"Listen, there's no point staying here."

"I want to. I have to stay."

The scene was St Mungo's, and Snape was trying to coax Harry into leaving Summer's bedside and going back to Hogwarts. A young looking healer came into the room and examined her.

"She's fighting it, but there's no hope for her." The healer said. (T/A/N: Hurrah!) "I'm sorry."

Suddenly the little machine that goes ^ping! ^ (The one that measures heartbeats) beeped out a long, steady beeping noise. (Ie. Summer's dead) (T/A/N: since when did muggle machines that go ^ping^ get into St. Mungo's?)

"No!" Harry shouted, and stood up suddenly, Snape holding his arms back forcefully. "Let me go!" But he didn't. The healer pressed a button on the wall, and immediately healers started pouring into the room. They started chattering very quickly in medical mumbo-jumbo, and one healer forced Harry and Snape out of the room.

"I'm sorry, but she's gone." The healer said.

Harry stared at his feet for about an hour, only looking up when Summer was taken out of the ward on a stretcher, covered in a long white sheet stained with red. He watched them take her down to the morgue section of the hospital, then Snape created a Portkey back to Hogwarts.

"It's time to go, Harry." He said, surprisingly compassionate.

This time Harry did not object. (T/A/N: boo frickin hoo)


Summer's eyes shot open and she gasped for air, having not breathed in quite some time. She put her arms above her face, and pressed at the top of her metal prison.

"Oh God . . . I'm underground!" She said, terrified. "I'm in a coffin! I'm . . . DEAD!"

"Not quite, deary." Came a woman's voice from the other side of the metal sheet to her right.

"What the hell are you doing near my coffin?"

"You're not in a coffin, love. You're at the hospital morgue."

"So I'm dead?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes."

"Oh God!"

"Just kidding. You're not dead."

"Well then what are you? Chopped salad?"

"No, I quite like the peacefulness of this place, so I cast the spell on myself that makes the healers think I've died or something. Most of them are catching on by now, but I can fool a couple of them still."

Summer giggled. "You like it where you're surrounded by dead people?" She asked. Then it dawned on her. "Oh my God I'm surrounded by dead people! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" and she clawed desperately at the metal above her head. She heard a sound quite like opening a roll-a-drawer, then she saw bright white lights above her face, and she shielded her eyes. When she had got used to the light, she uncovered her eyes. Someone had opened her drawer, and the one next to her was open as well.

"If you'll be a regular visitor here, you might learn to open them yourself." The woman that had been speaking to her said, lying in her coffin. As she pulled her drawer back in, Summer heard her say "When you've got eight kids between four and seventeen, you'll deal with being around corpses if it means quiet time." And she laughed, an insane cackle, which faded away like vapour. Summer started to get scared then, and she ran, ran up the stairs, up through administration, and to the bathrooms. She looked into the bathroom mirror in shock. Her face was pale and pasty, she had purple circles under her eyes, her hair had become a big platinum-blonde frizz ball, and she had lost a noticeable amount of weight. A small girl stepped out of a cubicle and shrieked at Summer, before fainting dead away.

"I guess that's what being dead does to you . . ." She said, before looking down at her stomach. There was a gaping hole in it the size of a soccerball. "Shit . . ." She murmured. She screwed up her face, and when she opened her eyes, the hole had been filled in. her clothes looked like hell, but that could be fixed. She metamorphed her hair to chin-length, red and spiky, with electric blue streaks, to remind her of her old school. She metamorphed her eyes to green, and took away the circles under them. She turned and looked in the mirror. "Perfect."

When she caught the knight bus back to Hogwarts, there was only one thing on her mind: "How the hell am I still alive?"


Sorry for making Mary-Sue live, but I just had to, I love writing about her! I hope you understood the title, it's a parody of Araminta Malfoy- Potter: Taking Hogwarts by Storm, which is my favourite fic! I was ECSTATIC when I heard that Araminta Malfoy-Potter chick was bringing out a sequel! She's my idol! (Seriously! No joke!)