AN: Woohoo!! It's snowing so this random one-shot popped into my head to celebrate the snow! And yes, I know I should be working on Eyes but I seriously meant for it to be a one-shot so it's hard to come up with a following chapter. But the reviewers asked so I'm attempting to comply. Anywho, enjoy!

Look, it's snowing Sasuke.

Remember how we first met?

It was out in the snow, you were walking outside, a piece of the night fallen to earth to live among humans all alone, so alone…

So, I had to join you, you looked too sad, too alone, just like I was. No one should be sad when it's snowing; snow meant no Ninja Academy, snowball fights, hot cocoa by the fire, and all sorts of good stuff.

But you were cold that day, cold like you are everyday, brushing me off, saying you had better things to do then waste my time with a…thing like you. You wouldn't let me near you. I knew you wanted me, needed me. Somehow, I did. Just call it a sixth sense, the fox's intuition.

When we were placed in Group 7 together, I couldn't stand it. I hated you, you, who could do no wrong, had everyone crawling at your feet yet you didn't care for any of it. You acted like it was your right to have people act like they did to you, not even acknowledging the fact that people were worshipping you with heart and soul. So I hated you, because you had everything I didn't, everything I would die for but still not get. So I snapped at you, you snapped back, and that's how our relationship began

Yet even then, I knew none of that was real, none of that hate would last. None of your actions towards me betrayed any emotions other than hate but I could see it when you looked at me. Your eyes would glow, like a star in the black night sky, they didn't soften with love like those crap romance novels say, you're too much of a shinobi to let that happen, but your eyes shine with such intensity; fury, passion, dare I say love or simply lust, all so bright I can't bear to look at you for too long.

When I first saw that, I thought you wanted a fight, that all you cared about was getting a good spar out of a decent fighter. But the days passed, and I learned otherwise when you pinned me to a tree, stealing my breath away with your lips. You were beautiful that day, eyes shining, cheeks red from the cold and our fight, cold hands smoothing my bangs down before lightly bestowing another kiss on my cheek. The snow was falling then too.

You know, that day, I thought my brain was malfunctioning or the whole world was taken over by aliens, because this was Uchiha Sasuke, kissing me, Uzumaki Naruto.

So, of course, I hit you.

You cursed, then hit me back, making me kick you, and before I could blink we were rolling around in the snow, yelling and cursing just like before.

Until I kissed you.

You know, to get back at you for kissing me.

You froze, sitting on my stomach, looking like someone had forced you to eat Sakura's home baked cookies.

But then you laughed, softly at first, then louder until your laugh rolled through the trees, deep and melodious, perfect for you. And then you looked at me, really looked at me.

Past the fox's mask of wide smiles and slit eyes, past the angry rival with lame skills, to me. The real Uzumaki Naruto, abandoned by a village wanting nothing more than to wash their hands clean of the past, hurt and lonely and craving just a scrap of attention from anybody.

And you gave it to me. That attention, that concentration on me and only me…that thing called…love.

It's still snowing, but you should be warmer now, because I know I am.