All right, is this thing on? Good. Hey, everybody. Before you get started on this, some of you might need a recap. Those of you who already know what went on during the first three Robot Rebellions, good for you. Skip ahead, then. As for the rest of you, you get stuck listening to me.

I suppose it all started after the year 2040... after the Third World War which brought the Earth to the brink of destruction had ended. One of the things Uncle Al said to me was that the human race had a seemingly limitless ability to commit mass stupidity. Looking back on those days, I can believe it. How thick do you have to be to think widespread use of nuclear weapons is a GOOD idea? At any rate, it wasn't until it was almost too late that the people wised up. At that point, humanity made one last attempt to redeem themselves. All the countries of the world pooled their greatest scientific minds to create a group known as the Second Rainbow, charged with saving the world from the destruction they had inflicted on it. Two of those scientific minds were a pair of idealistic young robotocists named Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily. The Second Rainbow continued its work for many years, restoring the world, until the day in which an issue arose that tore the group apart. Robotics had proceeded to the point at which some of the members thought of the creation of... almost sentient robots. Robots who could come as close to humans as possible. Guess who the two most active advocates of this were? That's right, Light and Wily.

Actually, by the time the Second Rainbow had split apart, they had already created their first one. The prototype for the "Robot Masters" as such robots would come to be known. His name was Blues, activated in 2067, and he was a quirky sonofagun with a distinct personality. However, he was still not completely sentient, and bound by the three rules of robotics. As it turned out, though, it didn't really matter. In 2069, after the Second Rainbow had fragmented, those three were working on a new invention. A matter teleporter. Long story short, it went haywire. End result? Blues was zapped off to who-knew-where, and Wily was caught in the outskirts of the blast, although he suffered no APPARENT damage. We'll get back to THAT in a moment.

Okay, go forward a year. Light and Wily, although still saddened over the loss of Blues, decide to try again. But not just once. Oh no, this time they went ahead and made EIGHT of the buggers. Most notably, DLN001 Rock, and his sister, DLN002 Roll, who just so happens to be me. The other six, while still our brothers, were mentally inferior to the two of us, and I mean that in the nicest way. They just weren't as humanlike as us. As it later turned out, that design would become the norm for Robot Masters, and myself, Rock and Blues (and one other, who we'll get to later) would be called "Advanced Robot Masters." It worked. Anyways, while Rock and I were designed just to be humanlike lab assistants, the other six were made in order to pick up where the Second Rainbow left off, and help fix the world. They were mass produced for that purpose. By name, they were Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man and Fire Man. Sound familiar? I ain't surprised... most of the world knows them by name now... thanks to Wily.

Back to that teleporter accident. As we found out a bit after us eight were created, Wily WAS damaged. Matter teleporting, apparently, was incredibly unsafe for humans; something about the process scrambled up their grey matter real nastily. To put it in layman's terms... Wily went nuts. Stark raving bonkers. He reprogrammed the lesser six Robot Masters, along with an army of other robots, to serve him, and set out to conquer the world by force. Needless to say, this wasn't very happy news to lots of people, but Wily had seized key positions that armies couldn't take. That's where WE came in. The Lights. Rock volunteered to be upgraded for combat readiness, and "dad" created a suit of blue armor for him, along with a plasma arm cannon and a variable weapons system that allowed him to copy and reproduce the primary weapons of defeated Robot Masters. With those, Rock reluctantly took up the heroic role of "Mega Man" as the newsies dubbed him, retook the six locations, defeated the Robot Master in charge of each, and went on to capture Wily himself inside his Skull Fortress. Wily was packed off to jail, and Rock returned to a peaceful, normal life... or so we thought.

Well, that should have been the end of it. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Wily was RELEASED from prison, promising to be a good little boy. And, as anybody with half a brain could have forseen, he built eight more of his OWN Robot Masters and launched the whole escapade again. Metal Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Crash Man, Flash Man and Quick Man, to give them their names. Once more, Rock became Mega Man and went out to save the day, first taking out the Robot Masters, then going into Skull Fortress II and sending Wily packing to the big house once again.

Now, we come to 2072. While in jail, Wily had undergone brain treatment by a psychologist named Dr. Cedric Froid. Froid believed he had cured Wily, and with the help of a politician named Richolds, he got the doc sprung again. This time, though, it looked like it had worked. Wily was very repentant, and his first concern was making sure that Robot Masters never threatened the world again. He teamed up with dad, and the two of them began work on the ultimate peace-keeping robot, a massive, nigh-invincible titan called Gamma. Before things got too far, though, disaster struck. In order to complete Gamma, eight new sources of power called Energen Crystals were needed. These crystals could only be mined in specific places, all under the control of a Robotics company, Sennet Robotics, who had their own eight Robot Master designs. Anybody see where this is going? Yup. Magnet Man, Top Man, Shadow Man, Spark Man, Hard Man, Needle Man, Snake Man and Gemini Man went loco and seized the mines. This time, though, Wily adamantly maintained that he WASN'T doing it. Rock became Mega Man for the third time and went out to stop the mystery Rebellion.

Here's where things got... different. Along the way, Mega kept encountering a wierd red-and-gray Robot Master unlike any he'd ever seen. Calling himself Break Man, this guy had very similar abilities, down to the plasma arm cannon and Weapons Copy, and he seemed to exist solely to get in Mega's way... at first. Every time they met, Mega beat him down, and as time passed, they became rivals, and then almost friends. ANYWAYS, once the last of the mines had been retaken, the mastermind was revealed. And no, it wasn't Wily. It was his son... in a way. Back during the first Rebellion, Wily in his insanity had created his first own Robot Master... an ADVANCED Robot Master, on the same level as me, Rock, Blues and Break Man. Named Doc Man, he was equipped with a hologram generator that let him mimic anybody, human or robot. He went up against Mega in Skull Fortress, and was horribly beaten, within an inch of his life. At the last moment, though, Mega spared him out of pity. Doc Man, though, could only see it as cruelty, being left to a slow death instead of being finished quickly. He called Wily for help, and was scorned. As far as anybody knew, that was the last of him... until 2072, when we found out different.

As it turned out, Doc Man did NOT die. Instead, the physical and mental strain caused him to snap, and he went even more bats than his old man. Completely free of all Laws of Robotics, even the twisted ones Wily had put into his creations, Doc Man spent the time to plot his revenge against both Mega and Wily. The Third Robot Rebellion was the result... but when that failed, he played his personal hand, revealing that he had been masquerading as Dr. Froid in order to get Wily out of jail for the revenge. Mega took Doc Man on and eventually, finally killed him. And that's when Wily made HIS move.

Oh, Wily had told the truth when he said the Rebellion wasn't his doing. But he never said he wasn't planning to jack Gamma once the thing was near completion. Hustling it off to his hidden third Skull Fortress, Wily began to finish the "Ultimate Peace-Keeper," now the Ultimate War Machine. And Mega, accompanied only by Mr. Mystery Break Man, had to go in and stop it before Gamma was activated, at which point no force on earth would be able to stop it. Mega technically failed there, but somehow, defying all logic whatsoever, he managed to destroy Gamma anyways. The downside? Said destruction caused Skull Fortress 3 to collapse, killing Wily. Break Man was barely able to save Mega, but he arrived too late for the Doc.

As for Break Man. Once everything was over, he revealed himself. It was Blues... our older brother, back after all this time. The teleporter had plonked him in the African jungle, and when he managed to come back, who did he run into but Wily. Completely unaware of the first two Rebellions, he was hoodwinked into messing with Mega. Eventually, though, he figured out what was going on and helped from the inside to save the day.

And that's how it went until 2075. Three years of peace... of happiness, of family life for the Lights. Wily was gone, and the world was at peace. Or so we thought... we were wrong. What we had was only a temporary reprieve... before the battles started again, and the Fourth Robot Rebellion began.