shouldn't walk out of here right now?

She looked down and took a deep breath. She then looked him in the eyes.

"Because Harry I can't watch him and save this girl. I can't be in two places at once. I can't keep two people out of danger at the same time. If I don't find this girl soon, she'll die. And if I'm not back in time, Davis will too. Harry he's the closest thing I have to a friend. Actually he is my friend because you know what he doesn't just help me save people. He teaches me things about this job, about life, about anything. I mean, do you know how hard it is to lie to your best friend? Do you have any idea how it feels to have this… calling and not tell anyone but my brother and my co-worker? Without you or Davis, Harry I wouldn't be as sane or as strong. I need you both more than you'll ever know. So I'm asking you a favor. Watch him, protect him. Please help him because I can't."

He looked at her somewhat stunned. She waited a few seconds and broke eye contact to look around a little. To avoid his eyes.

"I'll do it. Go find the girl."


"yeah, hey you have a hard enough time saving people every day… you shouldn't have to deal with a friend getting caught in it all."

She went over and hugged him.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, well it's no problem."

They walked back into the morgue offices. Davis saw them come in and went out to meet them.

"So buddy where do we start. I've always wondered where you guys put all that extra cash you find on dead bodies." Harry said while slinking an arm around Davis's shoulders.

They walked out of the room and Tru smiled.

Tru looked at the sign. It was her last chance to back out, but she got up the courage and walked through the front door. Inside were bright lights and music. There were guys everywhere with beer bottles. There were 4 girls dancing for them. The bartender noticed Tru when she walked in. She walked over to the bar and he came to her as she sat down.

"Sorry lady, but this is a gentleman's only club."

"Not looking to join. I just need some information."

"Information? About what?"

"A girl of yours."

"Sorry honey bars closed." He started to walk away.

"I need to find a girl named Kelly….she said she would hook me up with a job."

He came back and smiled a little to interested.

"Sorry babe, but in here there ain't no girl named Kelly."

"I don't understand."

"Well she's here, but right now she is Starburst"


"her show name sweetie. Got to have one if you're going to make it here. I see you as a Raven or a Stratus."

"Uhh, well anyways know where I can find her?"

"In the back with all the other girls. You can find her through that door. Hope to see you on stage raven. I'm Bull by the way."


Tru walked over to the door marked "authorized personal only" and she stepped into the next room. She wandered for a bit down the hallway. She heard a door open ahead of her and a girl came out. When she saw Tru she gave her a quizzical look.

"You supposed to be here doll?"

"Yeah. I'm new."

"New…heard that one before. If you one of those reporter gals you can leave now." She said pushing her towards the door.

"No. no. I'm not a reporter girl. I am new though. I'm looking for a friend of mine. Her name is Starburst."

"Starburst? Oh you mean Kelly."


"All these show name s get in the way. Back here we're just girls trying to make a living. You know what I mean?"


"What's your name doll?"


"Raven, can't say I've used that one myself, but it suits you. Where you from?"

"Uhh no where in particular."

"oh you're one of those types."

"What types?"

"The pick up and leave on the spot types. I'm surprised Kelly even picked you she's pretty picky about her choices."

"I see. By the way what's your name."

"Oh sorry girl, I'm Latisha."

"Oh." A look of recognition crossed Tru's face.

"Oh, what?"

"Nothing, just a friend of mine was telling be about you."


"Oh umm yeah he was talking about how he met Kelly when you were dancing and…well it was nothing."

"Okay doll. You are one strange girl, but you'll do fine here. Here's Kelly's door. See you later."

Tru knocked on the door.

"Come in." said a high pitched voice. Tru opened the door.

"Kelly?" The girl swung around in her chair to face Tru.

"Well that depends on who is asking."

"Me. I mean a friend."

"A friend…"


"right, umm well if this so called friend happens to be a reporter she can kick her own butt out of this building right now because I ain't saying a darn thing."

"Do you guys really get that many reporters?"

"Yeah all these undercover investigator types…what are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Tru. Tru Davies."

"Davies? You wouldn't happen to have a…"

"Brother? Yep. Harrison."

"I see. So what brings you down here?"

"Actually I was hoping you could help me find a girl who works here."

"What's the name?"

"Tara Brink."

"Tara, oh she hasn't been in here in quite a while."

"How come."

"She got sacked a week ago for causing this whole big scene. Word is our manager type guy, Jonathan was giving her more benefits than the rest of us. Seems she was earning them too. It's not my place to tell you, but word is she wanted more than what she was getting. She would go home with this one guy every night and make more money that way. If you know what I mean. Well Trista moves in and steals Jonathan's affections and soon Kelly is all jealous thinking that Jonathan was hers alone. A big fight happened between the two and then Jonathan sacked her. Word is trista got questioning him too and she got sacked. Then 2 days later she ends up in the river."

"In the river?"

"Yep the girl was killed."

"So now the police are all trying to figure out what happened, labeling it as a suicide and reporters have started showing up like crazy."

"I see. Wow. That must have been hard on you guys losing her like that."

"Yeah she was a really good girl. Young too. Had her whole life ahead of her." Kelly pulled a picture off her mirror and handed it to Tru.

"Is this her?"

"Yeah that was her and Tara you know before everything happened."

"Can I borrow this?"

"Keep it. It's Tara's."


Tru rushed back to the morgue. She ran through the morgue doors and to the crypt. Davis quickly went out of his office into the crypt as well. Tru was looking through the clipboard.

"Tru. What happened?"

"Davis! Which one is the Jane doe girl in?"

"26" she pulled out the girl and pulled back the sheet. Her eyes widened. She took the photograph out of her purse.

"What's that?"

"This girl. Her name is Trista."

A/N: apologies for the time it took to get this chapter up, but I'm sure all of you know how frustrating writers block can be. I just got the urge to finish this story after buying the season 1 DVDs so here is chapter 3. Other chaptersare soon to be added and this time I mean it for sure.