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Chapter 18: Welcome Home.

Morgan and Hunter struggled with the luggage up the stairs to their apartment.

"Somebody's buggered up the lift again!" Hunter complained.

Morgan laughed, "Anyway, it's nice to be home again, here's our lovely door!" she cried when they reached their apartment.

Alwyn opened the door, "Hello, brother dearest and soon to be sister-in-law dearest!" she chirped merrily.

Hunter and Morgan smiled, "Hi Alwyn" Morgan said dragging her case inside.

They put their baggage in their room and no longer had they came out, in walked Bree, Robbie, Sky and Raven.

"Welcome home" Bree smiled hugging Morgan.

"How was Ireland?" Robbie asked when it was his turn for a hug.

"Don't know, we didn't really get to see much" Morgan's face changed from a smile to a frown, "We spent a night chained to a wall didn't we Hunter!" in a sarcastic happy note.

"That we did," Hunter replied "Morgan had a very enjoyable time in the Irish bar didn't you" Hunter laughed.

Morgan glared at him, and stuck her tongue out at him, which made Hunter laugh again.

"What?" Bree asked "What's all this about Morgan in a pub? How did she get served she's 19?"

"The drinking age is 18 there," Hunter explained, "and let's just say Morgan wanted to take advantage of it!"

Everyone laughed trying to picture this drunken Morgan.

"Come on Hunter I wasn't that bad!" She argued,

"Wasn't that bad! Morgan, you tripped over constantly then laughed at yourself for doing it and nicknamed the barman "Funny hat man!" now tell me you wasn't that bad"

Again, everyone laughed.

"This is all extremely amusing and everything, but go back to this thing when you got chained to a wall. . ." Sky asked

"Long story short - evil witch, wanted power, sadistic plan, kidnapped us, and failed" Morgan explained, "We'll give you the details later." Sky nodded satisfied.

"Can I just ask why Sky and Alwyn was rolling around in pain and the baby was screaming its head off 2 nights ago?" Raven asked the pair.

"Their powers were stolen by this amulet thing, it was part of the "sadistic plan"" Hunter explained.

"So this guy performed a spell with this amulet and stole all witches powers?" Raven asked wanting to get it right.

"Well not exactly" Morgan said.

"Well what then?" Raven asked

"I performed the spell. . ." Morgan said slowly and quietly.

"WHAT?" Sky yelled, "YOU DID IT?"

"Sky, leave off will you, it wasn't her fault, they forced her to do it or they would kill me, and she couldn't" Hunter told her, "Now enough with these questions, we'll tell you everything tomorrow we promise." He reasoned.

"Now presents!" Morgan smiled. "We've got you all a piece of lucky shamrock and a little thing each for you," Morgan said. "Bree, I got you a pack of Irish tarot cards" she smiled and handed her the cards and shamrock.

"Robbie, I chose yours, I just thought it might remind Morgan of her fun night out." Hunter pulled one of the long "Guiness" hats and placed it on Robbie's head. Robbie grew a large grin.

"Hunter that was mean" Alwyn laughed.

"Yes it was," Morgan agreed.

"Sky, Raven we got you something for your home in England," Hunter smiled; he pulled out a white heavy box and handed it to Sky.

"A silver Claddagh door knocker!" Sky laughed,

"Can you point out why this has relevance now?" Morgan asked Hunter.

"Well when me and Sky were young there used to be this house near uncle Beck's, it was a huge house and the front door had a silver claddagh door knocker, and every time we passed that house, Sky always complained that she wanted to live there just because they had this door knocker that she loved so much"

Sky smiled "I want to live at my house now!"

"Thanks" Raven said.

At first Morgan thought that she was being sarcastic and unenthused, but she saw her face and she could tell she was being genuine.

"Now, Alwyn dear soon to be sister" Morgan winked, "I have a teddy bear for Taryn and for you we got you and a gold charm bracelet which is a bit like mine but mine is silver, ooh yeah we also got something for the unborn baby."

Morgan pulled out the baby blanket and handed it to Bree.

"Gonna have to get me another one of those." Bree smiled,

"What? Why?" Morgan asked.

"I had a sonogram the other day, I'm have twins, two girls" Bree smiled wider, "and I've got the perfect names for them, Caitlyn Michelle and Morgan Elisabeth"

Morgan hugged Bree, "They're nice names, and I'm really honoured that one of your children are to be named after me," Morgan said softly.

"No Morgan, it should be baby Morgan that should be honoured." They both smiled again.

They talked non-stop for a couple of hours, Hunter and Morgan filling them in on everything that had happened

"Hate to break this reunion short," Sky said, "But Raven, Alwyn and I have booked a flight that's going to take off in 3 hours we've go to go grab our stuff and head off." They all hugged each other and said their goodbyes then left.

Left in the apartment was Hunter, Morgan, Bree and Robbie; they all sat down on the couch and talked a bit longer.

"Hey Bree," Robbie, got down on his knee, "I hate to steal Hunter and Morgan's thunder but will you marry me?"

"Robbie. . ." Bree began slowly,

Robbie's face dropped, "Stand up and kiss me" she finished; he lifted his head and saw Bree smiling.

"So is that a yes?" he asked

"Of course it is you dope" she laughed, Robbie stood with a huge grin on his face and put his arms around her and kiss her."

"Well, since we're all engaged now" Morgan said "why not have a double wedding?" she offered.

"Yeah, that's a great idea." Bree agreed, and so did they all.

"Oh god. . ." Robbie said

"What?" Hunter asked

"This is going to cost a fortune isn't it?"

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