A/N Okay, here goes my 3rd fic, Celtic Legend. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my previous 2 fics. It is set 2 years after full circle The dream is ~*~'s I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Dream

~*~"Treacherous child, I gave you powers greater than what you had before, and what do you do? You kill my coven and then you come after me! How dare you?" Mynra looked at her mother in shame. Talking small steps closer to her feeling the sand shift in her toes, she took a deep breath and inhaled the strong smell of the salty sea, it was hard for her to stand up to this woman. "You expect me to just sit and watch you rob witches of their powers and use them for your own greedy purpose, what you're doing is wrong I had to stop you"

She stood tall facing her mother the glow of the fire casting a shadow on half her face, this was the woman she had feared all of her life, but now Mynra was stronger than her, she was the Sgiùrs Dàn, the destroyer, and her mother was weakening, Myrna had gathered up all the power inside her including the powers that was stolen from others witches and she begun to glow red, a huge blast of red light emerged from her chest and collided with her mother which instantly killed her. Lots of little clouds of light rose from her mother's body and scattered around, just like it had done with the other 11 members of Belwicket. Now it was Mynra's turn, she picked up the amulet, a silver Celtic cross on a chain and she put it to her chest, she murmured a spell, which made the amulet glow a harsh bright white. Mynra felt all the witches' powers leave her body and enter the amulet she then murmured another spell, which made the little clouds of light scatter from it and return to their witch.

Mynra fell to her knees and burst into tears, she had just killed her mother and her coven, although they were indeed evil, they were the only family she knew. She looked at the Celtic cross in her hand that held a black stone in the middle, she clenched her fist around it so tight her hand begun to bleed. She sobbed a lot more and then she got to feet and threw the amulet far into the ocean.

"I'm going to start a new Belwicket, Mother!" she yelled at the clouds, "one filled with good Wodebaynes who see my vision for good. The Riordan power is strong, it will not go to waste, it will be used for good!" she turned back to the beach and saw the 12 dead members of the old Belwicket including her mother, and saw the Riordan athame in her hand and the wand in the other. Mynra knelt down beside her and took them, "These will be purified and ridden of your evil, and they will now be used in the name of goddess"~*~

A now 19-year-old Morgan sat up in bed, "Great" she muttered to herself, every time Morgan had a dream like that, a dream so real that left the taste of sea salt in the back of her throat, it usually meant something was going to happen, something bad.

She looked around the bedroom, of the New York apartment she and Hunter bought together last year after he made the suggestion that they should live together. Morgan's best friends Bree and Robbie who were also dating did the same, they bought the apartment across the hall. Bree was now about 2 months pregnant and Robbie was making plans to propose to her. They only moved to New York after their coven Kithic had fallen apart. For a few of them, the whole "Wicca thing" was just a phase; they soon got bored of it, all except Bree, Robbie, Raven and Alisa.

Poor Alisa, she hated so much to be a blood witch, Morgan's adopted sister Mary K still couldn't accept the fact that she was a witch, her Dad and his new Bride Hillary had the baby and Alisa couldn't stand it anymore so she had asked to move in with her mother's family in Massachusetts she now lived with her Gran in her mothers old room. As for Raven she and Sky got closer and fell seriously in love, Raven is a changed girl, she no longer follows lads around all the time, she's a one- woman girl, and yes - they two have moved in together, but they've moved to England.

Morgan remembered that it's been two years since any danger threatened them, and they may be in danger again.

But this time it felt a bit different, this time the dream was about Belwicket in the past, she was sure she had just witnessed what happened to make Belwicket and the Riordan family renounce the dark side.

Morgan looked on the other side of her bed and saw Hunter sleeping; even in his sleep he looked intense Morgan smiled to herself.

She slowly got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to make herself a coffee, she looked at the kitchen clock, and it read 5:45 She might as well stay up now she sat on the living room couch and turned on the TV and turned the volume down. Only the Morning news was on.

Morgan cast her senses to the bedroom, Hunter was still sleeping, but Morgan knew that in about 15 minutes he would wake up, like he had some mental alarm clock in his head. She then cast her senses to Bree and Robbie's apartment Bree was asleep and Robbie was awake.

Morgan silently got up and turned off the TV, slid into her nightgown and crossed the hall and gently knocked on the door.

Robbie opened the door wearing an oversized t-shirt and par of boxers. "Hey Morgan," Robbie said in a low whisper-like tone. "Couldn't sleep either?" Morgan asked quietly. Robbie nodded "Since Bree got pregnant she's been unconsciously taking up half the bed and kicking me out." He laughed; Morgan sat down on their cream leather couch.
"So why are you up Morgan? We all know its normally midday you get up" Robbie smiled, "Only when I don't have college" Morgan smiled she then saw he was still waiting for an answer, she shifted uncomfortably in the couch, "I just had a dream that's all" Morgan said quietly, Robbie sat down beside her "Nightmare?" he asked "I don't think so, it was about my ancestors, about Belwicket" Morgan looked at the clock that rested on the impressive wide screen TV it was about 3 minutes to 6 "Anyway's" Morgan started "I better go home now, you know Hunter up every morning at 6 sharp, if he finds my not there he'll start to worry" Morgan laughed.

Robbie got the door for me to let me out, such the gentleman "I'll see you later, Morgan" "Okay bye" I replied as I was opening the door to my apartment.

"Morgan? You're awake, before me?" Hunter joked when he came out the bedroom 4 minutes later, Morgan looked at him, how does he do that? She thought, as soon as he wakes up he's fully awake, its take me an hour to regain my focus and feel relatively normal.
"I've made you a cup of tea, its on the sideboard" Morgan said, sinking into the couch with her tea.
"Thank you, love" Hunter said sitting down besides her, then taking a swig from his mug. "So why are you awake?" he asked trying to read me, which he so easily does.
"Well," I started "I had this dream-" "Should I be worried?" he cut me off. I thought for a few seconds "I don't know, I don't think so, I just think I should tell you in case, because, well you know what happened in the past." Morgan babbled.
"Go on" he urged her "Well it was about my ancestors, about how they renounced the dark side, I think." Morgan told Hunter the events of her dream, she even told him how real it felt and how she could taste the sea salt when she awoke.

"Hmm" Hunter said thoughtfully, "Hmm?" Morgan repeated, "Is that a good hmm? Or a bad one?" Hunter looked at his beloved again. "Well I don't think there should be anything to worry about yet Morgan, its just seems like something or someone is trying to tell you more about your ancestors in your subconscious, maybe something you wasn't ready to know before, or something that you may need to learn for not so futuristic events." Hunter explained, "Well my subconscious seems to be good at doing that" Morgan said bitterly.