by Greywolf Lupous

Disclaimer: Rawhide characters, situations, and, uh, the Rawhide-ish kinda stuff, belong to who? CBS, Viacom… I dunno. But they don't belong to me! Though at times I wish they did… but they don't… so, uh, don't sue me, kay? ^_^;;;

Spoilers: Some for "Incident at Black Pass"

Authors Notes: I wrote this (and it's sequels) during school. This one was written because... well, I was in Pre-Cal, and I wanted some biscuits. So uh, it's real short, has no plot, and the entire series is basically a companion to another piece I'm planning to write.

Oh what I would do for one of Wishbone's biscuits right now. Dripping with butter and smeared with whatever kind of jam or honey he has hidden away in the supply wagon. Some bacon would be good too. Hell, I'd even eat some of that stew of his. Uck, now I'm just making myself hungrier.

Just refused some food that Kiowa woman offered me. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe it's the hungrier and concussion, I'm starting to sound like that fool next to me.

I glance over at Rowdy, who looks just as miserable and even more uncomfortable than me. Stupid kid, if he hadn't tried escaping earlier they wouldn't have tied him up in that awful position in the first place. Not that my arms aren't getting sore being tied behind my back for so long.

We've been prisoner here for a few days now. My Kiowa isn't so good anymore, but from what I was able to catch, they're using us as leverage against Mr. Favor so he'll transport their chief to safety. When I told Rowdy that information I'm not sure if he was angrier with the tribe or the boss for letting himself be manipulated. I guess I don't blame him much; I'm not too crazy about the idea of the boss sticking out his neck because I let myself get snuck up on.

I wish there was a way out of here, some way I could get out of these ropes, out of this camp with Rowdy, and help the boss. But I know there isn't. I know if I tried, that crazy Anko would cut me down without thought. Now I just need to keep Rowdy from mouthing off. The boss would kill me if I let the fool get sliced up by some war-crazed Indian.

Damn I'm hungry. Wish something would happen, well, I take that back. I want something good to happen. Things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, I think Anko declared himself chief. Don't want to admit I'm scared, but I am.

I hope the boss gets here soon; I'm not sure how long we have before our luck runs out.